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Water used to be simple, eh?

I drink water filtered water (pur water filter) from my tap to reduce my purchase of plastics and filter out some harmful substances, although it doesn’t filter out fluoride. I keep reading about all these crazy new forms of water like hexagonal, alkalized, ionized, ozonated, etc.

Do any of these actually benefit the body and has anyone noticed any differences drinking a certain type of water? Please enlighten me on this.



  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    I know what you mean! I just drink spring water and re use jugs, or fill up a big pitcher from my grandmas well water. The only special water I use is topically. electrolyzed oxidizing water. I use it on my kitties when they get conjunctivitis, scratches, excema, pimples, rodent ulcer, etc. It heals so much quicker than the antibiotic ointment the vet gives out. Usually for conjunctivitis it is gone the next day, versus a week on gooey ointment.

  • That sounds pretty interesting. Do you purchase the water or make it yourself? I’d really been interested in purchasing a reasonably priced tool for generating water like that.

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    the tool is veeeeerrrry expensive. I think in the thousands. I buy a spray bottle of it (pet store finally sells it. Earth’s balance puts it out… i only wish it came in a bigger bottle. it costs about $10, but lasts a long time. It’s good for people too~ I think some is even made for drinking, it has an alkaline effect on the body

  • Aw that’s too bad. I’ll do some research on this and see if I can find something that is reasonably priced.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I’m saving to get a Berkey water purifier. Right now all I have is a Brita filter. Not the greatest thing in the world, considering all the filth and chemicals it does NOT filter out, but better than nothing for right now.

  • I just bought a whole-house filtration system with ceramic filters (reusable so very cost effective!) from Doulton and also use a distiller. I have heard that distilled water is dead and although it is devoid of all viruses, chlorine, flouride etc., it has also been stripped of the minerals our bodies need. Now there are differing opinions on this, but some say the lack of minerals make distilled water acidifying. Any insights?

    I figure I will continue to use distilled water, that I attempt to remineralize with millet and dulse, sparingly and the rest of the time drink filtered water.

  • I’ve heard about distilled water being acidifying, and I believe it to be true. Most minerals are very alkalizing and help keep us properly hydrated. When you filter those out, you are left with a non-hydrating and acidic water. Dulse is definitely a good choice to add back some minerals. Also look into Himalayan pink salt. You can get 1lb of it pretty cheap at MountainRoseHerbs and it will last you for quite a long time. Angstrom minerals are supposed to be good too.

  • KevlarKevlar Raw Newbie

    I have a couple glass 5-gallon jugs, and I fill them at the reverse-osmosis/deionozation filtering machines they have at Whole Foods.

    With fluoride, lead, mercury, birth control pills and prescription medications in the water, buying it purified is absolutely necessary, in my opinion.

    Gabriel Cousens talks about how he “rebuilds” his distilled water with salt and Active-Ionic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOJxYRosPRU

    I need to start doing that.

    Also, TomsMom, I heard Berkey water filters don’t filter out fluoride, so I’d get distiller or reverse-osmosis system instead.

  • What about fresh spring water from a clean source? If accessible, that’s gotta be one of best ways to get your water, no?

  • KevlarKevlar Raw Newbie

    Yup, that’s the best, but you gotta find a clean source. Buying mineral water in the grocery store is prohibitively expensive.

  • KevlarKevlar Raw Newbie

    I’ve also been using a shower filter: http://www.waterproducts.com/0992-005.html

    I heard that you absorb more chemicals through your skin, in the shower, than you do from drinking the water. Of course, that could be BS, but it made sense to me.

  • I know this guy who owns a local raw vegan cafe and he was raving about his shower filter. I don’t own one at the moment, but I am looking to purchase one soon. One thing I have learned is that chlorine is much easier absorbed when it is breathed in (steam, hot showers).

    I’ve been noticing some great results from colder showers (better circulation and less breathing issues). I usually feel like crap if I take a hot shower nowadays. Cold showers alone provide great therapeutic benefits, so I’ll have to do a little test this once I get a shower filter.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    kevlar, hi. Well, the Berkey offers extra filters that will take out the fluoride, but they cost of course. It’s a better option for those who cannot install fancy and expensive reverse osmosis systems in their homes(rentals, for instance)

    I also prefer that my system not waste enormous amounts of water and flush the waste back into the water system for others to have to drink, like a reverse osmosis system does. (In addition the Berkey also does not take out all essential minerals like RO does).

