My Raw Elixir Party was Fabulous! Yah ME!

queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

My bf and I organized our first raw party last night. It was a Wild Elixir party – all raw and wild elixirs and it went very well. We had almost 20 people come and everyone was really liking our drinks and dips and wild salad! (I made my French Onion Dip and my raw Coke). My bf did a wild grass juicing demo and we had six unique raw wild medicinal elixir drinks for people to try.

They want us to do more events which we are planning already! We are taking people foraging in a few weeks. Some people even told us we should start a catering business and that we should sell some of our drinks and dips! :)

We made a decent amoumt of money too! (which is good because I am running out of it!)

So we might have found a semi-profitable thing to do here! At least enough to pay some bills/rent etc – combined with others things that come along in the future!

I had never made this much stuff for a party before even though I always bring more than one dish to raw potlucks usually so it was weird getting the hang of organizing everything but it was a good learning experience! Good thing I am an extremely organized person. My bf is the opposite – he wants to do everything at the last minute. But we had extra drinks which we let people take home – I did run out of dip. I will make more of that next time!

The only bad thing was that I was so tired I slept too late to start my Master Cleanse and realized I used all the lemons in my frig!


  • jeshuabrownjeshuabrown Raw Newbie

    Wow. I’m jealous! any chance you’d share some elixir mixin’ ideas? Were are you located?

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Awesome! People want the good food… but nobody is making it or taking it to social events. And, glad you made some money off of it. It’s always nice… especially when they really like the food… they’re sure to come back!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    jeshuabrown – One of the elixirs we served was my Koka-Kola in the Raw (which is under my recipes on here). The other two I made were some of David Wolfes recipes for Purple Corn Cacao Drink and Peruvian Tea – which I modified a bit. My bf juiced wild grass shots in his Green Star and he made a Fennel and Loquat Drink which were all foraged locally ( we live near a trail that has tons of wild fennel and there are three loquat trees in the courtyard of our apartment building). He also made what he calls an Okinowan Anti-aging Elixir which has tumeric, almond milk and some wild sage and rosemary in it. :) We try to focus on things that are superfoods or things you can get free and forage wild. Wild foods is the freshest you can get obviously! We are in Mountain View, CA.

    germin8 – Yes, many people were asking about the next event. We have lots of idea of what to do. There seem to so many different way you can do things – I doubt I will run out of ideas any time soon! :)

    I always like to take unique things to potlucks – I mean, everyone always brings salad and of course salads are a staple in the raw life – but than you end up with a potluck that is ALL salad. I love salads but honestly I can make those myself at home. I think the point of potlucks is to be a little different and bring something new and interesting that people will be excited to try and that will help with peoples cravings. :)

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    QUEENFLUFF, congrats on your party and your profit. What a great idea. I will have to check out your recipes.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie


    Thanks! We are taking people foraging for our next event. People are very interested in free food! (and who wouldn’t be with the price of food and gas now?). I have about 20 other ideas for other events (raw themes and such) so it should be fun! Hopefully people stay interested and will continue to come for future events. :)

    I wish I could meet some gonerawers that live in my area that would come to the events (hint hint). They are in the South Bay area (Silicon Valley) of California.

    Here is the link if anyone that is the SF Bay area and is interested in raw events!

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    queen fluff, sounds like fun! good for you! can I ask what you charged? and how you charged….was the cost listed in the advertizing? we have wild fennel all over the place here too, thehorses snack on it while we are trail riding! its a licorice fest out there~;0)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Yeah, I want to know about the cost part of it, too – I know people who might come to something, but I have no idea how to charge for it or if they would come if they had to pay!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    omshanti and angie -

    We charged $25 per person. We had six different drinks and tons of veggies and a few dips. Plus a wild salad, two salad dressings and my homemade rawmescan. We also had some other wild things to put on the salad like wild blackberries (which there are tons of right now). Not everything in the drinks and food was wild so we did spend some money on stuff. Alot of the stuff were things I had already that I used in my own drinks at home (superfoods and teas). Some of the drinks hardly costed anything and others costed a bit more. For the more expensive items(which were strong drinks too), we gave less of those (4 oz glasses) and more of the cheaper drinks. So, it was sort of drink tasting party.

    The fennel loquat drink was probably the cheapest drink as the fennel was all wild and we have three loquat trees in our apartment building courtyard and no one is picking them but us and the squirrels. I think my bf bought a few apples for it and that was it. He made 2 and 1/2 gallons of it too. There was leftover.

    A friend of ours who owns a business and is good at knowing what to charge for stuff he said to charge at least 20$ but to help pay for the things we used that we had to buy we uped it $5. We didn’t want to charge too much or people might not come. We also had a demo and a double sided 4 page handout of the recipes and nutritonal info on the drinks and food. No one complained about the price or and everyone said they were impressed and enjoyed themselves so I guess we did alright with the price.

    Next time I would actually make less drink (we weren’t sure how many people were coming at the last minute so I want to make sure we had enough so I made extra) and more dip! My dips were gone in seconds.

    My advice (if you want to make money of something like this) is to make the most of things that cost you less (if it makes sense for your party that is). We made lots of fennel drink and sun tea. Also keep in mind where you live – I am in California so stuff is more expensive here and more people have money. People like to spend on food and parties here. :)

    We are doing a forage in two weeks and we will have some food for people and are only charging $20. My bf gives all the foraging instruction. Our friend wants us to do a “Fat Burning” party at his home. (raw that focuses on losing weight) – not sure what we are going to serve for that but we will see!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Thanks! I can’t see people here (Utah) paying $25 for anything like that, but I may be underestimating my neighbors… :) It sounds fun!

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    thanks queenfluff sounds like ou are on to something!!! good luck and keep us posted!!1

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