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  • interesting…. you know, I eat onions on practicall every salad I eat. I love ‘em. But, I’ve been getting heartburn every time I eat them! Now I see I see! lOl. Well onions are out! Thanks for the link el-bo!! :)

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    wow whoever typed up that info on that websites obviously doesnt know what they are talking about! Herbs dangerous ? that is just ridiculous! so herbs, garlic, and onions are dangerous but eating a high suagr diet isnt? How is that? 10 -20 bananas, which are one of the most genetically modified foods are safe to eat? hmmm dont see how. Enjoy everything that mother earth has to offer! The healthiest diet includes a variety of non-hybrid fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    i am pro-fruit and pro-herb. i don’t really see enough proof that onions are bad for you. just because we follow a non-conventional diet doesn’t mean we need to follow every bit of pseudo science out there.

  • humanimal…you must believe what you believe :o)

  • seizeseize Raw Newbie

    humanimal – go months w/o eating garlic/onions/herbs or any other type of condiment and then try to ingest them. I assure you they will be offensive; not only to your sense of smell but also taste. The body doesn’t want to ingest it. We simply force it down and our senses have been numbed due to years of eating it. It’s an interesting experiment and I’m confident you’d be quite intrigued at the result if you ever attempted to try it. Try meaning eat mostly fruit w/ greens/vegetables avoiding “flavor enhancing” condiments.

    If I was in the wild I can promise you I’d never sit down and eat a lb. of onions or garlic or herbs for that matter… and if I did I for sure know I wouldn’t feel satisfied inside. Therefore… is it really a food? =)

  • I think that raw onions and garlic are yummy. hmmm. Only in moderation though.

  • thecavsmanthecavsman Raw Newbie

    I will admit, after making veggie chili (against the 8-1-1 that I am loosely “following” now), that garlic and onions are not what they used to be before I went raw several months ago (haven’t been big on spices while raw). Onions and garlic feels funny in my esophagus during digestion. I also can no longer take a little bite out of garlic like I did when I was younger. It smells good though – I think that is what people like.

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    mmmm noone’s calling on my abundant coconut observation…lol.

    I agree with the onion, garlic thing…I am finding both much more objectionable…I suppose a tiny amount of green onion would fly still, but that’s it. In nature, I would certainly chew on a green onion leaf, or a mint leaf. But I wouldn’t sit down and eat a bowl full of either.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Fats and I do not get along. Not only do I feel heavy and sleep and bloated after I eat an overt fat, but I also seem to get depressed.

    Onions and garlic – nah, I’ll pass. :-) They make me stinky and my body seems to detox them as soon as they go in.

    I can do spring (the green) onions on limited basis.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I do not consider herbs condiments. I can most certainly sit down and eat leaves of basil or parsley. I have gone 2 years without consuming raw herbs as well as herbal teas and have not felt too great.I could go without garlic or onions, but not without herbs.Herbs like basil, parsley, oregano, thyme, all have a very pleasant smell and can be very nourishing. Go out in the wild and try to consume a high fruit diet as 8/1/1 suggests. Sorry to say but it would be very difficult! Bananas and many of the other hybrids fruits and vegetables do not grow in the wild because they have little or no seeds. So what would you be eating in the wild? Lots of leafy vegetables, herbs, and wild fruits such as berries. Of course you can not eat onions and garlic alone, but in small doses they can be very beneficial. There are toxins in these foods but they are not significant(unless you were eating say a bulb of garlic a day) All plants have natural toxins as a defense mechanism so it is not fair to criticize only garlic, onions, and herbs. Also try to eat 8/1/1 in areas of extreme cold climate. Near to impossible! That is why herbs, garlic, and onions were introduced. They can be very warming foods. I have a had a bad experience with eating a low fat diet during the winter time. I was constantly cold and would get sick quite frequently. Only after adding some herbal tea and a little more fat was I able to function normally. We also must realize that 8/1/1 enthusiasts live in warmer or even tropical climates where eating low fat and more fruits is possible.

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