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Raw and traveling to NY

I’ll be flying out to NY this coming weekend for a business trip. Do you guys know of any great recipes that I can bring with me on the trip, that will keep. We do plan on packing a freezer bag in our check bag for our raw meals.

Would it be a good idea to freeze smoothies? Soups would be good right?

I also can’t see to find the thread that reviews NY restaurants and cafes. Anyone?

(edit: found it: http://www.goneraw.com/forums/4/topics/4483 ;)

Thanks in advance!


  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Oh my gosh, your so lucky! I would go to Pure Food and Wine…. Anything i make by matt and sarma is awesome! http://purefoodandwine.com/firstcourse.html http://www.raw-q.com/ http://www.bluegreenjuice.com/ http://www.candlecafe.com/menu.html http://www.caravanofdreams.net/ http://www.counternyc.com/home.html

    I hope these help :)

  • Oh right on! Sweet! Yea, I’ll definitely check that place out. I just got their book a few weeks ago. Thanks!!!!

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    I just took a flight to the east coast. In my suitcase I packed several raw crackers and a pack of almonds. In my carry-on I packed some crackers, lots of celery and carrots, peaches, and some seed cheese. I haven’t figured out anything else that will keep better since freezer packs aren’t allowed. I did freeze the seed cheese so it would be cool when I ate it. You could pack some frozen fruit in with the meal to keep it cold. Since flights are so tight and I tend to nibble rather than have a meal, I find nibbly food works best for me. I would not do smoothies or soups due to the spillage issues.

    As far as NYC, you are in a great place! Do not worry about being able to find raw food there! Buy fruit, and go to Bonobo’s (worth the trip!). I hope you have a fridge in your hotel.

  • To New Yorkers on this thread -

    I will be visiting NYC in 4 weeks time, travelling all the way from Asia.

    1)Which farmers market and raw vegan grocery stores (besides Whole Foods) would you recommend I visit?

    2)Where can I get raw or healthy vegan breakfast? I will be staying around West 43rd near Times Square.


  • As Carrie said, Pure Food and Wine is amazing but quite expensive. Last night I had dinner with a friend at Angelica Kitchen on E. 12 between 1st and 2nd. It is, I think, 100% vegan but they also had one raw entree (thai me up – amazing!). I highly recommend it!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i was actually seriously disappointed with angelica kitchen. the portions are TEENSY none of the “raw” dishes are even actually raw (they all have either nama shoyu or cashews in them). MUCH better value at pure food… THOUGh, my ideal meal would be dinner at Bonobo’s (which has excellent and inexpensive raw pates, salad bar, crackers, etc…) then dessert at pure food. they are pretty close by anyway.

    why not just stop by the union square market and stock up on produce? or go every day it’s open… or go to a grocery store every time you are hungry? i think being raw really simplifies the meal thing when traveling. for me at least…

    hope you enjoy your trip.

  • Like Pianissima, not into Angelica’s. What about Caravan of Dreams on E. 6th between 1st ave & ave A? That place is great.

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