Raw White Chocolate

kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

I bought the raw cacoa (called raw white chocolate) from matt monanarch’s site.. it comes in a big block like sad chocolate.. and I want to know what to do with it! anyone has recipes? I’ve used the stuff that’s less solid and whipped it into chocolate like things, but this is so solid I feel like I need to melt, then add something sweet? I don’t know..


  • kminty3, try to put it in the dehydrator, so it softens/melts. You can sweeten it with agave, raw honey, figs, dates etc. can add cinnamon, mint, vanilla, even edible flowers (I have some dried that I rehydrate and blend). I’m researching now if some essential oils could be added for taste as well. You can make cream out of it if you dilute it, or bonbons, balls. The variations are endless. My favorite chocolate is with spicy paprika. I must say though that I’m in your shoes, when making chocolate the proportions are very important and I can’t seem to find recipes either. Sometimes my attempts fail and I can throw away expensive ingredients.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    You can try my white hot chocolate on this site. You just need a high speed blender that will heat it up enough to melt the raw cacao.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    White chocolate is the cacao butter – it is part of the bean. There are no other ingredients in it.

    Sacred Chocolate now has a White chocolate bar. I can’t wait to try it.

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