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My little sister is at UBC taking some English classes during the summer semester. She has decided to write her English essay on the pros and cons of eating a raw vegan diet. Herself she is not raw, she is vegan but interested all the same. Has anyone in their years/months of being raw come across any scholarly material (articles or books) relating to this subject? She is mostly interested in the environmental and health aspects. I pointed her to a couple of good library resources (since I’m a library technician after all), but it’s always good to ask someone that is knowledgeable in the field as well for help. Can anyone think of some good sources? Thx.


  • I’m a librarian, and I would urge your sister to ask a librarian at the university for help. It is not easy finding scholarly articles on raw/living foods, especially on the open web. The vast majority of scholarly articles are in full-text databases that libraries subscribe too, as you know.

    The first place I looked was the bibliography in my copy of Gabriel Cousens’ book “Conscious Eating”. There are numerous books and articles in that bibliography that she could look at (as well as the book itself, of course). Dr. Cousens’ ‘Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine’ also has an extensive bibliography. Your sister could also check Agricola, which is the online catalog of the National Library of Agriculture:


    She might also try searching the National Agricultural Library thesaurus using the term raw foods>


    She could use the thesaurus term “raw foods” to search in Google Scholar to find articles.

    The term “raw vegan” isn’t used in the National Library of Agriculture’s thesaurus. Same thing with the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)—the terms used in LCSH are “raw food diet” and “veganism” (which is not raw, of course).

    I’d really advise her to check with a librarian, because she could get a lot of false hits by going to a full-text database and just plugging in keywords.

    I wish her the best; it sounds like a really interesting research project.

  • I did point her to one database (PubMed), but I’m sure a librarian there at the school would have a better understanding of what databases would be best.I will teel her about the “Conscious Eating” book, for her to take a look at the resources at the back, also the same for “Rainbow Green Food Cuisine..

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