I’ve mentioned it before, but here it goes again: How is everyones weight? I weigh what I now believe is a perfect weight, 150lbs.I’m 6’1’’. SAD people seem to think I’m to “skinny” and that I’m starting to look anorexic. I disagree. Yes, my body is thinner than SAD people, but I still think I’m very healthy!





I’ve been 100% raw for 6 days now! And I feel wonderful. I go through some moments in the day feeling a little shakey, but only for a little while. I believe it is because I’m detoxing though. After I feel down, I feel euphoric, as if I am one step to being clean!

So what I’m asking is: How do you feel about your weight, oppose to SAD people; What were some of your symptoms of a 100% raw diet (in the beginning stages)

And just for fun:

How do you feel about your raw, pure soul !?

Thanks everyone!

EDIT: I am a 20 year old male, just in case your wondering (pulse);)..Also, I’m just making sure I’m healthy, after all thats’s why I’m raw


  • It may be helpful to declare ones sex along with ones weight. It can make a difference as to a reference for what is considered to be average! I must say I am still transitioning. I am having a hard time with the edgy feelings that I feel on raw. They are really good feelings, but so new and it all too often makes me skuttle back to cooked foods to settle me. Especially at night. You seem to be doing real well, though! It has been 15 yrs. since I weighed as little as 150 and I am not as tall as you are!

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    Well that is pretty trim…but I do agree that the current ‘ideal’ weight is heavier than the truly ideal….these days a little chub is normal, if you have that marathoners physique, people don’t like it. ....but you could actually be getting too thin, yes.

    My clue? You said you feel a little shaky at times, which is likely low blood sugar, which means you are waiting a little too long to eat…or not eating enough to tide you over till the next meal in the first place.

    oh, but I just realized that’s not even what you’re asking…lol. Oops! When I am raw, my detox symptoms are more of a headache feel. Sometimes a sore throat…that shakiness has always been me needing some sugar in my system, asap.

    I love it when I’m all raw as far as how I feel….just floating, giggly….happy. Clean, clear, quick, content.

  • Bananna Thats the same way I feel! It’s awesome isn’t it?

    I felt shaky today, after breakfast. My breakfast consisted of a whole lot of strawberries. I was full, so it definately wasn’t not eating enough. And I definately had enough sugar in me. It was a tired groggy feeling also. But after about a 1 1/2 hours I felt euphoric. At first I thought maybe I didn’t eat enough. Maybe I didn’t eat the right food. But I don’t think that was the deal

    It was almost as if as soon as my body was done digesting the strawberries i felt great. I don’t know though. Every since that little bump in the road this morning I’ve felt unstoppable…

  • Hi Guys/Gals!! :)

    It’s so amazing that you just posted this conversation because I was just going to! Only, I have a bit of a different question. For starters, I have been struggling with my weight for a few years now. 30+ years on a SAD left me eventually about 40 pounds overweight, and I’m only 5’ 2”. :(

    At the urging of my terminally ill mother to lose weight before she died, and with the advise of a cardiologist, I started Atkins in August of 2003. I lost 35 pounds within 3.5 months doing the induction (first) phase. It was miraculous! I was back in a size 8!!! I felt fantastic, healthy, and energized!

    Thanksgiving (03) was the first time I’d had starchy carbs in 3.5 months and I treaded lightly. Only hours later, at about 2 o’clock in the morning, my mom died. I was caring for her and, though it was expected and she and I were very open about the topic, the emptiness at home and loss of that daily purpose left me filling the void with food… mostly fast food because I didn’t feel like cooking.

    So, here I am, at my largest ever – 190 pounds!!! I started eating raw last week after reuniting with a friend who inspired me and I felt the detox drag for a few days – I have to be careful in the future because I’m almost always slightly anemic. But, I haven’t seen the scale move in the right direction. In fact, it jumped UP a few pounds after one day of eating cooked food – a piece of pizza and some cheese and crackers while out with a friend. I was DEVastated!

    Do any of you have any advise for this discouraged, sad sack? I’m trying so hard to get HEALTHY and SLIM (and more energetic) before my fortieth birthday in February. I would really like to figure out how to incorporate a raw food diet into my soon-to-be hectic life before then.

    By the way, I LOVE reading all of the advise and expertise you all have! It is so educational and informative. Thank you!


    Edit – Sorry to say ladies! I just saw (in your edit) that I’m also addressing a male! Oops!

  • BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

    TreeofLife-it sounds like a sugar crash from those strawberries. I get those alot if I eat a lot of one type of a sugary fruit. You should try balancing it out with some greens or fats; fats take longer to digest, and therfore distribute the sugar at a more consistent, balanced pace. It doesn’t take much, just a couple bites of avocado or 8oz of green juice, and I think you’ll notice the difference almost immediately. Let me know how it goes if you try this! On another note, your weight depends on how much you’ve lost, in my opinion. I mean, I have several very skinny male friends, but they have always been skinny and couldn’t gain weight if they tried, and are still fairly healthy and active guys. If you have dropped a huge amount of weight to get to this point, I would maybe start some weighttraining and adding more fats and and greens to your diets to a) balance the blood sugar thing and b) get you to your ideal weight. A couple of years ago, I got very skinny and it wasn’t until I looked at pictures this year that I realize how I looked to other people-very unhealthy and semi-weak, even though I was active and an almost raw vegan…I simply was not eating enough, and did not realize it because I was so busy…if that’s any helpful input at all.

    slcogliano—the time for change is whenever you choose for it to be. you can do it! Try going vegan before you go raw, it will make the transition easier and you won’t crave things like cheese and crackers.

  • slcogliano: I was a little over 200 lbs during my SADdest point (11/07). I stopped eating greasy foods, and lost 10 lbs in one week! I turned vegitarian, and lost more weight. I turned vegan, lost more weight. Now I am raw and I have platoued.. You can do it, just don’t give into the junk foods. I work almost 60 hours a week some weeks, but I always find time to take care of my body. I always make sure I have food, and am not hungry. I use to work out, but at this moment I am not since I have just gone 100% raw. I want to give my body time to get use to this new diet, so I can be as healthy as possible.

    BeTheChange: Same as above. I love my greens, and I love my fats, especially avocados. I usually have sprouted buckwheat groats or something of that sort for breakfast. Now that I’m all raw I’ve been trying to treat my body the best. I’ve read numerous spots that it is best to give your body time to wake up, and eat something light in the morning (like fruit) so your body can digest it properly. This is something I have just tried. That could be the case. Maybe thats not for me.. We’ll see

    Thanks so much everyone! You are all so great!

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