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Just felt like sharing

I’ve been raw off and on for almost a year now, I hit a bump in the road and I totaly fall off the wagon :(. I’ve tried every diet imaginable but for some reason eating raw just feels so right. My biggest challange is my family (lame I know) but I am trying to get over the fact that they arent ready for the change and ‘I’ am. I think my downfall has been that I don’t take it slow enought and find it too hard to follow all the steps to get back raw. So for now I am incorporating 2 raw meals/snacks a week and the adjustment is going so well that I dont even think anyone notices.

Wish me luck on my lates venture :).


  • Lots of luck and a book recommendation for you- Natalia Rose’s Raw Food Detox Diet. You’ll have the whole family eating better! xoxo

  • Best to you! Take your time and take baby steps. Keep it simple and start off with a variety of basics (whole fruits and veggies) that are easy and that you love to eat. whenever you run out of something that’s not so good for you, just don’t replace it. buy something yummy and healthy instead. the family will get used to it. how old are your kids?

    Tell more about yourself and your family. : )

  • I’m 26 mother of 3 (9,3,1) the younger two will eat almost everything, we snack on lots of fruits and veggies. Unfortunatly I have many nay sayers in my life (believe my children are deprived because they havent had candy since Dec.)

    I’m hispanic and my husband grew up in a traditional mexican home eating greasy mexican food everyday, my mother cooked a large variety of food but not at all healthy (veggies drowned in oils) I have never been a big meat eater.

    I’m used to only snacking on fruits and veggies so to consider them a meal has been a hard transition. Its hard learning how to cook all over again since I now know the REAL taste of food LOL!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    I know how you feel.. after about a year raw I’ve been slipping into eating a lot of refined process carbs like pasta and bread over the last two months, rationalizing that as long as I keep vegan it’s all good but I just finished a 72 hour water fast and plan to be back on the raw wagaon! yeah!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I love hearing about people who jump on and off the wagon over a few years because everyone always seems to find their way back to raw. Once you ‘get it’ and try it, I really don’t think there is any going back, even if you yo-yo for years.

    Good Luck, sounds like you are doing great, especially with changing your thinking about veggies being more than just snacks. ;))

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    whenever i fall off the wagon, and eat cooked carbs, i have noticed how hungry i feel all the time!! when i stay 90% raw or greater, i never get hunger pains. i stay gluten free if i eat cooked food, and this keeps me from getting into too much trouble.

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