hubby is getting too skinny...

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Hey, we are on 75 to 80% raw food besides being vegan. It is working very well for us, better digestion, shedding some pounds, just feeling better overall, spiritual, deeply connected. I do incorporate a lot of different foods to keep it interesting and diverse but need some suggestions, input on different body types…

I am fine loosing some more and am an easy keeper ;)) my husband is 5’11 and right now at only 150 pounds… a bit on the low side… he is jokingly stating that this is his ‘Ghandi figure’... He only needs some stress and a lot of work which we have right now with harvest time and he looses weight… and living food just gets faster through your body anyway… so any ideas how to fatten him up a bit ;) ??



  • Hi Beate! I try not to answer questions when I don’t know the answers. I’m not saying I know the answer to your question, but I personally had the same problem (just one upped your hubby, thats all). I’m 6’1 and 148 lbs. I get a lot of flak for being so skinny. I was SAD, 203lbs in November. So I too, lost a lot of weight, and quickly.

    It’s tough to answer your question with so little details. What does your husband eat? What is his activity level? What is his BMR ? Have you checked out his BMI yet?

    You have to remember, a lot of weight us raw foodies lose are due to water weight. Cooked fooders tend to hold onto ALOT of water. I’ve been told that if I was not raw, I would way 160lbs. I would also have the same figure. So don’t be too alarmed. I also lost ALOT of weight due to the fact that I was eating so many greens. There easy to eat, and easy to prepare. I was doing a lot of salads. What I didn’t know, is how little calories those salads had. I was getting full, but I was not getting nearly enough calories as my body needed. I also saw a nutritionist and he put me on this diet that consisted of 3,400 calories. He had the right idea, but not the right plan. He bulked me up in raw oils, nut butters, avocados, breads, and what not. My diet consisted of 80% calories from fat; which is rediculous! My body also did not like that, so I stopped. I’m now doing the whole 80/10/10 scheme, with my calories ranging anywhere from 3k-4k a day. I eat a whole lot of fruit, and minimal nuts. That’s just me though. There’s no need to do it my way, I just feel thats what works for my body.

    I also feel as if losing all that weight was great for me. It allowed me to get rid of most of my “toxic” weight. Now I can start from scratch. I excercise daily, building all of my weight in muscle. (Which is why I eat so many calories.) I would suggest getting on a plan like Nutridiary. It’s great for watching what you eat, your nutrition, including calories, fiber, iron, calcium, etc

    Well good luck, I hope my long babble helped you out!

    EDIT: I’m now 151 lbs. I’ve put on about a pound a week. Which is fast, but I’m exercising tremendously. I also have a raw friend who is my height, at 120lbs. He says he’s never felt healthier in his life. He likes a low calorie diet, it’s the “only proven way to longevity”. Different strokes for different folks!

  • TreeOfLife-that is an incredible amount of weight you lost! I agree that water weight has a lot to do with people who are mostly raw weighing less-I am 6’1” also and my healthy weight when I was cooked vegan was 200lbs, now it’s more like 180—I had not considered the water retention factor and definitely think that it plays a big role. Before, if I had weighed 180 I would have been too skinny. Now, that is definitely where I feel comfortable and healthy.

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    Hi Jason, TreeofLife :) Thanks so much for your great input and sharing your story! I gave me some great ideas and also browsing around on the forum for more info and what was already written about this topic.

    I will just have to experiment with my husband and give him more meals throughout the day, bananas, nuts, avocados, oils, sprouted grains etc. He never was heavy but even so he is the weight he is right now, he never looked better to me ;)) very healthy and vital, good figure, just has to do more toning… which is a time issue during the summer on a farm… but he is outdoors a lot because of that.

    He is 51 and you would never guess… ;)) I cant post a photo here but if you like I can send you one, just write me an e-mail :)

    Anyway, enough bragging about my husband ;)))

    I will do my best to feed him well and let you know how we are doing. All the best to you as well, Jason.

  • I’m 35, 5’9”, Weight varies between 120 to 125 lbs

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    Hey Gangadhar, thanks for sharing! Thats good news :) I will see that I can keep Paul where he is right now with his weight and maybe even a bit more up…

    Thanks all for your great input!


    Tree! Listen to tree of life. He said almost exactly what I was going to say.

    Check is RMR and BMR.

    In high school I was way skinny and on the vegan diet I packed on to 210 lbs. (Thats a healthy weight range for my heigh, 6 foot 8). I went raw and dropped to 175… Now im back up to appx 200 and I have a goal of getting to 210 again with raw foods.

    Doing it the healthy way, you want to count his calories and make sure he is lifting weights or doing body weight exercises.

    There are TONS of topics already about this. Ill post some on here :)

  • Hi beate64, I’m an Indian and you’ve take into consideration that most of us have smaller frames and usually less weight. If I compare with my friends of my age, I’m only short by 15-20 lbs.

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