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Zeitgeist the Movie

Has anyone watched this yet?

What are your thoughts?

Being an athiest, conspiracy theorist, government hater I thought I had a grip on most of what was said in the movie, but some of it just absolutely blew my mind!


  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie

    I watched that movie with one of my “normal” friends. The funniest part for me was seeing her reactions. I was already familiar with most of those versions of what is happening in the world.

    The one thing I didn’t like was the first part. I don’t really see the point in attempting to prove/disprove deeply personal beliefs like religion. It seemed like the film maker had a beef with Christianity and wanted to get it out. The parallels to astrology were really intertesing but I don’t think they contributed much to the other two parts.

    If you like “conspiracy theories” (I don’t like the term. The bogus we are being fed are the real conspiracies!) check out Alex Jones on youtube. Here’s some other cool things to read up on:

    Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, The Order of Death,


  • I thought this movie was great. Pretty much a lot of the stuff in it seems true. Typical governmental bullshit. The more you learn the less you trust that we do live in a free country.

  • I watched this whole entire movie in awe. I’m talking wide-eyes, jaw hanging open . Not like anything they said never crossed my mind, but just the way they lay out all these lies amazed me. I told everyone I know to watch it. Even if you don’t believe any of their theories, you should at least see it to open your mind and become aware.

  • I thought it was great. George Carlin has a way of explaining things that just makes you pay attention regardless of the subject matter. I felt naive after watching it – for not seeing things that clearly myself.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    NAGEV I don’t think the narrator’s comments on religion were intended to express a beef with christians, although since the topic was religion, I am sure most people who identify themselves as christians would feel that way.

    Keep in mind, the movie was directed at Americans and most of them identify themselves as christians. The purpose of the movie is to make people understand that many of things they have been taught to believe are true have been orchestrated. Most christians are shocked to discover that there are documented archetypes throughout history and different cultures of the sun god, which, like it not, means the story of Jesus is not unique. Religion, by its very definition, is something that you take on faith and most are unwilling to consider facts that are not in line with their religious beliefs. Given that, what topic would be more appropriate to begin an analysis of “false realities” than to have someone confront facts that would cause them to question a belief system that is not to be questioned?

    I don’t remember all the topics dealt with in the movie as it has been some time since I watched it. I remember the representations regarding the Federal Reserve and I personally believe it is spot on. This also reminds me during the beginning of the current Iraq war how every time any of the issues regarding the war incurred the smallest public discussion, the White House would raise the terror meter and then meaningful examination never took place. That was so obvious you would have to be blind, or just terrorized as intended, to not see it. Now who is it we called “Terrorist?”

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    jkd_soccer801 thanks for posting this.
    I had suspected 911 was an inside job, still it is extremely disturbing to see it laid out so plainly.
    I wish the rest of the country realized this.
    The fact that Cheney & Bush have not been impeached is just baffling.
    Can’t understand HOW they sleep at night.

  • iknikn

    I’m interested in watching this movie. Where can I get it?

  • heyenglishheyenglish Raw Newbie

    I really enjoyed watching this movie. Although, with my parents and the friends I keep, I generally just keep my opinions to myself. My thinking is already too “radical”, especially now that I’m embracing the raw lifestyle. It gets kinda frustrating whenever I bring up things like 911 being an inside job, and my dad just turns around and tells me not to believe everything I see. He watches FOX News every night!!! He’s one to talk. Grrrrrr.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    ikn you can watch it online:
    it’s about 2 hours long. There is no image for the first few minutes, just talking, but then the image appears too…

  • iknikn

    thanks greenghost!

  • i am sorry but I don’t think I believe that our own government committed those particular acts of terror on its own people…also what about bin laden?This being said I must admit I have yet to see this movie but will be adding it to my list of must sees. I do believe in looking at all the views of people.

  • Whether or not our own government actually committed those crimes, they definately committed a crime by covering it up, not telling us the whole truth right away and still not telling us the whole truth about it after PROOF has shown that they lied to us, and then leading a whole country to believe they need to fight TWO illegal wars against Iraq and Afganistan, when it has also been proved these countries had nothing to do with it, especially Iraq.

    Like was said above by meditating, “The purpose of the movie is to make people understand that many things they have been taught to believe are true have been orchestrated.”


  • I saw this at a subversive film festival with my 14 year old daughter. It was certainly a big smack of reality for her!!!

    I think she finally got a glimmer of realization that I’m not totally crazy – other people mistrust the govenment and socially manipulative religious institutions as well.

    Then I told her that just because this movie said things doesn’t make those things true either. You have to research and THINK and decide for yourself.

    The heavy handed “throw the baby out with the bathwater” concept of dismissing spirituality simply because organized religions can be (and certainly are) used for social manipulation was a disservice to the film, IMHO. While there was passing mention of how Abrahamic religions separate individuals from their interconnection with nature, that was the only positive reference I heard to any sort of spirituality. (Positive reference to Paganism). Other than that, the message I heard is that Christianity is “just” an overblown and misinterpreted Pagan story. While this may be factually well supported, it is not an argument that successfully discredits some people’s choice of connection to divinity.

    Before the backlash begins, let me just state for the record that my spiritual beliefs are Pagan.

    Unless the film was simply “preaching to the choir”, you can’t open with that harsh of an attack and expect to convince or persuade. My husband is much more aligned with Christianity than I am and he was turned off by Part I and did not watch the rest of the film as a result.

  • heathermarsbombheathermarsbomb Raw Newbie

    its a great film! Ive turned a lot of people on to it. Spread the word!! The truth will come to light…

  • its a great film to introduce people to alternate views of how the world is run. i would recommend that people look into the works of David Icke, Jim Marrs, Michael Tsarion, Richard Hoagland.

    and if you want to go down the rabbit hole on the 9-11 topic, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqEpuTGc98s

    jenoz – glad to hear that it goes both ways – not just parents who think their children are crazy :)

  • Wow! I have been looking for this info. on this movie! Thanks. Zeitgeist means the spirit of the age. They sure did name this movie correctly!!!!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    EMMIE 21 I can understand your skepticism and I am not sure I buy into ALL the theories offered regarding our government’s involvement in 911. Having said that, there is sound physical science presented by some prestigous experts who have put their reputations at risk by standing up and stating the government’s explanation is not possible. Furthermore, the government is hampering the ability of the 911 victims’ families who did not take the settlement offer, which was trotted out very quickly and took away their right to private inquiry into the matter. Why would our government do that to these people?

    I have real problems with what happened to building #7 and have discussed it with an architect/client of mine who specializes in high-rises. He watched some of the presentations by experts who disagree with the government’s explanation and, as a result, he thinks something is wrong too.

    When I first heard the US Supreme Court appointed Bush as president, I told my son, who was actually thinking of going into the army, that a war was coming but it was the only thing that would unify the public behind a president that so many believed to be illegitimate. Remember the ongoing public comments made about him that disappeared the moment 911 happened? You have to wonder, especially when you stop and recall all the horrible things the US has done to its own people which were revealed long after the fact.

  • For those of you who liked “Zeitgeist.” Similar… but then even better. Wish everyone could watch this! This documentary actually offers a powerful and positive solution to what is happening/has happened. Some people may find some parts hard to watch or consider, but keep watching. Powerfull stuff and the ultimate end message may surprise you.

    “Esoteric Agenda” http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-603044…

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