Recipe Nightmares!

Hi. Yesterday I tried to make my own version of rawvioli and what a nightmare! I used a big radish and cut it into thin half moons.I put pesto between the layers and basted them with olive oil. I dehydrated them for about 18 hours and they shrank up and looked a lot like ravioli. But when I tried to eat them they were like shoe leather! ahh! I also dehydrated cabbage leaves stuffed with pecan meat. They were too tough to bite into as well!

Any other disasters out there? =)


  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    Yeah…I have one. I tried to make some crackers and it turned into crumbly little piece…I don’t know what I did wrong.

  • Writeeternity: The rawvioli recipe by Alissa Cohen said to put the finished product in the frige for the turnip to soften by the sauce. i guess the dehydrator dries up the turnip and made it tough instead.

  • Oh Yeah! I figured that out. I saw a recipe that uses jicama for rawvioli so I am going to try that. I also tried to make the breakfast crepes and the banana “crepe” turned brown not white like in the picture. Any suggestions anyone?

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    when I made it, it was a little yellow/brown, but tasted fine. I don’t know how to get it white since bananas aren’t really white when you mix them, they are more of a yellow color.

  • I just made something and I’m not sure what’s it’s going to turn out like. I didn’t know if it would be better as a cracker or as a burger so I made it into both. I combined a cup of sprouted sunflower seeds, parsley, black olives, mushrooms, tahini, a zuchini, garlic, tumeric, and soaked buckwheat and a few brazil nuts. It smells just like pizza cooking on the dehydrator!

    I think I was drying the bananas too much for the crepe. I need to spread it thicker and add a little citrus to keep it from turning brown. It tasted great!

    I also made some pasta salad by cutting pieces of zuccini and drying them half way on the dehydrator. They were chewy like macaroni.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    writeeternity, I just love your creativity! The recipe you put in the dehydrator sounds very tasty. Please let us know how it turned out, and whether it was better as a cracker or burger. My first thought was that it would be good as a bread…and then you said it smelled like pizza and I thought…Hey, pizza crust! I can’t wait to hear how it comes out!

  • I am now making the brazil nut pancakes from this site but I only had a cup of brazil’s left so I used hazelnut meal and flaxseed meal. I also added chopped pecans at the end. My blender would barely blend it it was so thick so I hope they turn out.

    I also took the beet dip I made and blended cherries and a quarter of a watermelon and put that in an ice cube tray to use at a later date or tomorrow. I have found beets to be a miracle cure of sorts.

  • My crackers turned out really crispy like ryecrisp. I was nervous that the sweet potato would get rubbery but it didn’t. I didn’t add any oil because I didn’t want it to be too oily. It seems more like bacon bits to me. I crumbled a yam cracker on my scramble this morning and it was good- reminded me of bacos. Also could be crubled into a bowl and served with almond milk poured over it for a grapenuts kind of cereal. This would also be another application for drying and using sprouted sunflower seeds.

  • Thanks Spirited Mama! The recipe turned out great. I liked the crackers because they got really crispy and light. Adding mushrooms really adds a lot. I was busy driving around all day and was glad I had the crackers. It could go either way as a burger or a cracker.

    I am making a different type of cracker right now.

    I put a shredded sweet potato, an onion, flax meal, a carrot, some garlic, and a few nuts- pumpkin, brazil and 2 cups of sprouted sunflower seeds and a little spinach and red pepper and red onion. It looks really dry so I am wondering if it will stick together once it’s dry.

    I tried to mandoline a sweet potato, a red beet, and a yellow beet really thinly and make chips out of them but they turned out kind of rubbery and oily. So I’ll have to work on that one.

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