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Blood Circulation

Hey everyone!

I’ve been raw for 2 months now. I’ve noticed a lot of improvements but I don’t know what to do about my circulation problem. My hands and feet are constantly cold to the touch. I’ve heard of enzyme tablets that I can take that are specifically for circulation problems, but I prefer to use whole foods as a cure rather than pills. Any advice?


  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Welcome Sweta, I could be far off base but when I first went raw, my hands and feet were so cold that I didn’t think I would ever be warm… After about 4 months of 100% raw I finally warmed up… I haven’t discussed this before so I’m not sure if this is normal or not… I’m sure someone here has the knowledge for which you are looking … Good Luck!!!

  • Thanks Water Baby. I’ve had this problem for a while, even before I went raw. I was hoping the raw diet would cure it; maybe I need to be more patient. I’ve heard that ginger, lemongrass, and licorice are good for circulation, maybe I’ll make a tea out of them and see what happens…

  • I was so happy to find information about this mentioned in one of Shazzie’s books. (Detox Your World)

    She writes that it is a detoxing symtom. It was so nice to see someone actually had a small amount of information on this.

  • Thanks simplyraw. Maybe I should just be patient and wait a month or two more? But the thing is that I had this problem before….so confused!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    This happened to me when i first went raw. You could have another problem – it’s important to seek medical attention if you feel the problem is serious. I don’t know what foods improve circulation – perhaps there’s information online at some medical sites?

  • I’m always freezing too! I live in Florida and get in my car after work and drive with no air trying to warm up! (of course it doesn’t help that the keep the air so darn cold!) anyway, my new attempt to warm up is to add “warming” herbs to my smoothies, i.e. ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, etc. and we’ll see if that helps. I also tend to get really lightheaded often – especially after I eat – and I’m wondering if this will help that. I’ll keep you posted!

  • I’ve started to boil water and add ginger, lemongrass and licorice to it (I’ve heard all three help with circulation). We’ll see if it works.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    I have recently bought iodine pills.The lit. says it will make ones hands and feet warm. In just a week they have warmed up. Guess I was low in iodine.

  • Gotu Kola is great for poor circulation…also Cayenne, Ginger and all other warming spices!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi, Sweta,

    I, too have feezing cold hands and feet…my poor hubby (daughter has it as well!:)

    I got it from my mother! I have been this way for as long as I know. The only thing that has helped (although not yet completely cured my frozen toe) is Kundalini yoga.

    Ana Brett and Ravi Singh have some great dvd’s for home practice that focus on circulation.


  • when was the last time you were tested for ferric levels? You could be anemic. Some symptoms are sensitivity to cold and lightheadedness/dizziness. I have always been a sensitive to the cold, but when dizziness was added, I had my blood checked and sure enough, I was anemic …

  • Sweta – Any improvement? My lightheadedness still hasn’t gone away and I’m wondering if you’re circulation has gotten any better and if it’s helped the cold and your head?

  • I was recently told by an acupuncturist that raw foods make the body cold because you are not eating anything cooked or heated up. Maybe try to incorporate warm soups that aren’t heated above 105 degrees. He said it is a sign of spleen disfunction which eventually leads to anemia.

  • lizzyrose71: I haven’t had any improvements, sadly.

    redhouse: I was anemic, and now that I’m not I still have cold hands and feet. I bike a little over an hour/day 5 days a week. It makes me feel better, but doesn’t improve the hands/feet.

    Sweet Pea: I was listening to a program on the Vancouver show Animal Voices when the host was talking to Ani Phyo. The host said that it takes a while for the body to adjust to winter with a raw food diet. Eventually though, over a couple of winters, the body will feel warm during the winter. Meaning that while everyone is putting on their third sweater to get through the Canadian winter we will be pulling out our t-shirts (so long as we stick to raw food!)

  • Sweta, lizzyrose71 from my experience as lifelong coldfeeted person I can tell that one of the problems you might have is not eating enough calories which means not enough sweet fruit. The other problem might be that you are not exercising enough. And also it can be temporary detox. But definitely make sure you are eating enough calories, otherwise you will damage your health instead of improving it! Wolume of your meals has to be much bigger than on cooked diet. Also contrast shower helps a lot (hot, cold, hot, cold) and good massage in a warm room.

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I’m one of those people who is cold during waking hours, but like a furnace in bed while asleep. It’s odd, because my boyfriend is the opposite. During the day, I find that the more I move my hands, fingers, feet and toes, even if it’s just wiggling them while I sit at my desk, blood flow to my extremeties is encouraged and the coldness subsides a bit. It sounds tacky, but a few calisthenics or basic stretches every hour or so can help quite a lot. I’m all for the massage concept too. My shiatsu therapist has helped with my circulation a bit too.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Hey, not sure if this is helpful but I always had cold feet and hands until I started dry skin brushing. That helped my circulation soooo much. Give it a try! It’s cheap and it has tons of benefits.

  • I had the same problem for a while, absolutely freezing hands. I have noticed a lot of improvement. The best way to get your blood circulating is for you to get moving. Do some jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups, jog in place, whatever that can get your heart pumping will increase your blood circulation. No need to add toxins to your diet, just do what we were made to do, MOVE!

    By the way, have you noticed any improvements from when you first posted this?

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    durianrider, a person shouldn’t glug down water before eating. It’s bad for the digestion.

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