    Don’t go by what you “hear”, because all these companies bad-mouth each other, you know what I mean?:-) Best to go to the source and read up.

  • KevlarKevlar Raw Newbie

    I guess when I said “heard” I meant “researched thoroughly,” and I’m not as concerned about fluoride as I am about Prozac and other pharmaceutical drugs. If it leaves minerals in, it probably leaves those in too.

    Wasted water? I waste a lot of water washing my car, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And I doubt the recontamination of the water supply is any greater than when you flush the toilet, but if you’re that worried about it, get a distiller.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    kevlar, “wasted water” is not as important as flushing poisons back into the main water supply, which was my issue, although I don’t believe we should be flippant about waste, either.(I am not saying you were flippant!) By “waste”, I don’t meant washing and bathing. I don’t consider that to be waste.

    Good point on the pharmaceuticals. The drugs in the water are good reasons to purify, I agree. I actually do not know how much a Berkey purifier can handle in the way of pharmaceutical; I need to check into that. Just my feelings, RO is not the best option.

  • You guys wanna blow up some pharmaceutical companies?

  • KevlarKevlar Raw Newbie

    The way I see it, the poisons can either go through you and into the toilet, or they can go down the drain.

    I’d rather see them go down the drain. ;-)

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    James; I’d love to!

    Kevlar: good point again, haha

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    just a thought since i read an article in this month’s nexus about the misunderstandings about “alkaline water”

    water doesn’t have a fixed state and Ph only applies to substances that have a “natural” state… water is constantly changing… and the article even said that ionized water was not a great idea.

    here are my two cents: i filter my water and then usually place half a piece of fruit in a magic bullet container with a few ice cubes and whir. this seems to be far more hydrating than any of the other options i’ve tried and agonized over… another good idea while cucumbers are in season is to drink cucumber juice.

    basically, the only water i trust is the kind filtered by plants… BUT if i’m thirsty (which i rarely am… RAW VEGANS shouldn’t really get dehydrated unless you’re eating a lot of fats, salts and/or dehydrated foods, right?) i’ve given up worrying about it…

    i wouldn’t make a diet out of tap water, but if it’s the only thing available… i mean, the air we breathe is food too, and that has plenty of pollutants we force our bodies to deal with. we don’t live in a clean world, but we do the best we can.

    other oxygenating ideas: breething deeply (so, not worrying), and lots of greens.

  • Definitely some good info there pianissima. I have researched a little bit about alkaline water and came to similar conclusions. Natural spring water should usually be at least slightly alkaline. Using a device to change the pH balance wouldn’t have a good effect on the body unless it is adding minerals (there are much cheaper methods). I don’t know much about ionized water, but I’m sure that wouldn’t be of much benefit either.

    Ozonated water is said to be excellent at killing infections and very energizing among other things. That’s likely to be true since it contains drinkable oxygen.. I’m sure that food grade h2o2 would be just as effective at killing external infections, but has a high risk of damaging the body internally. As far as the energy goes, there are other more natural ways of increasing your oxygen intake as pianissima has said (hiking, rebounding, etc).

    Cucumber juice is a great, but don’t forget about coconut water! I used to drink that and cactus juice all the time when I lived in California. Both are excellent for hydration. I ate steamed cactus too in some mexican dishes (mmmm), but I’m sure you can eat it raw as well!

  • What about well water that is run through a water softner?

  • I don’t know anything about that, but my raw miso has deep well water listed as the first ingredient… ancient Chinese secret?

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    I think water PH is changing all over. Years ago the soap which we used would not curdle in our water. Now the same soap and other soaps which my DH uses curdle. Meaning soft water should not curdle, hard water will with some soaps. We use creek water with a light and filter. Plus, I distill mine.

    We bought a well known brand, new kitchen sink faucet. The information said the welding had lead in it, and to let the cold water run a bit before drinking. Hot water should not be used for drinking. Now isn't that interesting!!
  • I try to follow these myself, but whether they are completely true or not…?

