fermented nut cheeses?

chicorychicory Raw Newbie

okay, maybe I’m just being paranoid here, but is there any risk of food poisoning when eating fermented nut cheese, sour cream, etc? I would like to try some of the recipes in section (with probiotic starter) but am a little nervous. How to tell if it is okay to eat or not when finished? Is it really obvious if it has gone bad? ALso, does it matter what type of probiotic i use? thanks!


  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    chicory – There is no risk of food poisoning that I know of. What is ok to eat – if it has the desired result – sour for the sour cream, tangy for the cheezes – than you are good to eat.

    Normally probiotic fermented foods last a long time – just make sure you keep them in the frig. They will change tastes as times goes on. If you see any weird fuzz or mold you should discard them to be on the safe side. If the smell goes off or just smells or tastes bad to you, you can discard too. This doesn’t necesssary mean that the items have gone bad but if it is not desirable to you you are probably not going to eat it anyhow so better to start over with a fresh batch.

    You can actually keep a little bit of a fermented recipe to start your next one if you want. I like to do mine fresh so I normally don’t do that. My bf will keep the bits for a looong time – one he kept for a year and it was still good. It depends on what is in it too whether or not it will keep that long.

    Keep in mind that things like aged cheezes are often sitting around for months or years. Same with wine. People don’t usually worry about eating those things and they are not alive and raw.

    For the probiotic, I use Power Dophilus for all my sour creams, cream cheezes and nut cheezes. The brand is Country Life.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    do you need to eat fermented foods for some reason? i only ask because i used to think you had to ferment the “cheezes,” but you can actually make some delicious ones just by blending seeds with some lemon and spring onions and salt… chili, pepper, juniper, and many more seasoning options.

    also, you can add a little unpasteurized apple cider vinegar to add a fermented taste, without all the trouble.

    i have a recipe for cream cheese if you click my profile. for some reason the seaweed water really helps.

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    don’t need fermented. Just sounded kind of fun to make~ like a science project!

  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie

    Ilove fermented foods and I have consumed and made them without ever getting sick. There is alot of fear of fermented food in our society but that is mainly due to lack of info. Infact, almost everyone on in western society consumes some form of fermented foods: tea and chocolate are bot ferments.

    There are cases of people getting very ill from making ther own preseves at home but that is almost always due to two things. 1. The food is cooked and spoils easily. 2. The foods are preverved in a vaccuum environment which allows botulism to survive.

    You should have no fear of fermented foods. If you wwant to learn more a great resource is a book called wild fermentation.


  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    chicory – it is sort of like science experiment! It is fun!

    For me, adding things like lemon or acv to make my stuff sour just didn’t cut it. The probiotic works so much better in my opinion. I tried the sour cream with just lemon or acv to make it sour – yuck – didn’t work for me. Then I did the probiotic – WOW! I have made the probiotic sour cream (under my recipes) for people and they say it tastes like like dairy sour cream and love it. For myself, I tend to get stomach issues so the probiotic in my food is an added benefit.

    There is some talk about fermented foods helping with our health so I don’t know why people would think they were a bad thing to eat. I think it is the whole idea of something sitting around for a while or something – they think “Old food is spoiled food”. Not so with fermented foods.

    I have even read some reports on how they think if they fed feremented foods to birds they could get rid of the Bird flu. I think there is something we need in fermented foods that we can’t always get in other ways.

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