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Desperate cravings - especially for buffalo wings :-(


Well. Here is my tale: basically I’ve been 100% raw for almost 9 months, started eating predominantly fruit for 5 of those months, have been either juice or water fasting for the past month…now I’m tired of fasting and trying to return to my regular eating of fruit, but find that I have SAD cravings BIG TIME!!

Especially for buffalo wings – which bugs me as I am VEGAN and I haven’t touched meat since I watched ‘Meet Your Meat’ at the same time I went raw…

I’m just craving buffalo wings so bad but I am a fruit eater…I’m unsure of how to go about satisfying this craving without amping up the fat…fatty foods make me sick – even nuts or olive oil.

I could probably handle a small amount of fat, but it’s just frustrating to expect to return to fruit peacefully like I was doing, and keep getting hit with SAD cravings…for buffalo wings! It’s the TASTE I miss…

Anyway to replicate the taste? I just keep shoveling the fruit in, but seriously…it’s not helping the cravings I’m having for that buffalo-crunchy-taste…


  • Oh Moth you poor thing~ There is a recipe on this site called something like buffalo wings, I’ll see if I can find it for you… So glad I never developed a taste for this item… LOL I’ve been lucky, since I went raw last Sept, I haven’t had but one craving, Chocolate which is easily fixed…

  • Can’t find it but I know it is here… The recipe owner knows what it is called and will help find it… Can anyone help Moth???

    Green smoothies will help to ease a craving until we locate it…

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    It’s so weird…fasting seems to really bring out cravings in me. I haven’t really craved much at all, until recently. I think it’s because my body was digesting the fat cells developed from certain foods, so when it “comes through” again, I experience the ‘wanting’ of it again, or something…

    Or something! One thing is for sure: it’s not just buffalo wings…I saw some old baked bread in the fridge from my roomie and it took an act of supreme willpower not to tear open that bag and devour it. I went for fruit instead, but it was too close for comfort.

    That’s actually why I had to stop fasting…I was getting freaked out by all the cravings for stuff I haven’t eaten in so long.

    Part of me thinks I just need to go to raw vegan restaurant and have some gourmet raw; like maybe that’ll nip the cravings in the bud.

    Thanks for the empathy!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Green smoothies surely do help cravings, however I do not have any equipment to make a smoothie…no food processor or blender.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Greens in any form seem to help get rid of cravings, because they have so many nutrients – how about huge salads with blended tomatoes (add a tiny anount of oil & salt if you want) for a dressing? I was only able to quit eating meat when I started eating A LOT more greens than I had previously eaten. Now, I don’t even want it – funny, since even eating high raw my body seemed to want meat – that is, until I introduced it to lots & lots of greens. Now that it has the choice, it asks for greens. :) Also, can you eat avocados or coconut oil or young coconuts? Those are fat sources that people often seem to digest better than nuts or olive oil, if it’s fat you’re missing…I feel for ya!

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    tomatoes have that umami factor. They have a savory richness that is reminiscent of meat. Maybe a tomato salad with sea salt, oregano, basil, and just a tad of olive oil or diced avocado? what helps my craving is diced tomato, diced avocado, and a squirt of lime juice.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Since you have been fasting, your body could be depleted of certain nutrients. What does bread and meat have in common? I would say protien, but is there something else? Your body knows what it needs it is trying to tell you.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Thanks guys…I LOVE the support here! It was very unnerving for me to be hit so hard with these cravings after fasting and expecting to love my fruitiness again…

    I dig the greens idea – I just had a romaine salad with some chopped tomato/cucumber/dates, drizzled in grapefruit juice and cayenne.

    It really helped!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    And yeah, I’m going to watch Meet your Meat again. It’ll be really awful and rough. But I need to see where the “wings” come from.

  • MOTH, I totally understand… especially because I still have to cook and serve (and clean up the left-overs ) of my daughters cooked vegan meals… and especially her baguettes have smelled so good I had trouble not eating some.

    What helped me the other day was to make guacamole, if you can handle some avocado. I made a salad with just lettuce, sliced heirloom tomato, and a little bit of guacamole as dressing and it was hearty and yummy and satisfied my cravings.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Moth~ Be kind to yourself. View or listen to stuff that is inspiring, uplifting, fun. Now is the time to comfort your body and mind not challenge it with stressful input.

  • I would eat some gourmet raw or something spicy.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Thanks bluedolfin – And everyone! I decided not to watch the MyM vid again…it’s freaking gross. lol.

    I’m focusing on the fact that eating fruit whole (especially golden kiwi) is like suckling on Mother Nature’s breast…I have been eating very slowly and savoring.

    The spicy greens in salad with tomatoes are definitely helping me out.

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    My thought is to try looking through a raw uncook book, just flick through, and anything you like the look of, make it. either that or as superfood suggests gourmet raw / spicy.

