Food Combining Dilemma

Hi Everyone! I am very excited to announce that I now have a dehydrator. I think it might be a million years old, but it will work. My first goal was to create something I could dip into guacamole. I understand that avocados do not combine well with seeds and it seems that all the cracker and bread recipes I can find contain nuts or seeds. Does anyone have any suggestions for a cracker/bread/tortilla recipe that combines well with avocados?


  • Buckwheat would work, since it’s a fruit as well.

  • ZanzibarrrZanzibarrr Raw Newbie

    Yes, that’s interesting. I have been reading things on fruits and nuts for the last months and I still don’t get what the difference is. There’s a single seed fused with the ovary in case of nuts but then what, so a nut is a fruit…

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