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Anyone tried David Wolfe's 21 day program?

I’ve been really trying to stay raw but am having a lot of troubles staying 100%. I think this program might give me a jump start but its 197.00! Has anyone tried this program or heard any reviews


  • Try the Raw Divas 7 day detox, its free and honestly, I was able to stick to 100% after that!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    what problems are you having sticking to 100%? I found that I was eating things that I thought were raw but weren’t, and it was that which gave me cooked food cravings. As I cut these things out I could stick to it easily. Check out *The Dead Food List which can be an upsetting read so sorry in advance, but really often it is those ingredients that make sticking to raw so hard.

    Do you have green smoothies? They help alot. If you have one in the morning it really helps to balance, nourish and get rid of cravings.

    I don’t know about Wolfe’s progrom, but based on what I know of him, it could lead you to spend a whole lot more money because he does advocate the use of many supplements and superfoods which are pricey and not really necessary.

    If you haven’t got it already his book “Sunfood Success Systems” is brilliant and not $197!! I think it probably has menu plans in it. Many raw books do. It is a really great book to get you on 100% and to help you stay there. I think it would be much better value for money.

  • What is the Raw Divas 7-day detox? I’m having a horrible time trying to transition to raw. I truly do believe that I’m having additive withdrawal symptoms. I have had such destructive habits. I used to not eat all day (never felt hungry) and then would eat after 5 or 6 PM. I was always too busy to eat. Plus I had learned if I didn’t eat, I wouldn’t get hungry. If I do eat in the AM, then I am starving in a few hours. When I recently tried a couple of days at 100% raw, I had much more than normal hunger pains – it was way deeper, more painful too. Like a burning in my stomach. I think I have no HCL in my stomach. Should I take a HCL supplement at the beginning so I can actually diget what I eat? If so, any suggestions what and where I should buy this acid stuff. Anyway, back to the strange GI reactions – it is like every cell in my GI tract is rebelling and wants a piece of bread or a potatoe to calm it down – to appese it. It is just so strange. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Perhaps my body has had to compensate for so many years due to my bad habits – that it is just expecting me to eat something harmful and pre-set to deal with it??

  • odalys – thanks for mentioning the Raw Divas 7 day detox. It sounds great.

  • Greetings,

    I’ve never been 100% raw, but from my experience eating/drinking raw until until lunch seriously transforms you and eliminates the cravings for crap…and trust me, I’m that girl who made white sugar, white flour and unhealthy fats my staple. After a couple of weeks of eating/drinking raw in the morning, I started noticing that my body/spirit didn’t want crap for breakfast – like, not even coffee with sugar and milk. I was dumbstruck! I’ve always been able to sucker my system into wanting garbage.

    Anyway…just my two cents. And yeah, thanks to Zoe and odalys for the links to Raw Divas and the Dead Food List.

  • BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

    The Sunfood Diet Success System does, in fact, have a good handful of weekly menu plans in the back of it, and thoroughly explains which one is best for what person etc. You should def check it out, not only for this, but because it IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!

  • BeTheChange…what’s the basic-ness of the book…the science of raw? raw recipes? menus? a raw program? benefits of raw?

  • BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

    It is literally everything you have to know. It has everything from certain chapters dedicated to certain staple foods like the olive and avocado to how raw heals cancer and how to deal with eating raw in the standard American social scene. I find it so engaging time and again because EVERY sort of justification, whether it be moral or scientific, is included, complete with statistics, charts, and Wolfe’s very soothing demeanor throughout. The book that turned me onto being raw was the classic The Natural Way, of which was was co-author of, so then I found Sunfood Diet. I was reading it last summer nonstop, I was so enraptured by it, and I decided to be raw overnight and didn’t turn back for over 4 months. It’s THAT good!!!

    ...maybe I should read it again from front to back…

    Also, the chapters aren’t that related to each other, so it’s a good reference book to have, as well as a great one to have around when you just need a spark of motivation or have 20 minutes and feel like reading something interestind and educational.

    Above all, I love this book and find it so motivating because as you transition and read this book at the same time, you know exactly WHY your body is doing what it is and how to treat it accordingly. It is amazing! For instance, I was feeling down from drinking coffee once, so I went to the coffee-dedicated chapter and learned to eat greens to neutralize the acidity of the bean….you don’t learn things like that on forum websites, you know? Anyways, you should totally read it. You can get it on Amazon used for pretty decent, and it is well worth your time and money if you are seriously pursuing a raw lifestyle.

  • Dorispin and Huong:

    I have found that transitioning properly is key. Part of that transition is preparation—having enough food on hand, having the right equipment, recipes, etc. Additionally, I feel that there is a mindset preparation; I needed to get rid of “diet” thoughts. I don’t think of this as a diet, but as a way to properly feed myself. I need to eat lots of food, more than on a SAD (Standard American Diet) to get the same amount of energy.

    It took me a couple tries to go 100% raw because I didn’t know what I didn’t know . . . I have to experience some things in order to learn how to overcome obstacles in the future. There is no failing, just preparation.

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