    • Warm water is more hydrating than cold water, because it is closer to our natural body temperature.
    • Drinking cold water expends more of our energy, because the body has to work harder to maintain internal temperature.
    • Drinking anything within 2hrs of a meal can inhibit digestion.
  • I’m following Gabriel Cousens’ advice right on. I own a Waterwise distiller and then I revive the distilled water with a bit of Himalaya salt and freshly squeezed lemon juice. I keep my water in glass bottles only and recently noticed that I don’t like drinking cold water anymore. I’m also planning on putting some gems that I select intuitively into the water. I decided to have a basket of gems so my guests can pick the gem they feel closest to and thus I can provide them with a personalised water in my house.

    Masaru Emoto is a famous water researcher and wrote a couple of very interesting books on water. I plan on trying to put other information into my water just as he did it, he wrote words on water which seemed to transform into the water.

    Also, the Silva Mind Method teaches techniques to energetize and put information into water. So there’s lots of interesting information out there. My raw food teacher told me it all starts with good quality water.

    Right now I’m looking for a good quality shower filter, the water is very bad in Belgium. Let me know if you know any.

  • ZanzibarrrZanzibarrr Raw Newbie

    Springfairy :) I guess it probably is the best option. I put a crystal in the water, in a glass jar and add detoxified iodine, himalayan salt, baking soda and lemon too :) It’s lovely the idea of choosing the gem. I also add joel Ducatillon’s diamond water :) Well you have to believe in 5th dimension water, and… I do… I’m also thinking of using maybe one of Johannes Grander’s appliance…

  • Kevyn, no smileys :) my name means springfairy. Any idea where to buy the detoxified iodine? and could you maybe write a bit more on Ducatillon’s diamond water and what is this Grander appliance including your experiences?

  • ZanzibarrrZanzibarrr Raw Newbie

    hello springy :) the detoxified iodine I buy is extracted from edible seaweed, it is not iodine like the antiseptic or iodine trichloride, it helps in cases of hypothyroidism, it’s antimicrobial too and it regulates the entire glandular system. The one I get is from Phil Thomas , he makes it according to Cayce’s readings, electromagnetically transmuted ( suspended in a wet bath with an acid solution etc) into atomic state. JOel Ducatillon, I wrote quickly about him because I thought you probably knew him, living in Belgium. He is pretty well known to the holistic health people in France or Switzerland, but then, well, we’re leaving the healthy raw food world to go into something different. Let’s say he claims he has kind of coded DNA of light from the water and that it works with the power of intention. It’s called Steel Storm Staehle. There would be a lot to say about pyramidal memories etc… but here is the link to his free ebook in english.I have to say I feel very close to him and the way he sees the world. http://www.pyramidal-memories-transmutation.com…

    JOhannes Grander… it’s all about resonance etc, I think the best is to direct you to a youtube vid… http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=PIuCcJHcc4M

    And if you don’t know him there is also Daniel Vitalis, doing his vortexes, you can look him up on youtube too, http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=Bi_3T8gn3HY&featu… :)

  • Kevyn, many thanks for all this, I’ll check everything out!

  • KrystaleKrystale Raw Newbie

    Several things… Bottled water is now required by law to be chlorinated for safety. Water that’s been “run through a softener” hasn’t “run through” it’s had chemicals added. That’s what those pellets are. That wasn’t my area, so I don’t know exactally how it works. There is a filtration system available at Home Depot called Zero Water, I was a distributer for a short time and saw their confidential papers and consulted a state water tech, it seemed solid and I accepted a system when I left them. It removes everything except bacteria. Gets it to H2O. It runs about $90 for the start up, it sets on a water cooler, but I recommend the glass carafe they make to go with it for $20. The filters run $60, but that’ll refill it twice, and you can order bulk directly from the company. It’s so clean if you put it in cheap plastic or a cooler it picks up their tastes and probally leeches styrenes faster. My kombucha loves it, and it gets more flavor than you’ve imagined possible out of your tea bags. If you want minerals eat some seaweed and more fruits and veggies. Use it to make your miso. Spring water that’s been checked is best and doesn’t need filtering. Well water that’s been checked is next, the only problem is it HAS to be checked, it could have been drilled next to a mineral deposit or it could contain toxins washed into it’s direction by rain and the natural underground flow of water. If it’s just chlorine you’re concerned about boil your water for 5 min. With regard to showering, your skin will absorb more of the chemicals out of water than your digestion yes, but only on a cup per cup basis, like say, you took a bath over a shower. However, if you’ve joined the soapless showering revolution you’ll absorb FAR less because you’re not loosing your protective layer of oils, just your dirt.

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