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Healing acne



  • My husband had horrible acne for a long time that had to do with being a teenager. It definitely cleared up a bit in adulthood, but didn’t disappear until he stopped washing his face with any soap… weird, but true.

  • I have adult acne, right now it’s on my back, and I’ve mostly cleared it up with Lotus Moon Blemish Control Gel (natural and vegan), but I’m going to try the water cure that lzhpt recommends for the last stubborn red spots that JUST WON’T GO AWAY! :P I’ll let you know if it works! www.watercure2.com

  • A proper diet and avoidance of all potential toxins is helpful of course. Although, toxins are a very broad range of things that we are generally surrounded by in modern society. Some things are unavoidable and it is important not to stress over it.

    I believe that balance of the mind, body, and spirit are the keys to optimum wellness. I’m very new to this aspect myself, but I am improving myself with each new day. I am doing my part to help out in the world in order to continue the force of creation.

    As far as topical solutions, simple washing with filtered water only each day and a dab of glycolic acid and neem oil on spots have been working wonderfully. I use an ayate cloth to exfoliate every other day as well, but any form of manual or even some topical exfoliants (safe & non-toxic varieties of course) will help prevent the pores from getting clogged. Sweating (sauna, steam, etc) is very safe and effective when it comes to speeding up the detoxification processes in the body. I hope this information will be of great benefit to all!

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    dairy, grains, etc, like the others said will cause acne. So will raised blood sugar levels. Spikes in blood sugar produce more sebum. Make sure you are keeping your sugar level by balancing sugary fruits with plenty of fiber. Also, several nuts will aggravate acne, and peanuts. Or, it could be a hormonal imbalance. A lot of the really sore under the skin pimples, especially around the mouth or chin are caused from hormonal issues.

  • SuperfoodSuperfood Raw Newbie

    I think what others already stated – lots of fresh salads, tons of greens, sprouts, fresh fruit (vary it!), avocado, and I do find that ingesting oils (coconut (virgin), hemp, flax, and extra-virgin olive oil) is healthy for me and also nuts. I probably eat between 2,000-4,000 calories on any given day and the high-calorie days don’t cause weight gain or bloat but good skin!

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    also.. foods high in iodine can cause flare ups

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    “Eating for Beauty” by David Wolfe has a lot of info on skin and what do eat, supplements, etc. Worth reading.

  • I get mild acne, normally just on my face and chest, but also sometimes on my back between my shoulders. The main thing i found that stopped it was cutting taking codliver oil, or fish oil capsules.

    I realise that this wouldn’t be any use for a vegan though, so i looked at what was in it; mainly, vitamins A, a major one for skin – and if people didn’t know, destroyed by light in the eyes. so staying on the computer also makes me breakout)

    Vitamin D (i don’t know if that had any impact. But it is better in sunshine) and Vitamin E, which is great for healing and replacing cells with less scarring!.

    Best sources of A i think are dark leafy greens, and general fruit and veg, E nuts and seeds, especially sunflower i think.

    And if it comes up from hormonal imbalances… (sorry if anyone does want to know this)... the best thing is…sex. Orgasm is even better, but sex is still good… I haven’t tested this one though

  • I have heard of people having great success with ozone therapy and ozonated oils, so you may want to look into that. I don’t know about the correlation between sex and acne, but you certainly shouldn’t let it hold you back! Sex is great exercise and stress relief among the other obvious benefits…

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    hmmm, I never thought about this but I did start having less acne when I got married and was having sex all the time. The other benefit of sex besides the obvious ones(hehe) is that you sleep like a baby afterwards and sleep definitely help acne

  • shawnieshawnie Raw Newbie

    Here’s some good information on Acne Mapping, I forget where I got this from…

    Forehead is digestion and/or lack of hydration issues…

    along the jaw and neck is hormonal and cheeks is personal stress….

    back, chest and shoulders signals candida infection…

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Lavender oil applied on the spots helps clear the infection quickly.

