I'm having hair problems again

NuttgirlNuttgirl Raw Newbie

I started eating raw again last week after falling off the wagon for awhile. I basically eat raw most of the day and have a regular vegetarian meal for dinner. I am not 100% raw now. I figure it is best for me to ease into a raw diet slowly again instead of going 100%.

Anyway, I noticed my hair is falling out again in larger amounts than normal. Granted, I have been under some stress because of work and financial things but when I was not eating raw I didn’t have this hair problem. I just don’t get it. What am I missing from my diet to make my hair fall out more? Am I not consuming enough calories? Is it something else? I even started taking a multi-vitamin just in case, One A Day Maximum vitamin. When I was eating high raw last year and earlier this year I also had this hair problem but it slowly subsided when I added the Vitamineral Green mix to my diet. I assumed then I just wasn’t consuming enough greens and other nutrients. But now I just don’t know anymore.

My typical diet so far looks like this:

breakfast: 1 sliced banana with cinnamon sprinkled on top along with a small handful of walnuts.

snack: Either a green smoothie or if I am in a hurry a green drink. My green drink consists of 4 to 5 oz. of 100% orange or grape juice usually store bought mixed in with Vitamineral Green. Vitamineral Green is a raw, organic green superfood powder mix, I love it.

lunch: A medium sized garden salad with different veggies and 1 to 2 tablespoons of hemp seed mixed in the salad. I also try to mix in some nutritional yeast for the extra protein. I sometimes use low fat commerical salad dressing.

snack: More fruit.

dinner: A vegetarian meal…. maybe pasta with marinara sauce.

snack: Usually some fruit and a small mixture of hemp seeds and walnuts. Sometimes I will indulge in a few carob chips.

Any thoughts on why this is happening and what I can do to correct it?


  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie

    I started losing my hair when I was on a really low fat diet of just fruit, veggies and lean meat about 10 years ago. I haven’t had that problem since becoming a raw vegan 5 months ago, but I do eat a lot of avocados, nuts, coconut oil and olive oil. You may just need to add more of those to your diet.

  • Have you tried black sesame? In traditional Chinese medicine, black sesame (not white sesame!) is considered to be the best herb/food for having lustrous, healthy hair. You can google it. Raw black sesame seeds and butter are available online. Hope it helps!!

  • amberablueamberablue Raw Newbie

    you may want to consider that it could very likely be due to a lack of protein, and, being female, a lack of iron.

    both can be issues for vegetarians/vegans/raw foodists. i know from experience because in the last 3 months since going 100% raw, i stopped using a protein powder i’ve taken for many years. i had read that you can get it all from the raw diet. (and perhaps that is still true). well my hair was shedding very badly for the past 2 weeks. at this time i also discovered that i accidentally purchased a version of my multivitamin that did not contain iron. i have had these issues in the past so i was considering lots of causes, but knew it was a must to build up these nutrients right away. i immediately went out and got a raw rice protien ‘nutribiotic’ and some iron. i’m happy to say it’s only been over a week and my hair isn’t shedding as of today. there are lots of articles on this in the alternative/natural health, and even mainstream health studies. maybe this might help your case. it’s worth looking into.

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