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Gone Raw - Gone Wrong? BLOOPER TIME!



  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    Ah ok, that would explain the pins! I was wondering! shows how much of a home maker I am!! tehe

  • i would do anything for a raw bagel. and i mean that.

    i don’t have too many bloopers yet. i made almond milk in a food processor once that made the biggest mess in history (note to self: don’t use processor for lots of liquids). i also think it’s hilarious when my boyfriend – who would eat only fried meat if i let him – is always like “EWWW smells like butt in here” and it turns out to be the scent of cut cantaloupe or zucchini hummus.

  • Hey, thanks! It wasn’t a big deal, I get sick quite often, so I am used to that, but the mental sushi-scars were something else!

    My mad love for green smoothies makes up for any scars caused by raw sushi though!!

  • sunshinerosesunshinerose Raw Newbie

    I’ve been making live food desserts for our local farmers market, and I also have a small baby who needs my attention often—so I finally had a gap of time in which to get a ton of prepping done… I was making a cherry filling for a chocolate cake. I mixed raisins into my date paste and added the (frozen) cherries and turned it on to mix… I nearly broke my Quisinart! Why didn’t anyone publish a warning about what happens to raisins when they get cold??!! They turned into little rocks!! Luckily I had a borrowed VitaMix handy, so was able to finish the filling before I got the babe back. Yowza! I learned that lesson the “hard” way…

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    shredded beets and orange juice with parsley—yuck. (might have been better juiced)

    juiced cabbage—double yuck!

    we broke the cuisinart blade the other day, but no funny story, just my husband almost eating a shard of the metal. :-O

  • SueSue Raw Newbie

    I frappee’d a spoon in my vitamix. Luckily the motor was protected by the little gear gizmo on top of the base. The replacement was only ten bucks, but the container, which was pretty scratched up cost almost $100 to replace. The only other snafu was the green smoothie all over the kitchen. Looked like the exorcist.

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