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How can i get a glow like this?

I’m not into artificial tanning or sitting out in the sun baking.

Do you guys have any recommendations on natural skin bronzers or something that could make my skin glow like this: http://img136.imageshack.us/my.php?image=32311k…


Also I’d love to see how eating raw has transformed your skin. I’ve always felt that my skin was showing direct results of my poor eating habbits and i’m looking to reverse what I’ve done and renew my skin.


  • Oh man, I’d hit that. But seriously, a little sun isn’t a bad thing. It feels good to be outside with the sun shining and getting a little tan. I’m not saying to just lay down on the floor and soak in a bunch of harmful UV rays, but just doing some activity outside will help give your skin a nice tone. Another thing is to be careful what you bathe with, and how often you bathe. Sometimes there’s junk in the water that will dry out your skin, or the soap you use or whatever. And bathing too often will have harmful effects as well, although others may find it offensive.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    The greatest change in my skin was when I went dairy free. Then when I started using oil (olive or coconut) as a cleanser (wipe it off with cotton ball – no need to moisturize in the morning). The Master Cleans also worked wonders, but it didn’t last forever.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i can’t help it: to get a glow like that, try taking a picture of yourself and getting a photoshop pro to touch it up. i highly doubt that is her natural complexion. ;)

    i noticed glowy skin after week 3 eating raw. best thing is to get plenty of greens. drinking vegetable juices really helps me. eating too much fruit does not. (don’t throw bananas at me, i’m speaking for myself here).

    there are so many wonderful changes that happen in your body when you “go raw” you won’t even believe it. things i thought were “normal” and “just the way my body is” turned out to be directly related to my diet. the most exciting thing for me is that now i can actually FEEL what certain foods do to me, rather than relying on someone’s opinion and a mental list of “what’s healthy, what’s not.”

    nothing makes me more sad now than when i overhear someone say they probably “should be eating brown rice rather than bread (or something like that), cuz it’s healthier,” because i know they can’t actually feel the difference… they’re just regurgitating some health advice they read or heard. if you can’t see and feel the difference, what exactly makes it a better choice????

    also, i agree with NoneMoreRaw. the sun gets a bad rap. 15-20 minutes a day. no sunscreen (has chemicals that are actually proven to cause skin cancer when exposed to sunlight!!!!).

    one more thing to note is that some people will have great skin no matter what they eat. (i believe their bodies are suffering in unseen ways though). some people just have REALLY resilient bodies. best not to compare yourself to others.

  • TzefiraTzefira Raw Newbie

    Step one, by David wolfe’s book “Eating for Beauty” wonderful book on foods that make you beautiful. My fav! Drink lots of fresh veggie juices, esp. cucumber juice, my skin glows so nice when im drinking fresh cucumbers in my juices. Also dry brush all the time, esp. before a shower and apply pure coconut oil after shower. you’ll notice a difference within a week. but you have to keep up the work, but it’s not that hard :)

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Which person in that picture are we talking about? The dark haired girl doesn’t look tan or anything to me – that is probably her natural skin skin color. Plus, makeup! She definately has on a bunch of makeup – probably some of those powders that make you look like you “got the glow” – it is all fake. Unnderneath she may not have any glow.

    The blonde girl looks tan-ish – either she “sat out in the sun baking” or she used that fake bronzer stuff.

    To get the sun’s glow, you got to get out their in the sun. No fake chemicals – don’t use chemical laden sunblocks. I use coconut oil and lay out. I have a nice dark tan. (well dark for me it is dark, I naturally pretty pale).

    There are several things that are bad for your skin – things like smoking, alcohol, bread, processed sugars – stay away from those things especially.

  • shawnieshawnie Raw Newbie

    I’d have to agree, it’s all fake. She’s got some shimmer bronzer that she applied onto her either fake or real tan. If you look at her feet in the first picture, they are a different color than her body. She’s also wearing “highlights” face makeup that I’m pretty sure she applied to her body aswell. She looks nothing like that when she wakes up in the morning, that’s for sure.

