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Portland, Oregon

Hi Gone Raw friends! Do any of you live in Portland Oregon or close by? Where do you like to shop? Have you found restaurants that you really like to go to? Are there any raw potlucks in the area that you know about? I would love to hear from you!


  • I dont live there, yet, but I do visit a lot.

    Blossoming Lotus, if you havent been, is my fav raw restaraunt I have been too. I think I like it because the food is great, but its actually cheap, unlike other raw food places where you spend 15-20 on one small plate!

  • Hi Stephanie, I live in Portland (well, actually Milwaukie)- but just outside of the Sellwood neighborhood. The best place to shop for raw goodies is People’s food co-op off of Division. I haven’t found a good raw restaurant yet. Blossoming Lotus (in the Pearl District) is good, but all of their raw food dishes are made with cashews and I’m allergic to those, so I can’t eat there :( I heard that there is a new place in SW (John’s Landing area) called Yummy Tummy that serves raw treats but I haven’t made it there yet. There is a yahoo group for raw vegans and I’m pretty sure that they have monthly meet-ups.

    My husband and I have been thinking of opening up a raw-friendly cafe soon (meaning mostly raw food but some vegan food)... I’ll keep you posted.

    I go to PSU… are you a student? Take care :) ~jelli

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Does Tillamook count? I do most of my shopping at New Seasons. I have noticed they are getting some good raw salads in their delly. I want to try the Blossoming Lotus soon ,but looking at there menu, they only have raw plates that I make at home.How about a cafe in Beaverton or west of there?

  • Oh, beany, you’re an Oregonian?! That’s so cool!!

    Yes, we’re blessed to have New Seasons, aren’t we? There isn’t one in Tillamook is there? You must have to travel far for your food..

  • I’m in Portland too. I’ve been to Blossoming Lotus too many times to count and just once to Proper Eats. I like getting a produce box from Organics 2 U and shop at Whole Foods and both co-ops, NE and SE. I’m a member of the raw meetup.com group here and I’ve gone to talks and potlucks. It’s a good place to be vegan for sure and a supportive place to be raw. We should all plan our own meet up!

    Where is Yummy Tummy, I can’t find any info on it? Thanks!

  • Oh, heartshapedsky, cool! I’m stoked to see that all of these familiar faces are portlanders!

    Yummy Tummy: I heard about this from the Raw and Living Spirit Retreat that was at Camp Adams this week (I met Victoria Boutenko- so cool!). I guess it’s at a Bikram Yoga studio in John’s Landing. The address is 5816 SW Hood Ave, just 1 block off of Macadam and 1/2 block south of the water tower.

    Maybe I will meet you at a meetup sometime! :)

  • I’m so happy to see there are people from Portland on here!

    I have been to the Blossoming Lotus, I’m actually going to have my family birthday dinner there on Thursday. Although my family does not eat raw they are supportive and are looking forward to trying out the yummy food I always talk about. I haven’t been to the Yummy Tummy but I just read about it today, sounds like it’s take out only? I think that’s too far for me to run in and take out.

    Jellibi – I would be interested in going to a co-op but I’ve never been before, how are the prices?

    I’m not a student but I do work full time in Clackamas which is even closer to you. I think it would be great if you and your husband opened a raw-friendly cafe, how about tomorrow? LOL!

    Blossoming Lotus has live marinara pasta that was on special a while ago and just recently added it to their menu, I don’t believe it has cashews in it but you may want to call and check if you’re interested.

    heartshapedsky – I would love to hear more about the meet ups, where are they normally? I think doing our own meet up would be great.

  • I also live in Portland and was one of the chefs for the Raw Spirit this year. Yummy Tummy is only take out right now (i used to be there chef before Julia Corbett) but I think they are building a food cart with outdoor tables. my favorite places to get raw food are Blossoming Lotus (where i work now) and hungry tiger too, and the red and black. the last two are not raw places (red and black is vegan) but both will make you kick ass salads that are all uncooked upon request. Victoria Buentenko talks about in one of her books making a restaurant card about your food choice to give to the waiter to show the chef. I think that this works at most restaurants without having to miss out going to eat with friends. jellibi i am student at PSU also, what do you study?

  • I’m in Bend, which is 3 hours away…

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    The Gone Raw Meet. Cool, Is there an age requirement? Like, not over …........

  • circleakitchen, were you at the Raw Spirit fest last night? I went there (for last night only) with my husband and 12-year-old daughter. Maybe we saw eachother?

    I’m studying fine arts at PSU- with a focus on drawing and painting. What are you studying?

    I’m glad we have about a month left before school starts up again :)

  • Here’s a link to the meetup group: http://rawfood.meetup.com/206/

    I’m going to Sunday night’s event to hear Paul Nison speak. Let me know if any of you go! I’m just under 5 feet tall, shoulder length red hair.

    And, yes I guess I have been to Yummy Tummy! Just didn’t know that was the name, ha! The food has been very good. Out of the way, but if you get a couple days worth of raw food, totally worth it. You can do advance orders, great if you’re a planner!

    Any one running- hiking- exercising here in Portland?

  • Can one of you tell me about the Raw Spirit Fest? Where is the Raw Spirit Fest and what is there?

    heartshapedsky – Thanks for posting that link, I’m going to check it out. I need to start working out more. I love to ride my bike, never ride it seriously but I find it to be a lot of fun and a good work out. I’m not much of a runner but I’m going to start running with a friend. I am a water aerobics instructor and teach various days through the week but mostly just Thursday nights. What kind of exercise do you do and how often?

    circleakitchen – How do you like working at the Blossoming Lotus? Since you are one of the chefs I must tell you that I love the food, keep up the good work! Do you happen to know if they are planning on having more raw options in the future?

  • Stephanie- I’m training for my first marathon in October. Running the SF Nike Women’s Marathon. So, running a lot these days!

    So who’s coming on Sunday?

    xo ami

  • Ooh! I’m “Hillsburrito” :) I’m glad to hear that Blooming Lotus is good. I was going to make a little journey out there but was too scared for fear of disappointment. Yes, I’m a coward. lol Cool beans! Sounds silly but knowing there are people near me who are doing the same scene (raw food) makes it seem like…mmmm….not so alone. Is nice knowing for a fact there are others in Oregon doing the same thing. Sounds kooky…but at least the closest person doing a raw diet isn’t a state away. lol

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Tunacupcakes, Your funny,”Hillsburrito”. Do you go to Orenco Station, New Seasons? The people are really nice there.

  • ! We also say Hillsburrito :) haha, and Beavertron :)

  • tunacupcakes – That doesn’t sound kooky at all. I think that everyone feels a sense of support knowing there are others around with the same lifestyle. I know I do at least. That is part of the reason I started this thread. To find out how people live their raw lives around here and just to know it I’m the only one or not.

    For Clackamas we say clackamyass, silly I know, just another one of those things.

  • cracknmyass is what my husband says, :)

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