Friend has Bird Mites?? Need Help

Hello All!!

I can could really use your help. There is a friend of mine that has been tormented by Bird Mites, the doctors are telling her it’s all in here head but it is not. At night they attack and are crawling all over her and they are also in her skin.

I suggested that she try Black Walnut, Garlic she did but that did not work

Since then she has tried: Neem Oil Tea Tree Oil Baby Oil Bleach Washing the clothes with Borax Aloe vera gel and probably other things I can’t think of

But she is trying everything and they are not leaving. When she puts the oil on she sees them coming out of her skin but still there are more and they keep coming back.

Does anyone know of a solution? She has searched everywhere and it seems like people live with this for years and years. They are always biting her and she has bite marks.

Does anyone have any suggestions, any help would be great.



  • She needs to use Kleen green enzyme cleaner from natural ginesis to spray her walls. You can google it to find the website. This cleaner is the best for mites! Also, she may want to clean her eaves of birds and bird nests as soon as they are done raising the young. If she closes off all access they will go elswhere to build the nest next year.

  • Well they are in a new house and don’t have the bird problem but the mites are in her and with her and I’m sure they have multiplied now and have most likely infested there home.

    I will check out the Kleen Green Enzymes Cleaner asap…

    The problem is these mites are different from dust mites and so fourth and people have been forced to have this problem for years I’ve heard somone had been dealing with it for 10 years.

  • Yes, I know what you are talking about. We had birds in our eves that brought in mites. I could see them, but my husband thought I was nuts. I could also feel the bites, and he could not. The enzyme can be used as a skin wash from what I understand. I called and talked to them sometime back. They are very helpful, and this product is very good for a lot of different kinds of mites, bed bugs, lice, ect.

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