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    I recently found out that acne can occur in response to insulin levels which can be affected by sugar consumption. One way to help is by eating cinnamon and trying to stay away from sugary foods. In girls in particular, broccoli can affect hormone levels so staying away from cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower can help. Tomatoes\ solanacea vege’s can be an negative influence as well including red and green peppers and eggplant. If you go by this it makes you wonder what’s left.. But stick to lettuce, avocado, onion, cilantro, zucchini, celery, cucumbers, etc. Ingesting coconut oil has been shown to correct hormone, endocrine, and blood sugar levels. Apple cider vinegar is great for killing candida and balancing blood sugar. I recently discovered calendula and it healed some skin issues that hadn’t healed in a long time. It came in a cream I bought from an herb store (natural herbalremedies.org). Selenium and zinc are also great. Make a milk with pumpkin seeds and brazil nuts for this combo. Another supplement or tea is horsetail that is great for skin and hair repair as well. Rosehips added to the tea would be great too. Vitamin e oil on the skin is a great idea too.Let us know how it goes. ps. bicycle helmuts should be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide- this could be causing forehead breakouts specifically.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    Cinnamon is incredible when it comes to regulating insulin. I took three diabetes tests over a period of about 8 months and failed each one, indicating I was diabetic. I started taking cinnamon supplements daily and after 6 weeks passed the test. I monitor my blood sugar since going raw and don’t have any problems now.

  • There is so much interesting information in this thread! I’m wondering how much apple cider vinegar is recommended? Thanks!

  • Bah, I’ve had acne since I was 12.. So 10 years and counting. I went to see a Chinese Herbal Medicine Doctor. He told me he had never in his life seen anything like what I had on my back! I had the most horrible acne you can imagine! Big oozing cysts that were really painful… He put me on a herbal medicine and “cupped” the blood out from the area around the cysts. He also thought my problems came form a hormonal problem.

    Lately I’ve noticed my chest is breaking out into little white nubs, which strongly suggests I have a candida issue going on.

    I’m using the i.d formulations mineral foundation, which has really improved my skin condition.

    I’ve used ProActive, which I found really quite helpful.

    I’ve been on Tetracyclines (not recommended) which made me go into a severe depression.

    I too noticed a great significance from cutting out dairy for almost two years.

    Tried the candida diet with no sugar for 3 months, I must say, my skin has never looked better or more flawless!

    Now, I need a permanent solution, so I wanna try to go 100% raw. But either way, I must say, the traditional herbal medicine was the most helpful remedy other than staying away from sugars :)

    Very helpful posts all around, you guys!

  • One of the most unique but supposedly common remedies for acne is applying blackstrap molasses to the affected areas. Leave on for atleast 15-20mins and wash off. I heard it works! Just thought I would share.

  • this has been so incredibly helpful. thank you to everyone whos responded!! i came on here because of an acne breakout after stopping hbc(hormonal birth control) in january. i have NEVER had acne, and ever since going vegetarian 10 years ago, vegan 5 years ago, i rarely get pimples… but this damn hbc has really messed me up.

    i found this website to be very helpful!


    i looked for it after reading valeria’s post. on the forhead, it says it can be caused a toxin build up, could that mean hbc build up? and the chin can be caused my a hormone imbalance. those are the only places that i have zits/acne.

    now for a question. how do i detox myself of these hormones? i went on a candida diet for 2 months (this whole ordeal also gave me a year long yeast infection), and that seemed to clear up my candida, so now i am trying to battle the acne. any suggestions for getting rid of hormonal acne? i would think that the cause of the acne would need different methods to get rid of it.


  • hey everyone. i’m 21 and have had severe cystic acne for 9 years among other health conditions. i’ve tried absolutely everything and i’m ready to give up hope. i can barely look at myself in the mirror, so i avoid them at all costs. i have no self esteem and i am incredibly depressed. i went raw 3 months ago in hopes to try to cure this disease naturally but not only did it fail, but it made my condition considerably worse. i am still raw and i feel fine, but my depression has not ceased-nor has my serious acne problem. i am genuinely considering accutane again (i tried it once 7 years ago but i was too young to take it and was affected badly by the side effects). if anyone can offer some advice it would be really appreciated. i’ve lost all my self confidence and i feel like this disease is consuming me. apologies for the rant and thanks for listening.

