How to preserve apples

I have two apple trees full of apples. I want to preserve them but I’m not sure on the best way. My initial thoughts are to peel them, process in the food processor into applesauce, add a bit of lemon and then freeze them. I have a dehydrator but I’m not sure how long dehydrated apples would last. Any ideas?


  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    That’s exactly how I made applesauce this year. I didn’t even bother to peel them – because I was so excited to make applesauce with apples from our own teeny tree that I forgot!

    I don’t see why it wouldn’t freeze, but it may separate or discolor a bit. If you have a popsicle mold, that would be fun too.

    Most old wives’ tales say that dehydrated foods last until the next crop. (Those old wives were pretty smart.) Can’t help with that, though.

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    I would definitely dehydrate them. Toss them in lemon juice first.

  • I have 5 apple trees of old types on the property and I planned on deydrating some and juicing the rest, freezing and then using them to put in smoothies. I don’t see why you could not make applesauce and freeze it too. I have dehydrated apples and they turned out nice but something I only eat on the road or once in awhile. This year it won’t happen though because we had a freak late freeze and it froze every kind of fruit in our area. :-(

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