Anyone in Houston?

I’m in Houston (Montrose area)... Anybody near by?


  • JaimeReksJaimeReks Raw Newbie

    Hello, I am close to Houston! I’m in The Woodlands, glad to see some people are near by!

  • beepsandclicksbeepsandclicks Raw Newbie

    We are near downtown, off Allen Parkway! At least for now…we’re hoping to make it to Asheville, NC in a few months.

  • It’s nice to meet you guys! I used to spend alot of time in The Woodlands because some of my friends were attending SHU. I passed through Asheville on a road trip it was nice. Good luck with your move! Do you guys frequent any of the farmers markets?

  • Hi, I am in Houston, too. I live in the loop near the Galleria.

  • I found a raw food meetup group in Houston, if any one is interested. I haven’t been to a meeting yet but it seems like a nice group. Here is a link “”;

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