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I am new to the form and I am raw :-)



  • My favorite green smoothie is kale, red chard, banana, and mango. It’s fabulous!

  • Angie.

    You live in Utah, that’s cool. Where at? We are just meant to be friends then aren

  • Rawkinroll.

    Fabulous!:-) Where do you live?

  • Winona

    Sound’s good. Is that your dog in the picture?

  • Audrey

    Hey nice to meet you:-) thanks for joining the conversation. That’s sounds good also. This is cool I am going to have all these new ideas for making smoothies

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I live in American Fork – yes, I guess we’re just meant to be friends! :) Anyway, I make jewelry from all kinds of stones, for the meaning/emotional healing of each specific stone – I love it, because it’s a way of healing that’s more fun than swallowing supplements or talking with someone about childhood trauma, etc. – I can handle making something pretty or nice for someone to wear, or a keyring to carry, or whatever…and I didn’t have to get a master’s degree in nutrition, or biology, or anything else, in order to be able to do it. :) How’s life in the new place?

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    justin, looks like you hit the jackpot on friends..must be the hair(xoxo)never seen anyone i “introductions” recieve so much love! you rascal you! welcome and namaste!

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