Hi, I’m new to the forum (and to raw foods!). I was introduced to the concept by my best friend whose whole family went raw after they found out her dad had cancer. They are exploring a variety of natural approaches to improve his health and hopefully give him many more happy years here with us. I went to visit her recently and ate raw with her…and I loved it. Seriously, I wasn’t on it for too long, but it was the best I have felt in a long time. Then I started reading books about it. When I got home I started eating SAD food, but that was only for a couple days. Now, I’m trying to go 100% raw.

I’m trying to change my outlook on life completely. I have struggled with Bipolar Disorder for years as well as bulimia. While on the raw food diet, I didn’t have any of the fear that eating, under normal circumstances, would cause me. I’m only a couple days into the diet on my own, but I am very hopeful and excited.

Haha, long story short…I’m glad that I am here!


  • Welcome!

  • PetPet


  • I’m glad you’re here Pet! You have my support!

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Pet, I think eating raw changes your out look. It seems as tho life brings life.

  • PetPet

    Thank you Kendra Far Above Rubies and beany. :)

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  • AKAAuburnEyesAKAAuburnEyes Raw Newbie

    Welcome Pet! GoneRaw is such a great supportive place – you are going to feel right at home here.

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