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is this the product to make angel hair spaghetti from vegetables?


  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    Hi, There are two on the market, the spirooli, which I have. And the saladacco. My spirooli cuts vegetables into spagetti sized strands. I understand that you need the saladacco (spelling?) to make angel hair. By the way, I love my spirroli!

  • I just received my saladacco…. It doesn’t work AT ALL… I would not recommend it… I’m going to be ordering the spirooli, spiralo, or benriner next…haven’t made up my mind as to which yet… :)

  • JDJD

    I have a mandoline slicer that has a few different attachments for regular slicing, julienne slicing, french fry size, and a couple other ones that are in between sizes. I see no need to buy a spiralizer. I simply use my different attachments.

    They also sell a hand held device that spiralizes. Looks like a peeler.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Here are the opinions on spiralizers:

    Veg Slicer

    “Spiral Slicer”http://www.goneraw.com/forums/2/topics/4409

    Mandoline slicers – some folks feel they are a bit dangerous to use.

    World Cuisine noodler doesn’t make angel hair – only rather larger, regular size spaghetti type noodles. Regardless, I like it, i is quick to use.

    BUT note Chris’s comments -

    CHRIS SAYS “Sorry to all who have already spent $/�30 on one of those spiralizers, don’t feel too bad I have done so myself…

    But there is a better way…

    It’s called a Julienne Peeler and they usually cost less than �5. They are much faster and no fuss, compared to the spiralizer which I find to be de-motivational. You can see a picture of one on the following webpage just below the apple corer/slicer… http://crave.cnet.com/8300-1_105-1-1.html?autho…

    They look and work just like a peeler except they have teeth to make a Julienne cut. Pro Chefs use these not Spiralizers and you’ll know why the first time you try one. I own two of them and both cost less than �5 including the one I got at Selfridges.

    Lovebows, Chris”

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    So in conclusion, the Julienne Peeler is the way to go.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    sounds like that’s the cheapest option to begin with. and if that doesn’t satisfy, then you can spring for pricier equipment.

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie


  • Oh.. yay!! I just got one of those from the Pampered Chef (lifetime warranty on all of their products) for about $7. I am going to use it tonight!!

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    A reviewer of the oxo good grips julienne peeler gave this handy tip on how to use a julienne peeler:

    Place peeled carrot (or other vegetable) flat on cutting board. Use a fork to anchor one end of the carrot, then use the julienne peeler to cut long strips.

  • anngoingrawanngoingraw Raw Newbie

    The julienne peeler works grate for me and it was cheap.

  • i’ve been trucking about in calgary trying to find a spiraliser. most places here have never heard of it and community health foods doesn’t have one. i found an $89 one at a kitchen shop and they said they’d order in the joyce chen version – that was a week ago. so, i stumbled onto this website and learned about the julienne peeler. i looked yesterday and found one in zellers (no one had one and i thought it was a last ditch attempt) for $8.99.

    tried it out and made zucchini and it works great. i’ll still get the spiraliser because it would be good to be able to make angel hair and spirals, but this is great so far. i did stick a fork in the end to keep the bloody vegetable steady while peeling.

  • I’ve taken out the old cheese grater and made delicate zucchini “angel hair” type pasta- just thought I’d pass it along!

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Thank you for the julienne peeler idea! I bought some kind of saladacco type thing, can’t remember because I chucked it, I think it was Joyce Chen and my husband and I both battled with it with no success. The julienne peeler looks perfect!

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Like heartshapedsky I have been using my cheese grater to make zucchini pasta until I could swing getting a spiralizer or saladacco, but thanks to everyone’s great input – I think I’m going to get a julienne peeler instead.

    The cheese grater really has not been bad though – and if it weren’t for shredding zucchini & carrots I wouldn’t be using that gadget at all! :)

  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    I wanted a spiral cutter, but then again I am a kitchen gadget addict. I was able to stop myself and buy a julienne peeler instead. Best $6 I have spent all week!!

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    I’ve been using my handy julienne peeler for the past year and it’s great! Thanks for the tip on using a fork to hold down carrots and such – don’t know why, but i never thought to do that :) I just figured out that my juicer has an attachment to make speghetti and fettucine out of veggies, so, i’ll be playing around with that too!

  • which juicer do you have that has an attachment to make spaghetti and fettucine, carrie?

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    We use the saladaco ($20) for angel hair or super thin slices, the spirooli ($30 or less on ebay) for spaghetti, and our mandoline (buy one with adjustable thicknesses of slicing) for fettucini or linguini (as well as waffle and slices of different thicknesses)...love all 3 gadgets! I had the small hand held tool but it didn’t work as easily for us and I was worried I’d scrape my fingers off with those sharp razor teeth/blades. Also, in a pinch, you could use a simple potato peeler to make noodles :)

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    RCBAlive – I have the Solostar II. My inlaws purchased this for themselves and realized that it’s too much of a juicer for them. So, i acquired it :) I love it!

  • wow, i just brought myself a julienne peeler and its way cool… so far I’ve made pasta out of zucchini, carrots and parsnips and i have some squash and yams noodles soaking in salt water as i type. i was dying to get a spirolizer and now i don’t have too. this works great and is super fast! totally recommended… next on my list is green papaya noodles. and with the extra bits left over that cant be peeled into strips i just juice or blend into another dish so no wastage. stonespirals- I’m in Calgary too!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    julienne with attachments is way more versatile. you can make long strips of stuff to make wraps out of which is really fun.

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    ive looked in walmart, dollar tree and a couple of other places. Where can I get a julienne locally.

  • suekosueko Raw Superstar

    DONT get the Saladacco, otherwise known as the Joyce Chen spiralizer—it is a piece of crap! I bought it, hated it and never used it again. Then I bought the Spiralo, not much better, but it is a step up. Finally bought the Spirooli and am totally satisfied with that. It does not, however, as mentioned before, make the angel hair shreds, but I like the heartier spaghetti strands better, they hold the sauce and don’t wilt down and get mushy like the angel hair. Being a gadget junkie I may have to try the julienne peeler, tho.

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