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bulk-prepped snacks for raw cleanse?


i’ve been reading this site for a few months, especially the recipes, and it’s got me super excited. i don’t think going completely raw is a possibility for me right now, but i am interested in eating more raw, and doing a 7-10 day raw cleanse at the end of the month (when my partner, who is not very keen on raw, will be out of town). i have eaten raw for a day a week off and on, and love raw desserts more than cooked ones (my decision to go vegan was also based on finding i loved vegan desserts more than traditional ones).

i have been looking at the forums as far as transitioning, meal plans, etc, and i really want to succeed at pretty much 100% percent raw for said week. i think my biggest obstacle will be getting hungry for snack-type food that isn’t just a piece of fruit or a vegetable. i really enjoy preparing food and making meals, so at this stage a lot of monomeals doesn’t sound super appealing. however, i don’t want to end up getting discouraged by the amount of time involved in creating complicated or time-consuming recipes.

does anyone have any tips or links to ideas for flavorful snacks that i might be able to make in a quantity large enough and with a long enough life to last me for at least a few days at a time? i work at a natural foods co-op and live across the street from a raw restaurant, so access isn’t too much of an issue, though i would also like to make this affordable. also, i have a blender, food processor, mandoline, and just received a dehydrator in the mail (yipee!).

i apologize for the blabbering post… any tips greatly appreciated!


  • oh the lemon cookie recipe on this site is AWESOME!! i think it could be adapted with lots of other fruit juices. to be sure that you are “really raw” order your cashews from a raw website, from what i understand most cashews we get, even at natural food stores are not raw. i would also make a batch of crackers, or order some to have on hand, and make some hummus, salsa, guacamole. juicing helped me tremendously in the beginning, i think it was because sometimes i really wanted my stomach to feel really full. carrot juice was my favorite. oh wait, you don’t have a juicer. go for green smoothies! good luck to you!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    to make salads more appealing i LOVE using the mandoline. you can do some beautiful spreads using the same ingredients you’d just throw into a chop salad. presentation makes ALL the difference to me! (thin slices of fennel tossed with lemon juice is my favorite!)

    also, it’s good to keep condiments on hand. dips, sauces, dressings for snack time. it makes veggies more interesting.

    green smoothies will help you get your necessary greens. i think they would be perfect for you if you have a sweet tooth. also, try fruit dressings on your salads. you can blend some mango and orange with some water for example and have a salad with spinach, romaine and pineapple.

    this is a great time of year to be eating all the fresh growing food provided. good luck!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    p.s. date syrup is another good thing for people who like sweets. blend dates with a little water and DELICIOUS dressing for a fruit salad, or whatever you like…

  • thanks everybody… great suggestions. i forgot to say that i DO have a juicer, and i definitely plan on getting a big bag of juicing carrots (i am trying to up my vitamin a intake anyhow, so that will be grand).

    spreads and dips, tasty. i am excited to try making some crackers too!

    thanks again!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    snacks can be anything! handful of nuts and raisins, raw bars, raw crackers (you can buy them in the store) veggies with fun dips or zucchini hummus.

  • sarawsaraw Raw Newbie

    Make the cheese with spring onions off of this site to have on hand. I made this, and it is sooo good on chopped veggies. Buy some raw tahini, and almond butter for your cut veggies too. I’m making more cheese with spring onions tomorrow. It is my new junk food I think. :-)

  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I love just to make salads but to blend up a creamy dressing which I can keep in the fridge for a few days. You can make it nice and thick and dip veggies into it. Also, I would make crackers with the dehydrator, I have a good flax recipe on my profile page you could use. These can be kept in the cupboard for months and used as required. It has to be said that you will need to put a little time aside to make up food so that is there when you need it. Snacks good to go are fruits like apples, pears and oranges, grapes and bananas etc.


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