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Hey everyone- I’m slowly, but surely getting over a binge eating disorder and I think it’s holding me back from getting into raw 100%. I’ve done a lot of reading up and researching of raw and no where does it say how much is TOO MUCH. It’s difficult because without knowing where to draw the line, I feel like I’m still out of control and it’s not just a matter of “listening to my body” because I’ve stuffed myself the past couple months with SAD food that my body has a faulty hunger signal at the moment. Please help


  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    hey kait. I too was a binge eater. 72 hot wings 3 times a week and hungry 2 hours later. that was my life. when i got into raw food I ate like crazy and your hunger signals will be all out of wack for awhile but that will slowly but surely buff its way out. the biggest advice i can give you is. eat tons of greens and highly mineralized foods like sprouts for example. keep your sugar down. i am not talking super low. just keep an eye on it. eat more fruits and vegetables versus nuts and seeds. for many months i mowed down alot of raw food. to no end. i went thru a phase of 14 bananas and a lb. of almon butter in one sitting. good times but also crazy times. you’ll have your ups and downs and just make note of it. start a journal keep track on how things make you feel. do it at the end of the day . quick notes. dont take long on it. make sure you drink your water. also rarely i still feel the need to chow down to no end. ill start and then i will go for a 5 mile bike ride or sprint a football field a few times. or rebound for 20 minutes. then go back to eating. that way i wont feel as full and crappy for those times i condemn myself. also a concept that helps is just visualize the love that was put into your food whther yo made it or even to the point of indigenous people growing your wild jungle peanuts and how your support keeps loggers out of their land and how they feel and how grateful they are for that. little stuff like that will just make a world of difference when it comes to fulfillment. whether its lack of minerals or affection. let me know if this makes sense. have fun.

  • This makes a lot of sense, worleyhimself2. Thank you for such a detailed response. I’ve been trying to transition into raw with mostly fruits, but I think that I’m afraid to eat too much because of their high caloric content (compared to vegetables) and therefore left with sugary cravings. I would like to lose about 60 pounds in the next 7 months and just looking to feel better about myself overall. I would like to hear a typical daily menu of someone trying to accomplish a similar goal.

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    a little side note i recently drank green smoothies for 10 days, because i felt like it. it was romaine and granny smith apples. all day everyday for 10 days. man did i eat alot of apples and romaine. 12 heads of romaine and 23 apples. along with a gallong of water in and on its own. what i found is it reset my taste buds. once i ended the smoothies. i missed them. and noticed i didnt need to eat as many nuts and seeds to feel satiated. now i dont even go for nuts and seeds straight up. only if it is added to my cauliflower mashed potatoes or a make chocolate pudding. i was no longer putting tons of sea salt in my guacomole. it just reset my impulsive behaviors.

  • Thanks! I may start green smoothies for 10 days beginning tomorrow. I have heard elsewhere that they diminish cravings. It could be just what I need to get on track for September. How many ounces were you drinking eat day? I may need my mom to bring over our bigger blender.

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    haha. yes a 300 oz blender would be great. i had to carry my blender to work. i made 300-350 oz of green smoothie. i am active so that played a role. but it just went down so good. just all those greens. so alkaline. so minerally dense. so awesome.

  • osoniyeosoniye Raw Newbie

    Hi KAIT, Just thought I’d add my comment that if you are generally eating green smoothies, salad type vegetables and less calorie dense fruits (like plums, berries), that the ratio of low cal bulky foods will make binging less of an issue- becasue how bad could it be for you?, and then that kind of disempowers the whole binge thing to hurt you and thus you wind up in control by default and the cravings kind of back off. I’ve never been into really huge binges, but know I have had some issues with eating way past being full on SAD, to compensate for emtional emptyness sometimes. Anyway that you can deal with underlying binge causes while also being raw, I think would be to your advantage. Wish you luck.

  • You worded that response perfectly, osoniye. It definitely just clicked in my head. I will definitely take that into consideration!

  • heyenglishheyenglish Raw Newbie

    One other thing to consider is your reasons for going raw. Constantly focus on the idea that you’re eating raw for your optimal health. Things like controlling cravings and binges (I’m finally getting out of that boat) and weight loss are added benefits to your new focus on health! I’ve also found that I had to look at food differently. All my life, I’ve thought of food in terms of being either “good” or “bad”. Now I remind myself that food is incredibly healing, energizing and nurturing (raw, that is!). It no longer holds any guilt value for me.

  • osoniyeosoniye Raw Newbie

    Hi KAIT, Thanks for your kind words. Isn’t it great that we’re all in this together??!!

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