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Any mothers/fathers who don't use shampoo/cleaning chemicals on baby?

I don’t want to use any on my baby, but I’m wondering what you do about diapers? I have no problem using cloth diapers, but what about wipes? Do you just rinse your baby off each pee/poop? Thanks… also, is your babies skin a lot better because of the lack of chemicals used on him/her?


  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    My baby is 27 and has his own toddler. My suggestion to him about baby wipes was to use damp, white washcloths with a little natural lavender or calendula soap. It is a little more difficult to keep clean and dirty damp cloths inside a diaper bag but not impossible.

    Disposable diapers are convenient but very bad for baby’s skin. Babies who wear them have much higher incidents of diaper rash and take longer to potty train because the baby cannot discern the presence of wetness as it is soaked into all the chemical beads inside the diaper. There is product out there called G-Diapers which I purchased for my grandson but I could not get the kids to really work with them. Supposedly they cost less in the long run but you pay more for them up front than you would just buying disposables for a few weeks. They are environmentally friendly and better for baby.

    Lastly, I do have a great solution for baby butt cream. I made this for my grandson, who had terrible problems with diaper rash (certainly from his disposable diapers). It worked so well that his daycare workers got the recipe from my daughter-in-law and started using it at the daycare center.

    Get a small tub of food-grade coconut oil and determine how many cups are in the container. For each cup add 12 drops Grapefruit Seed Extract (broad-spectrum anti-microbal) and 10 drops lavender oil. It works really well. If there is one thing I could change about it would be to make it more like a paste so it would stick more to the baby’s butt but I hadn’t figured out anything that could set around for days at room temperature. Any suggestions, then please post..

  • Meditating, I’m wondering if baking soda or cornstarch would work. I used to use something powdery on my daughter when she was little as an alternative to baby powder, but I can’t remember what it was.

    Anyway, the best thing for diaper rash is no diaper at all. All those little baby tushkins just need some fresh air.

    And, yep, you can just rinse your baby off with a stream of water whenever possible. For times when you cant do that, you can use wipes. I used to know how to make homemade wipes but now I forget.. my daughter is 12 so you are jogging my memory. Well, I’ll think about it and post more later :) hopefully I’ll remember…

  • Yes, a cloth babies butt is sooo much healthier, softer, better!! disposable diapers and wipes have terrible things in them. We do cloth diapers and wash/dry them ourselves. It is sooo easy. I just change the wet diapers as is – no wiping necessary since as soon as the diaper comes off my baby’s butt, her skin is soft and dry. For the poop, I wipe the gooey stuff off with the cloth and lay my little one across the bathroom sink and wash her bum with water and sometimes a little squirt of dilute Burts Bees baby bath or very diluted Dr. Bonners. It’s like a little baby spa for her. : )

    I hardly ever bathe her. She’s 15 months old and I think I’ve washed her hair with a tiny drop of the BB’s maybe 4 times in her life. She doesn’t smell or look dirty. I just wipe her down sometimes with a damp washcloth. Of course she’s almost exclusively breastfed still and that helps with her not smelling bad or detoxing anything yucky.

    http://www.peppermint.com is a good website and they have a physical store in Richardson, Texas. They have cloth diapering supplies and offer classes too.

    Are you already using cloth?

    There are “recipes” online for homemade wipes solution but a lot of them use regular baby soap which the mainstream brands are bad. Best is to use no wipes at all!

  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    I just found out I’m 5 weeks pregnant, so I’m just learning as much as I can before. Mamamilk, is your babies skin and hair still soft compared to others toddlers her age?

  • Yes! Her skin and hair are SO soft and clean feeling. she has a beautiful baby smell. : ) A baby only needs washed when truly dirty from either making mudpies ; ) or IF they get sick and throw up all over themselves. I’m very very blessed in that my kids RARELY get sick. Natural Parenting eliminates so many things our society says we need to do. By breastfeeding on demand for as long as a baby wants, it keeps most babies much healthier, cleaner and clearer in the body, eyes, skin… Less spit-up issues as well. Like I said, only when really dirty or when baby is extra slobbery or spitty in the neck area is it necessary to bathe, and even then, just a drop of organic olive oil soap, Dr. Bonner’s or BB’s mixed with water and a really wet washcloth are all you need.

    Are you in Texas in the Dallas area? Because that store I referred to gives all sorts of classes on Natural Parenting, Natural Birthing, Green Cleaning solutions, Cloth Diapering, Natural Toys, Baby Sign Language, and even Elimination Communication which is being completely diaper free. I haven’t been to their classes, but as you can see, I’ve been doing this natural parenting thing for quite some time with quite a few…. but I’m ALWAYS learning more as I go along – I’m a much different (hopefully better) parent than I was 12 years ago. ; ) If you’d like to speak more about these things, I’d be more than happy to!

