Bulk Food Ordering Meeting, Vancouver, BC

hi everyone, Buying raw foods in bulk can save sometimes up to 30%. With food costs continuing to climb more and more each year, it is important to be able find ways to save dollars on our food bills. One way is to buy in bulk and share the savings among the buying group. There have been a number of members interested in creating a raw bulk food buying group in the Vancouver, BC, Canada area. For all those who are interested in forming a Raw Bulk Food Buying Group there will be a formative meeting session and potluck to be held on Saturday, July 19th, 3pm in the Commercial Drive area of Vancouver. A potluck will follow after the meeting (around 5 pm). Please RSVP if you are planning to attend. 

Meeting: Bring ideas of what food items you would be interested in buying in bulk and from where. lf you have some experience with any bulk food sources, or websites, that you are happy with, bring that information. Getting started in the middle of summer, gives time for a bulk buying group to get organized by the fall, when most people are getting settled in for the wintry season, and ordering can begin.

Potluck: Bring a delicious raw dish & ingredient list.

Note: it would be much appreciated if the dish you brought was free of grapes and dried fruit; your host is allergic to these!


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