genetic hurdles?

bj, my son announced his 60 day raw mile marker this morning! I am so happy for him, but I have still not been able to make the break! I talked to my mom last night, and she said that she has been toying with, and trying to go raw for years, and has not been able to make the break. It kind of discouraged me, because she generally has more discipline than I do. I think that one of my biggest downfalls is curiosity. I cannot meet a new type of food particularly one that is exotic, or compelling in some way, without going ahead and trying some. Then I have a hard time getting back to raw! Am I hopeless, alone in this experience, somehow genetically flawed…?


  • We all love food, who doesn’t after all. I believe that at some point we all kind of struggled in order to adopt a new, healtier diet. I personally tried to “change” my mindset, most people have an emotional relationship with food, we eat when we are up or down, to socialize, as a passtime etc…I have tried initially to delete all this from my mind and repeated myself that we eat to live and not live to eat Genetic does not count, you have the power to change within you, just need to find it. Good luck!

  • Well, I guess I do not have any thing, or any one to blame my lack of discipline on! Soooo…I guess it all comes back to thought processes. I wouldn’t eat something that I knew contained poison enough to kill me immediately, so I need to just refrain from “food” that contains poison enough to bring about an early demise.melaverde, I am reading about food combos on the thread containing that info. Possibly some of my problem is kind of a self medication to a negative situation that I am causing in my system by combining improperly. I have a very sensitive system, and may need to look into combining. I had read that cooked food actually kind of give your digestive system a sleeping pill, so that it dulls some of the feelings that can sometimes be negative during detox, and possibly due to improper combining.

  • You are absolutely right when you say that cooked food (or unhealty foods in general or I also say healthy foods but with very bad combos) give your digestive system a sleeping pill. This also in turn generates toxins in your blood that have the power to switch off your immune system. Sometime I happen to talk to people about nutrition and health in general and most of them say ”I am healthy, I have no symptoms, no pain” well, these people are either very healthy (difficult in today’s world) or extremely unhealthy as their system is so intoxicated that it is unable to naturally detox and therefore manifest in some ways (ie. skin desease, colds, running nose etc..). If you think that you have a sensitive digestive system if I were you I would read something on food combining, I personally found huge benefits. Don’t worry about discipline, it is something that can be learned with time and the closer you get to nature the easier will be to be disciplined, Nature will always lead you to the right way.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    About five years ago, I went to raw food classes for probably a year with someone else, all the time saying I would NEVER eat this way, yet knowing in the back of my mind that it was something I would eventually need to do & that I just wasn’t ready yet. I have eaten high raw for 3 years now, but it is only now that I am really feeling ready to work toward 100% raw. Sixty days is NOTHING!!! You’ll come to what’s best as you treat yourself best. No worries – I always tell people you have to WANT to eat this way, in order to be successful at it. If you don’t want to, then don’t do it – the stress & guilt are not worth it! Life is about joy – enjoy your life! :)

  • Thanks, angie! You are always a good one for perspective, and I am always happy to read your posts. Thanks for taking the time, and having the patience… Well, I guess I am having a little kid tantrum! Maybe I just had to emotionally clear some things up, because I can see myself becoming a raw foodist, and changing, and well, sometimes change can be scary on several levels. It is a complex thing to change especially when you are housed in a body that is as big as a fort, and even seems to work like a fort! Ugh! I want out…no I don’t…yes I do…don’t I? (If you have always been thin and always had your act together, you will just not understand!)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    I understand more than you think! I have been thin MOST of my life (too thin at times), and only overweight for about three years, but I have gone through similar struggles – I want health… no I don’t; I want fries & donuts…no I want health, I think? Even though it’s no longer fries & donuts, I have realized (AGAIN) that I have stayed away from the 100% raw mark because subconsciously I didn’t believe it was okay for me to get completely well – improvement was a big deal for me to accept. Now, I am working through all that and reaching for 100% happy!

  • Yes, and also fear. Fear that I will do well for about a year, and then it will all go up in smoke, and I will be back to coffee and donuts and snickers. Not the snickers you eat, (or don’t eat) but the snickers you think you hear when people don’t take you seriously after you make a change, and then eventually slide right back to the same old person, or worse yet, start to experience some of the same old health problems that plagued you when eating SAD! I have heard of this a lot from long time raw foodists.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    It’s none of anyone’s business what I eat or don’t eat, and I think that may be one reason I don’t like to tell people I am a “raw foodist” or “vegetarian” or whatever, even if those words may describe the way I’m currently eating. I also believe that if the people around us are supportive & loving, they will not laugh at things that go wrong in our lives. If they are not supportive & loving, why are they in my life? If they are family, then I choose how close to let them be if they choose to not support me, or to laugh at my failures/downslides. I have family members who don’t understand, and I am not close to them, but that came before raw food, because I realized they were pulling me down no matter what the subject was; it’s just raw food this time. I think anyone who loves you would support & help you to do what’s best for yourself, and would sympathize if you have troubles. My mom & a friend are both very good at being supportive, encouraging & sympathetic, even though they don’t choose the same lifestyle as I do. My mom doesn’t criticize or laugh at me; she reminds me of the things I have been doing if I am having troubles.

  • So true. I guess we are all in the same boat any how, and mortality is the lot of the best of us! Even the big name raw foodists will die of something, if none other than the wear of living in an imperfect world!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Yeah, I just want to enjoy life & be happy, which I can do much easier by eating raw :)

  • Here! Here! :) I am done fretting, and resisting! I am ready to move on. I will give away my fat clothes and face the new me without flinching,no matter what! I hope to be 100% by the end of the month for as long as I can possibly do it. It’s certainly better than where I am! Thanks for your help,and virtual support!!!!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Yay! I am wanting to go 100%, too. I have been limited by budget the last couple of months, but hopefully that will change as my garden gives me yummies in the next few weeks! I’m beginning to want to eat raw so much that the things that appeal to me are changing a lot. I am becoming very willing to do more work, or eat different things, so that I can feel good! I have grape leaves growing in the yard that I can eat, I have lots of sunflower seeds in the basement, lots of coconut oil, and a few fruits that I put in the freezer…The non-raw things I have available just aren’t appealing to me as much any more – I don’t feel as good eating them as when I’m eating all raw. I want to be vibrant and alive!

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