  • Hi, I can completely relate to you…I am 28 now and I have had acne since the age of 10 but over the past few years it has turned cystic. The past year was awful, and I have horrible scars now all over my cheeks. I turned to raw almost 6 months ago in hopes of clearing up my skin for good (along with other health issues) and only recently (over the past month or so) have I seen some considerable improvement. I still break out a little bit, but only in tiny pimples that heal quickly – no more huge, painful cystic bumps that last forever. However, the emotional effects are still there and I still avoid mirrors. I get pretty emotional when I look at my face and see how awful my scarring looks, so I just go out of my way to not look in the mirror.I also wear hats and sunglasses whenever I go out in public, even in stores, in an attempt to hide myself. I hope one day that I can get over this feeling of being ashamed of the way that I look…

    In addition to eating 100% raw, there are a few other things that I believe have helped to turn my acne situation around. The most important has been regular colon cleansing (oxygen colon cleansing powder and enemas, also tried the psyllium/bentonite shakes for awhile) and a good parasite cleanse (I used Humaworm). These two things have really seemed to make a big difference for me. I never would have thought that my colon would be the issue since I have eaten a ton of fiber for practically my whole life and have followed what I thought at the time were “healthy” eating habits, but obviously I still needed some cleansing. I also have begun to do liver flushing, and just completed my 3rd flush. You can read about all of these things over at curezone.com…I have talked to a few other raw foodists that needed to take these extra cleansing measures to rid themselves of their skin issues permanently.

    I was about to do Accutane for the first time about a year ago and then backed out at the last minute…I really think acne is a sign that the liver is compromised and Accutane can only serve to make that issue worse, not to mention the havoc it wreaks on the body as a whole. Plus, it seems that for many it is not a permanent fix and the acne comes back anyway, probably because the original issue hasn’t been addressed and the Accutane most likely makes this original issue even worse…You say you had some bad side effects so it sounds like it really isn’t a good thing for you to take.

    Give raw some more time, identify any foods that you might be reacting to (nightshades were causing breakouts for me), and check out some of the things that I have mentioned…I thought that I had tried EVERYTHING and was ready give up all hope, but finally stumbled across these cleansing protocols that have made a huge difference for me…they might help you too

    Good luck

  • When I turned 25, I started getting break outs.

    I think that dairy is definitely a culprit, but there can be other culprits like excess nuts. I had a surge of break outs when I went raw. I had removed dairy but had drank almond milk and consumed walnuts to boost calories. More than a year later I removed the almond milk and walnuts because I was still breaking out and knew that high nut consumption is linked to mold in the blood. When I stopped the nuts my breakouts for the most part went away.

    I hope that helps. It’s difficult identifying the villain. You think it’s one thing, but find later that it’s another.

  • Just to clarify with the ACV.. I put it directly on my acne. It is great to supplement your diet with as well (but I get migraines from vinegar.. hoping raw will eventually clear that up)

    I use ACV as a toner. Get a bottle for 2.19 at Trader Joes and keep it in your bathroom. Take a cotton ball, soaked with a little bit of AVC and dab on the trouble spots. I had super red, inflamed dry patches on my skin, and ACV once a night cleared it right up within a week. And this was before I went raw!

    Diclaimer… if you have really sensitive skin.. you might want to dilute the solution. Also, don’t breathe deeply because it is stroooong!! :)

  • Like so many people on here, I’ve found that eating avocado and coconut fats has been very helpful. But apart from that I’ve been using some stuff that although expensive, has been soooo good for my skin. I’ve been using a toner from Dr. Alkaitis and this stuff called Bee yummy skin food (but I know a lot of people will have issues with the bee side of things). Both area all about what you feed your skin ie apart from expelling toxins your skin also absorbs about 50-60% of what you put on it. Also, the Bee yummy has been great for scarring. You can find it on http://www.live-live.com/Bee-Yummy-Skinfood-Inf… and if you google Dr. Alkaitis you’ll find his stuff as well (all organic and wild harvested). It’s worked well for me so hope this helps! Best of luck!

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