Family : reactions to RAW

Just wanting to know how you have coped with your friends/family reaction to raw.

In my day to day life and friend group its been fine and not had many people question me or challenge me in anway. Recently however I went home for a few days and my family are now really concearned about how little I am eating, and asking the usual questions – Where do you get you protein, vitamins etc!

Have you found your family have accepted your choice or that you have had to avoid certain situations or indeed find new accepting friends in light of your new life.

Curious.. and needing some ideas!!




  • Friends are great with it but the family…I just started and I know this weekend I will have a load of questions. Imagine that. I’ve taken graduate level courses in chem., biochem., and nutrit. I’ll still get grilled when I go home. They have no idea what “minding their own business” is about. :) Stick to it, don’t mind the questions!

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    sometimes I have to say that I’m not feeling well and because of that I’m eating “just” a salad. And for some people I say that I have health problems and meat,milk,cheese,and cooked foods don’t agree with me,and if you say that “they” don’t ask you anymore,but I have 2 “friends” that don’t understand my way of living,and I don’t care anymore. With family it’s a little difficult because my brother is always asking about my protein intake,and I try to explain to him but he doesn’t agree with me.So,that is his problem,not mine.

  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    Cobaltdragonfly I totally understand with the friends thing. Friends are amazing but family not so much. I’m the youngest of 6 siblings…so everyone tries to protect me. Well my brother is the one who eats SAD the most. He was pretty angery with me, but I think it was because I was making a change that was good for me, and he wanted to change too, but didn’t know how. He is kind of like your brother Lucy…he is always asking me about my protien. He doesn’t know that fruit and vegetables have an amazing amount of protien in it. He is trying to get his health back, but I don’t think reading diet books is going to help him in the long run. My sister is trying to lose weigh with diet pills. That worries me because I don’t want her to hurt herself with that. You don’t know what kind chemicals are in pills. My mom is kind of understanding, she’s actually getting into organic fruits and veggies so I’m proud of her for accomplishing that goal. She tries to eat an organic apple everyday..that’s a big step for my SAD family.

    As a whole they don’t really understand what I’m doing, but they don’t try to force their food on me. At the same time they don’t care if they eat in front of me either. I think that I should count my blessings, because their not trying to force what they think on me. I know that they want the best for me. In a way I think I’m the ginny pig; if I start showing improvements, they will start trying to get heathy too…I think their just trying to see what happens to In any case I’d rather be RAD not SAD.

  • Thanks for the feedback all

    Of course friends can often me more undetstanding or you can aquire new ones. But end of the day I dont want to cut off my family because of my lifestyle.

    Blending both so to speak is being impossible at the moment. I dont have energy to discuss things with family when it turns into arguments.

    Ah well, onwards and upwards, certainly not changing, RAW is the way to live.

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Hi Rawdancer, I’m eating raw since January and before I was a vegetarian for 8 years.My husband is changing just watching me eating.I don’t say anything.He eats anything he wants,but he is changing little by little on his own paste.I still not saying anything and will never say anything.He will get there alone,watching me,by himself and I’m pretty sure he’ll feel better like that. Be yourself. People change with their eyes,not with their ears.

    Koolieaided,there is a dvd by Gary Null called “Prescription for Disaster “that tells evrything about the pharmaceutic industry.If your sister could watch it, I’m pretty sure she would stop taking diet pills.

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