MC Weekend, anyone?

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Hey, I really feel the need for a good ol-fashioned MC this weekend. No saltwater flush, no tea, just a few days of fasting on the delectable lemon cocktail! Starting tomorrow until Monday. Anyone wanna join? Personally, this is for meditation purposes and simplicity purposes, but you can do it for whatever reason you’d like, of course :)

Let me know!


  • Have a good clean time! my husband started a fast this past monday. he’s going 40 days. oh the clean feeling after those ones…. he’s doing the same thing – simple, pure lemon, water and a squirt of agave. may you be purified. : )

  • BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

    what’s his main reason for such a long fast? And can i ask why agave and not maple syrup? Thanks for the good wishes!

  • this is his 7th extended fast (with a bunch of small ones in between the long ones). altogether, he probably fasts between 100 – 120 days a year. He does it for spiritual reasons. Nothing puts one on their knees faster than being stripped of what we consider to be the most basic human need – food. But then our need for the One Who holds the universe comes to light…. God is supreme in our lives and when all the trappings of this world are taken away, it allows a focus, energy and awareness to be all on Jesus and His desire for our life. It allows my husband to be in a place where we can be IN this world, but NOT OF this world. NOT to be separatist, because if anything, this connects us MORE to humanity, the needs of the world, and fills us with more love, grace, compassion and mercy than ever! We just want to be instruments of God’s peace and love.

    Agave nectar has a lower glycemic index – so he doesn’t feel the ups and downs of sugar spikes. His job is intensive in the mental clarity it requires, and he stays pretty active, otherwise he’d do only water fasts. is a website that has some beautifully written articles on the spiritual side of fasting that capture the essence of it more eloquently than i can….

  • How’s it going Be the Change??? I hope you’re have a great, creative weekend full of joy and peace.

    I really love your screenname by the way…. we often say that around here….

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