  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    Awesome! I live in Arlington, so yes, very near Dallas, and I’m extremely interested in the classes you’re talking about. Give me all the info you can! :)

  • Here again is the link: http://www.peppermint.com/

    you can sign up for an e-newsletter with all the latest news on natural parenting. These are good people with personal service. On the links on the side bar there is the class schedule. There will be a cloth diapering workshop this saturday the 13th at 10 am. It’s free. Best to you and your little bean sprout. ; )

  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    I saw that. My husband and I are going to go. (It’s actually my 21st birthday, and since I just found out I’m pregnant, we have no plans….we were going to drink, but you know how that goes! LOL) My baby doesn’t like alcohol, haha. Thanks again.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    SOUTHERN LOVER Congratulations on your pregnancy and birthday. It is so exciting when you learn you are going to have a baby. Life is really about to change now!

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Baby wipes – I’ve seen this done so many times here in Italy: parents wipe off most of the poop with the diaper itself, then they take the soiled baby to the bathroom sink and just wash it with warm water and soap. They use Baby Wipes when they’re on the go.

  • TzefiraTzefira Raw Newbie

    Congrads! Im excited for you, i just finish a raw pregnancy myself. I dont use chemicals on my baby. I use cloth diapers and cloth wipes with a mixture of : 1 T coconut oil, 1 T castile soap “light blue bottle” and 1 1/2 c water, and i sprinkle that on the wipes. but im ready Diaper Free by Ingrid Bauer (u should look into it) so we started that 3 days ago….....

  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I’m thinking about the diaper free thing. I am not all raw, because there are soooo many conflicting opionions out there. I am eating all raw during the day, and sometimes I’ll have a little ‘natural’ salad dressing, or some beans at night. Everyone I know is going nuts cursing my baby. “Oh my gosh, raw is sooo unhealthy, that’s terrible for the baby…it’s not just about you anymore, you have to think of your child.” As if that’s not what I’m doing! Ahhh! Anyway, I went on a 3 month cooked food binge, but just started eating good again a few days before I found out abou the pregnancy. Anyway, I don’t want to detox to heavily while pregnant, so I’m weaning myself using the beans/salad dressing, etc… Nothing super unhealthy, but a few supposive “healthy” cooked foods. Tzefira, did you have your baby in a hospital? I’m going to have a home lotus birth. Don’t really want a midwife, would rather go unnassisted with just my husband, but I know that’s probably not safe condsidering it’s my first time. Anyway, I’m trying to find an inexpensive midwife, but have no idea where to look! (My husband and I don’t make much money, and it won’t be long until it will be just him working, so, needless to say, things are TIGHT!) Thanks all!

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    I am not a mom, so can’t offer any really helpful advice… just wanted to say congratulations!

  • Congratulation :-)))

    I never used soap or babywhipes for my daughter. No need when they are small. They dont have smelly sweat or play in mud when babies ;) I never used soap when she was a baby only in the really rear cases when she got really dirty. I only used a little oil in the bathing water and rinsed her hair with water, thats it. Her hair was always clean and soft. I belive that we humans have a selfcleaning “fur” just like animals, and she is the prof of that. A lot of babies get an infection in the bellybutton after the birth. We never had that problem, and I belive is because we never used a lot of cemical filled soaps or creams, wahsing her constantly or used clorfilled diapers. For nappy change I only used a cottonball with pure water, washcloths will work just as well too. When she was teathing she usaly got a little red on the bottom, then I would use a really nice natural nappycream we can get there in Europe from Weleda. For the body a nice natural coldpressed oil is fine, ex. oliveoil or apricotcernel oil. Somthing you could eat. If you cant, it is not safe for your baby.(nutoils could tricker allergi so dont use that before the child is older) And that count for you too now being pregant. Cemicals, cosmetics, plastics a.s.o. not safe for your baby. But im shure you allready know that :) Babies have really simple needs; momies milk, physical contact and warmth and ofcourse a lot of love :-)). I would recomend you to read the continuum concept. Really inspiering.

  • Congratulations! How cool that you are going to be a raw mama! My last pregnancy was entirely raw and it was FABULOUS as was the birth. My son has really thrived since he was born almost 18 months ago. I would strongly recommend clothe diapers if you choose to use diapers. Even my husband (Mr. Convenience :0) says they are better then disposables! :0) I don’t use any chemicals or soaps on my babies. Just water and coconut oil. If should get any irritation the coconut oil usually handles it just fine. I’m so excited for you! I have 7 babies of my own and there is nothing better in this world! You are sooo blessed!

  • KarmyngirlKarmyngirl Raw Newbie

    I highly recommend diaper free!

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