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Papaya ripening

Hey, I cut open (in half) a huge papaya (one of those 1 foot long ones) and found that it’s not quite ripe. I’ve already scooped out the seeds. What should I do so that it can ripen without going bad? I think putting it in the fridge will make it NOT ripen, but will it go bad if i leave it out on the counter?



  • putting it in the fridge will not ripen and yes, it will go bad out on the counter.

    juice it. maybe add agave, lime and a sprig of mint and make a mojito. or make a soup with young cocnut and ginger. once fruit is cut, i don’t think it will ripen anymore. it will just draw fruit flies and go bad. papaya can be tricky – often, when it seems ready it’s not – whenever i get papaya, i wait until it seems slightly overripe – then put it in the fridge to chill, cut it open – pure heaven.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    How can you tell if a papaya is ripe?

  • moth – i like mine with a little more yield than a ripe mango. feels “almost” soft. about the same as a ready mango is good too…. : )

    here’s a thought, someone should teach a hands on class in choosing good melons, avo’s, mangoes, papaya’s, etc…. that would be a fun trip – everybody feeling up and sniffing fruit. heh heh. cuz, what ‘yield to slight pressure’ means to one person is a totally different thing to another. unfortunatly it ends up being trial and error. i think i finally have it down… yay for me.

  • Hey on a side note, do you find that papaya increases mucus? I’m doing a cleanse with the seeds, and after swallowing them, I immediately noticed more mucus clogging up my nose. I also chewed some of the seeds and ate some of the fruit…

  • hey shrk_byte, how are you? i have to blow my nose frequently while i’m eating a papaya and it’s seeds. the more seeds, the more tissues for me!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I just bought my first papaya ever and it barely gives to pressure so I’m thinking it needs to sit on the counter for awhile? I also am trying mangoes again. Wasn’t a big fan the first time around but I think it would be good mixed into smoothies if I don’t like them plain. Should they be slightly soft with pressure?

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I tried my first ripe papaya a few days ago and now I just can’t stay away from them. They are really addicting. As far as the seeds producing mucous goes, they are not producing mucous, they are pulling mucuous out of you to clean it out. I personally am a fruitarian and don’t have any other nut or seeds to produce mucous, but the seeds really empty me out and I haven’t experinced this mucous thing you speak of.

    deborahann: Yes they should be soft on pressure. Don’t eat the papaya yet if it is hard and green, wait for it to yellow a little bit more and then soften and eat it. I think you will like it so much plain that you won’t want to add it to smoothies. Eat the seeds too – they are big time bowel emptiers. But don’t chew them – they are very bitter and have a spicy flavor almost like that of peppercorns. They are jelly-like on the outside and you can swallow them whole easily. Tell how you like the papaya!

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