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raw+onion bread=gain?

We got our dehydrator last week, and we were so excited to try all the wonderful recipes! We made onion bread, sweet potatoe crisps, and pecan/carrot patties. We enjoyed all of the recipes even though I put too much braggs amino acid into the onion bread. I really enjoyed the smells of the dehydrating spicy food, but my husband said it made our house smell like one of those cheap hotels run by mid. eastern Indians. (I happen to like Indian food, but he does not!) But here is my point – Both bj and I GAINED 5 lbs. this week. OOOPS! That is not the direction that we are wanting to go. Any one out there want to comment on this phenomenon to kind of steer us properly? Do you think maybe the salt in the aminos made us hold water? We did not eat a whole lot of it, because I made a rule that a big salad had to be eaten with every 3 or 4 peices of dehydrated food.


  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    i am not really sure how they make the braggs but it is not really raw. i made onion break without it and it was fine. oh i have heard that salt can make you retain fluid???

    you got excited and tried a lot at once. you will find more of a balance later on. i am not sure how long you have been raw but you might have just reached a small plateau. you will adjust and be back on the losing end again. it happened to me too. i know you probably want to lose lots of weight and fast but chances are if you develop great habits that are going to keep you raw you will lose more in the end and be healthier. this is LONG LASTING weight loss, so it will go slower than crash diets.

    plus you are still learning to listen to your body. i was really worried this week because i made some dehydrated cookies that i would go overboard on them. but actually, i just had a few and i was fine. i ate plenty of healthier things too. and then yesterday i had a huge lunch of burger, soup, salad (really big for me) but at dinner i ate much lighter, like just fruit and a smoothie.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I love onion bread! It is the one denydrated food have to have, However, everytime I make a batch, I gain 2 – 3 lbs. I think it is all the oil, but it is healthy oil so I don’t feel so badly about it.

    I have 3 big onions on my counter right now. I have a pot luck this week and I am taking individual Paradise Peach Tarts and Onion Bread. I will be the only raw foody there.

  • the body retains water to suspend/dilute toxins in the body, so that they don’t lterally burn through our sensitive internal environment ….salt is one of the most toxic substances that we ingest on a daily basis as a taste enhancer

    1 teaspoon, undiluted will make you vomit…2 teaspoons diluted in a pint of water will cause the body to very quickly evacuate the whole intestinal tract in an attempt to rid itself of the poison…this emergency effect has been employed by those who fast or master cleanse and is a very violent, unbalancing (to the body) practice

    i tried to google to find out what the lethal dose was, but i kept getting diverted to pages giving me help so that i wouldn’t try to commit suicide….very telling

    the above goes for all salt…even the expensive pink stuff

    if you stopped eating for a day or so, and only took water you would probably lose that extra 5 pounds in one hit, once the body realises that you have stopped trying to poison it…when i stopped consuming salt at the beginning of this month, i lost about 11 pounds of water weight in the first few days


    foods are hard to digest in a dehydrated body…...if the foods themselves are dehydrated this further causes problems and initiates the bodies cry for water

    add in any oil you may be using and you have the answer to your weight gain

    if you eat your dehydrated foods accompanied by a large salad you will help your digestion considerably

    here’s a great general page for some interesting info on raw foods…and the link below is to the salt article


    it mentions salt being evacuated through sweat (obvious) but it’s not salt that the body seems to need…one of the intersting side effects i noticed when quitting salt is that when i sweated, it was no longer salty…no more stinging eyes after exercising….

    hope this helps

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I think that some recipes that use braggs and nama shoyu don’t taste right and are too salty, especially Matt Ambsden’s recipes. I always have to alter his recipes to make them edible for myself! The braggs and the nama shoyu aren’t raw anyway.

    I do use salt and I don’t personally consider it an issue for myself right now. I am open to changing my mind in the future, but for me for now it is OK to use salt.

    It is normal for your weight to go up and down whilst you transition. Don’t worry about it. Your eating habits will shift and change. I go through periods of eating dehydrated foods, and then not eating anything but fruit and greens. Just listen to what your body wants and relax, and go with it. It will even out in time.

    It is lovely that you are enjoying your food so much, that is so important and brlliant for staying raw long term.

  • Ok, I will try it next time with less braggs. I love the taste of braggs aminos and sometimes I will sqirt it in my mouth strait just to knock off stupid cravings. However, I can see how that my taste may be changing in the future. I notice I have gone through several phases in my raw journey of foods that I am attracted to, and crave. One consistant craving is for beans and rice. More for the beans than the rice, strangely. I wonder why my body is craving beans? Ok, anyway, about salads I may not be considering a large salad the same as others. Let’s talk number of romain leaveshow many romain leaves constitutes a large salad? I believe your answers will help me to gain perspective. Thanks.

  • large salad…hmm

    for me half a head of romaine (approx 250 grams), half a large red bell pepper, half a large cucumber….there ya go….loads of minerals suspended in natures distilled water…..

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    gorawmom, if you are having cravings, kombucha really works. it is not cheap but it cuts my cravings. I have to be careful to have to much before dinner or i won’t be hungry at all.

    if you are craving beans perhaps you need iron. pumpkin seeds, greens, and dried apricots are good. (i’ve dried my own apricots in the dehydrator, it’s fun!)

    it’s totally possible to make a healthier onion bread. don’t use any braggs at all or oil. just flax will do fine. add some oregano or other fresh spices. actually in general i find fresh herbs like dill and mint make it so i need very little salt over all. also celery and sesame seeds have a nice salty flavor.

  • Thanks, bitt! I have had low iron problems in the last few years. The doctor gave me some disgusting iron pills, but I only took a couple of them. It looked like iron skillets ground up! Yuk!

    el-bo thank you for the salad idea. I do not know if I could eat that much salad. I just ate 3 leaves plus some spinich and had to take a nap because I almost fell asleep eating it! Salads make me so sleeeeeepy….

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