  • from my experience, even remotely trying to satisfy a craving for something that bad for you is not a good idea.. better to be mindful and aware of the desire and just separate yourself from it. realize that you are not your cravings and let it pass. i’m afraid to sound like a stupid hypocrite, since i have spent the last month eating horrible things and feeling horrible, BUT i know that if i had done this in the first place it would’ve been ok. i totally sympathize. green smoothies! salad! TONS OF WATER. <3>

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Thanks girl! I have been loading up on the greens for a day now; making sure they are very savory. And I’ve been very satisfied. I was craving savory; not necessarily the wings, haha.

    phew Disaster averted! Now I know for future reference if I have SAD cravings to eat greens.

  • Ive heard that when you crave something during a cleanse its b/c thats whats being cleansed out of your system. So your body may be dealing with the ‘ghost-of-buffalo-wings-past’, so to speak. In past cleanses Ive craved bbq ribs and tuna salad sandwiches. Neither of which I was big on even as a SAD eater- but i think my body was finally getting rid of them. Hopefully your fast will help you release the past ghosts :)

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    This may sound horrible but when I make my husband buffalo wings(his favorite food unfortunately) I always get a terrible craving for them and so instead of eating chicken I dip a slice or two of tomatoes in the sauce(I know, I know) and it satisfies me.

    I probably shouldn’t do that but having a tad bit of the sauce is waaay better than eating a chicken wing.

    MOTH-I’m on day four of my water fast and I’m doing it til Saturday. You inspired me to do it because I’ve wanted/needed to for a while and when I saw that you were starting one I decided to take the plunge. Thanks.

  • Oh Gosh! I have been there so many times. I find that avacadoes do the trick for me. If not for you, then I’d go with the gourmet thing if you are lucky enough to live near a raw restaurant or a restaurant with a raw dish on the menu. I live NO WHERE even remotely close to a raw restaurant, so I have been attempting the dishes in Raw Food Real World recipe book. And yeah, watching Meet Your Meat, should definately get rid of those cravings. I didnt eat for a week after watching it!

  • Moth- sorry I did not see this earlier. I constantly crave buffalo wings. I have not found an entirely raw sub for it (im too lazy to make the sauce). But here is what I do. I smother mini carrots or carrot pulp or carrots shredded in Franks Red Hot and then sprinkle on some nutritional yeast. It calms my wing craving.

    Franks red hot is vinegar, cayanne, garlic and salt. I am sure you could make that mostly raw.

    My partner came up with great buffalo burgers. I think she used carrot pulp or shreeded carrots, some flax, and Red Hot- oh and nut. yeast. Then made mini patties and dehydrated them. They were so good. I smothered more Red Hot sauce on them- yummy!!!

    I hope this helps

  • I think tomorrow I will be experimenting with soaked/ sprouted chick peas (garbanzo), carrot pulp and red hot to make buffalo burgers.

  • Try adding a little cayenne pepper (spice in the buffalo sauce) to a salad or a savory smoothy. Good luck!!! I loved buffalo wings as well.

  • StrongAndRawStrongAndRaw Raw Newbie

    Okay! Boy, do I have a recipe for you!

    This recipe is from snowdrop on Raw Food Talk. It is called Sesame "Chicken". You could make the "Chicken" and then cover them with a buffalo type sauce instead of the "Sweet & Sour Sesame Sauce". I have the picture of this recipe, but it wouldn't copy into this forum. It looks amazing, though, and as you can see from the comments on RFT many have loved it! Good luck!

    Link: http://www.rawfoodtalk.com/showthread.php?t=34260

  • StrongAndRawStrongAndRaw Raw Newbie

    There is a picture on her blog. It is not the picture that I have from RFT, but it does show the "Chicken".


  • ajchanterajchanter Raw Newbie

    How about avocados?

    They go wonderfully with greens, too!

    And they're still a fruit! (;

  • The recipe with the mung beans did not work out so well. The hardley sprouted mung beans added too much of a green flavor. It was better after a bit of dehydrating, but not worth posting it.

    I will keep working on it.

  • AziahAziah Raw Newbie

    I know this post is really old to help Moth...but to help others my suggestion is that what she was craving wasn't meat (afterall, she specifically said BUFFALO wings...not just chicken) but rather a combo of fat, vinegar, and hot peppers. I'm not real good at think of any recipes off the top of my head but maybe if you can make a sauce from avocado and/or olive oil, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, salt (and maybe some honey or agave) and marinate some portabello mushrooms in it and eat that on some raw bread like a sandwich with lettuce/tomato and more sauce that might do the trick. ;0)

  • Hi Moth! I can identify with this one! my craving is less for the chicken and just for that yummy, spicy hot sauce. I found a half an avo with hot sauce and squirt of lemon does the trick for me. I've also made jicama fries and put hot sauce on those. Desperate times, desperate measures. :-)

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