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Questions on going cold turkey...

After much thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to go raw cold turkey. I would love to hear from people who have done this. I want to hear the details of what the first month or so was like for your body, and what obstacles outside of your own body you were facing (family, social, etc.). What did you do when faced with a pushy relative, or when your spouce wanted to take you out for a romantic dinner? I really want to hear it all. Thanks in advance! :D


  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Everything depends on your starting place… Are you curently SAD? Vegetarian? Vegan???

  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie

    I went from SAD to Raw cold turkey. I started by doing a master cleanse and after cleansing for 15 days, I had no desire for cooked food at all. I spent my first week after the cleanse just drinking green smoothies because that is all I wanted and then gradually taught myself to make raw meals.

    My husband has been very supportive. He was concerned at first that it would ruin us going out for nice dinners, but we only go out once a month or so, so I just have a salad of some sort or take some enzymes and have the minimal amount of cooked food that I can get away with.

    My family was concerned at first that I wouldn’t get enough calcium and protein, so I got them to read Green for Life by Victoria Buetenko and after that they are fine with it. My mom is almost 100% raw now, and my nephew and his girlfriend are eating quite a bit of raw food as well. I found that I couldn’t convince people of what I was doind was healthy, they had to read the facts themselves. My husband went and saw Sergei Buetenko speak and since then he drinks green smoothies everyday and eats most of my raw dinners (at least during the week). His weekends tend to be SADder!

    I find that most of my relatives think I am eccentric and extreme, but as long as I make a salad for any table I am going to sit down to, everyone is fine with me not eating the rest of the food. Also, now that I have mastered some great raw recipes, my SAD relatives are happy to taste anything I add to a meal.

    I hope this helps. I have been raw for 6 months and feel no reason to ever return to a SAD. I don’t miss anything and I have never been healthier, happier or more energetic. The word for how I feel most days is “invincible”!

  • I went raw pretty much cold turkey… It hasn’t been very long yet, just over a month but I can give you some idea of what I’ve been going through so far.

    I have been vegan for 10 years so I don’t think I had AS much detoxing as some, but I did eat at least one vegan donut everyday in my sad life so those definitely had to be cleaned out. I had some problems in the first 10 days or so with my bowels trying to figure out what to do with all the fiber, i bounced back and forth between constipation and diahrea for a little over a week… it worked itself out though. I feel pretty lucky because I didn’t have major caffine withdrawls or headaches or anything, just a few days of low energy and it didn’t last long.

    My hardship was more emotional, like allowing myself to relax about all of my attachments to food. I was really depressed for a few days and absolutely obsessive about my food. Like more than usual. I had to just tell myself to take the raw diet one day at a time and that at any point if I REALLY wanted to eat something that was cooked I would allow myself to. Once I said that to myself it was like the rain cloud moved on and I was able to just do it.

    I am still trying to figure out exactly what ratios of fat/carbs/proteins/sugars work best for my body. I think I kind of have a handle on it but I want more fats than i think is necessarily good for me.

    I don’t know where you are coming from or what kind of food and equipment you have available to you… i think that will affect the ease with which you transition. Having a good blender and food processor really helps, and I got a dehydrator which opens up a lot of meal options for me.

    As far as the fancy dinners and relatives go I haven’t had too much experience with that yet. I told my dad about switching to all raw food, he is a body builder so his first question was obviously about protein, I told him I was keeping track and trying to make sure I got an adequit amount of protein and calories and he was fine after that. I have been out to one group dinner at a non raw restaurant and I got there a little early and asked the server if she thought they may be able to accomodate my diet. They did pretty well although it wasn’t COMPLETELY raw. I may have been better off to get a huge salad with fruit and avo in it. Going to a restaurant that has raw options for a fancy dinner would be a great choice if you have one in your town.

    Let us know how you are doing and good luck!

  • Waterbaby, I am SAD, but have been getting at least one serving of raw fruits or veggies a day for the last two weeks.

    Green, I hear you about your relatives thinking the whole thing’s extreme. My mom’s family thinks it’s great, but my dad thinks I’m being rediculous. When I told him about it I could almost see that word (rediculous) in his eyes. I guess that it’s all about being educated and understanding what the raw way of life is all about.

    Sara, I was wondering about bowel problems. Thanks for giving me the heads up, or rather the bottoms up…lol. I have also been obsessive about food for as long as I can remember. It’s my best friend and has been since I was a kid. Finding a good balance also seems to be very important.

    Thanks everyone, and I hope to hear more!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    If you’re going to go cold turkey, Gabriel Cousens recommends green juice feasting (only green juice, and LOTS of it, and maybe with spirulina & chlorella for protein & to stabilize blood sugar) for the first while, combined with daily warm water enemas, yoga, & spiritual practices like prayer & meditation. He says the green juices & warm water enemas help the body detox without all the unpleasantness usually associated with detox from a SAD lifestyle to a raw one. You might check out his book “Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine” for more info.

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    I basically went cold turkey, with 3 days transition only to use up some foods in the house.

    for my body i automatically felt better. in fact i was only going to do a week but i ended up doing more because i felt great and was supported by this site too! i had some digestive “cleansing” but I needed it! oh i should mention i was already vegan and gluten free.

    as far as others, people were already used to my “weird” food. i did have one dip because two people bought me cupcakes (vegan, gluten and sugar-free) for my b-day but that was my only cheating the whole time. my husband and i went to the local raw food restaurant a lot at first, but then we started going to a few other places that i could get a plain salad. if anything people were interested in what i was doing. i said it was for my health and since they know i have health problems they were supportive. my parents are a little confused about why i would want to give up things like soy but i just say “my body feels better without it right now.”

    angie although i think that is good advice in theory, i don’t think i could have done it. green juices are hard to get used to (the flavor) and i think being raw is restrictive enough i would hate to restrict myself more. getting used to fewer calories on raw is an adjustment. you will need more nuts and avocado at first. think at least a fistful of nuts/seeds a day and about an avocado a day. if not more. it will go down eventually. oh and i had/have a green smoothie at least once a day.

    good for you! we are here for you!

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    I recently heard a statistic that about 25% of Rawbies went cold turkey.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    jenads85 – I went cold turkey almost a year ago, that’s how I do things. I get so excited, especially after Alissa Cohen recommended it in her book. It was very mentally stimulating, but a little overstimuting in the digestion department. I had very uncomfortable activity beginning at 5 am – running to the bathroom and then never feeling that I was quite done. This went on for a while and was a bit disruptive so looking back I would probably take it more gradually because it almost turned me off to the whole thing, thinking this is what it was going to be like to be raw. I also needed to eat all the time to transition from cooked food, at least every two hours and I would be starving! My family did raise their eyebrows quietly, but now, a year later they get it, and want recipes!

  • Angie, I like the yoga idea. I was thinking about taking some classes, because I thought that might help my transition. I like all the juices I’ve made, including the green ones. I don’t think I could do just that, but I’d like to include it on a constant basis.

    Bitt, sadly we don’t have a raw food restaurant where I live. That would make it so much easier for me, but I’m trying to look forward to creating new things in my kitchen. It’s great that your family was supportive. I hope I can look forward to the same.

    Chris, thanks for the stat. My cousin went cold turkey when she went raw, but she said that it wasn’t for everyone.

    Amy Sue, I find that I also need to eat often, every couple of hours or so. I have this nightmare of having to run to the bathroom in a public place and not being able to find one lol. I know that can’t last forver, but I’m not looking forward to it.

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