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Best Raw Restaurants

I’ve been to au lac, juliano’s, good mood food cafe (closed down, sadly), 118, Euphoria loves Rawvolution, and terra bella… My favorite is definitely Juliano’s (AMAZING!!!!) with au lac riding at a very close second… I’m moving to L.A. from orange county in a few weeks, and I can’t wait to try Cru, Taste of the Goddess, leaf cuisine… and I’m not sure but I believe there’s a few more I’m leaving out…

I’m curious to know what all your favorite raw restaurants are??

Love & Light, Ella~

Check out my new raw recipe blog! http://rawlaland.blogspot.com/ it’s a bit bare at the moment, but will be bursting with recipes/photos in just a few weeks!


  • There’s Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe here in Seattle! It isn’t 100% raw, but they have a daily raw foods menu in addition to a large fresh juice and smoothie menu. I was offered a job there, but had to turn it down because it wasn’t enough hours. :(

  • Oh man! If I needed a job, I’d love to work at a raw restaurant… that would be so fun! If you’re ever in L.A…go to Juliano’s…it’s truly delightful!

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Well I wish to goodness there was enough raw appreciation in KC to get a raw restaurant. I’m hoping someone will come around soon. Until then I have to admit I have never been to a raw restaurant.

    tripical-I love the pictures on your site! So tasty looking!

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    One of my very favorite raw restaurants is “The Greenery” in Encinitas, San Diego. YUM, and very reasonable prices. I’ve been to most raw restaurants in California. Au Lac is fantastic! The food was good at Taste of the Goddess, but it’s in back of a mainstream hair salon, and hair product fumes were drifting in while we were eating. Very toxic, and I’m sensitive, so it really upset my stomach.Don’t forget Rawvolution in Santa Monica. It’s VERY good, too.

  • Quiora- I’m a Seattlite as well! I have been getting the raw takeout that Chaco Canyon does through PCC. I have never eaten at the actual cafe, but I am hoping to go tonight! Did you ever eat at the raw restaurant in Kirkland called Dalene’s? It was soooo good, but unfortunately it closed recently.

  • I’m going there tonight too! LOL. No, I’ve never been to Dalene’s. I just moved to Seattle about a month ago from central Iowa.

  • Bliss Cafe in Victoria BC is AMAZING! They are 100% raw and organic. Mo:Le, which is right next door and owned by Cosmo, who is right now in Bejing for the Olympics, preparing food for a Victorian athlete) has a daily raw menu for dinner and they do an epic raw caesar salad which is always available.

  • Okay.. I am SO envious of you guys who have raw restaurants nearby. We live in a small town in Nebraska.. and even 2nd biggest city(Lincoln) in the state doesn’t even have a vegetarian restaurant, let alone a RAW restaurant. My husband and I just started a weekly date night, and we’d planned to go out to dinner once a month as part of that..but there is no where for us to go.

  • Two of my favorites are Cafe Soulstice (locations in San Mateo and Palo Alto and a third coming to SF soon!) and another- Cafe Gratitude, all in Northern California! Yummmmmmmm

  • Cafe Bliss in Victoria BC is AMAZING! They are 100% raw and organic. Mo:Le, which is right next door and owned by Cosmo, who is right now in Bejing for the Olympics, preparing food for a Victorian athlete) has a daily raw menu for dinner and they do an epic raw caesar salad which is always available.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    msraw~ Do you have a decent restaurant nearby that has an adventurous chef? If so, see if you can arrange with the chef to make you something special for a/some date night(s). Some chefs welcome the challenge and the adventure. It lets them be more creative then the usual fare they cook up.

    Have fun.

    RawVoice~ I really like The Greenery also. I was just there the other week for Dr. Sommer’s seminar. My other favorite is Cilantro LIVE! on 3rd. It didn’t seem the same at the one in Encinitas.

  • Live in Toronto is absolutely amazing. They have %100 raw organic vegan dishes on half the menu, then some cooked vegan dishes on the other half. Incredible food. The best cashew sour cream I have ever had!! Just went for dinner the other night, such a treat! I had raw tacos. Mmmmm

  • SueSue Raw Newbie

    Pure Food and Wine is, by far, my favorite. A little pricey but I’ve never been disappointed. The desserts are to die for and the lasagna is great. The menu changes so there’s always something new to try. I also like Caravan of Dreams, which is casual and more affordable than PureFood. Outside of NY I have been to Tidal Creek co-op in Wilmington NC, which is a market but has a nice salad bar and a juice bar. I was also in a place in Tampa near the causeway to Clearwater, but I don’t remember the name.

  • SueSue Raw Newbie

    Oh, and Quintessence. It’s very small but I had the only raw burger I ever ate and it was awesome. They also had great desserts.

  • FruginiFrugini Raw Newbie

    I saw that you mentioned Cru and couldn’t help posting…I was down in LA visiting family and my boyfriend took me there for my birthday. Best restaurant ever!!!! I had just been getting interested in raw food and it really turned us on to eating more raw. Peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream…my favorite.

  • iheartveggies, my family and I were really sad when they closed Dalene’s as well. We got to know Mia and David and they were really talented chefs and nice people as well. It boters me that on the West Coast we have the most Raw Vegan people but Seattle has only one raw restaurant and that is CHaco….I am still waiting for Thrive to open but it doesn’t look like they are making progress…..

    I was really opposed to moving to California as we love Seattle but now….....


  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Have you Seattleites tried Nature’s Pantry in Bellevue? Their raw lunches are awesome. There’s no table service, but you can buy and eat in store in you like. Chef Adam is highly talented? :)

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