    I’ve found that using the Oil cleansing method helps my skin glow: http://beauty-treatments.suite101.com/article.c…

    Dry brushing is a miracle, and even helps get rid of stretch marks!

    Drinking lots of water an hour before your meals.

    Eating lots of raw fats (Coconut oil, Avocados, Mangoes, other cold-pressed oils)

    Morning sun in moderation.

    And “Eating for Beauty” by David Wolfe is really really worth the read!!

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    Last year, I dug out my old juicer and started to drink vegetable and/or fruit juice (a huge glass) every morning for breakfast. At the same time, I got into green food powders and was adding it to the juice. I felt crappy for a week (a detox for sure), and then I had BOUNDLESS energy, and the strangest thing happened… my skin felt like SILK… I diddnt recognze my own skin, and I went on and on to my friends that this green food powder was a flippin miracle substance..

    Then, it dawned on me… it wasnt the green food powder… is was the fresh juice everyday, and it’s powerful nutritional and cleasning effects… it was a big “DUH” moment for me

  • I find you as attractive as 75% of the second picture if not more attractive. You look great, I wouldn’t try to change too much. Zooey Dechanel you’re not, but really, who is? wink and a nod and stuff. But seriously, most guys would rather have someone who is naturally attractive like yourself over someone who uses fake tanners to achieve a state of false beauty.

  • great thread, i’d be curious to know more about this topic. i have had severe cystic acne for 9 years and i cannot bear it any longer. i went raw 3 months ago (was formerly vegan) in an effort to clear my skin and achieve optimal health (due to other health conditions), but my skin has actually worsened! one of my other health conditions has also worsened and i may need to seek other treatment. i would really appreciate some advice from any raw foodists who suffer/suffered with severe acne. thanks in advance!

    citrusgirl, your skin looks incredible! it appears that you already have a nice glow :) maybe try to get to 100% raw when you have the right living circumstances and you will probably see and feel a significant change.

  • Bronwyn, if that is you in your avatar, you look great. I mean that respectfully. My skin is quite blotchy but I use aloe vera and make a gel like rub from it and it works great for me,..especially sunburn. You can actually feel your skin tighten up when the gel is drying.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    bronwyn—i suffered from awful acne and went on meds. wish i hadn’t. tumble effect of side-effects. if only i had known about colon hydrotherapy. (i’m not sure i agree it’s necessary for raw foodists, BUT it is certainly a painless and safe quick fix, and acne is debilitating!)

    the body has 3 evacuation routes: lungs, skin and colon. if your skin is looking bad it’s usually related to your colon not performing optimally. it’s not a mystery that your skin has worsened with raw…

    a good read: natalia rose’s books, or matt monarch books.

  • beetboy, that is me in my avatar (on a good day before my skin worsened on raw) but i’m ashamed to say that makeup and a little bit of photoshop to blot out blemishes can really do alot.

    pianissima-that actually sounds like a good idea. i’ve tried everything.. every topical, birth control and antibiotic known to man. i’ve even tried accutane, 7 years ago. i suffered a short term side effect of depression so I had to discontinue treatment. my face is now scarring horribly, both hyperpigmentation and inverted icepick scars.. i’ve never been so self conscious in my life. i’m considering going back on accutane again despite the potential (sometimes rare) life altering side effects. in fact, i have a prescription sitting in front of me right now. accutane is essentially vitamin A toxicity, so it is incredibly damaging to the body.

    i will look into colon hydrotherapy in my city and let you know how that goes. i’m willing to try anything right now. does it hurt? have you tried it? is it safe? sorry for all the questions, i’ve just never heard of the procedure.

    also-if you don’t mind me asking, what medications did you try that induced bad side effects? thanks for your advice pianissima, it really helps because i feel hopeless right now.

    sorry to infiltrate your thread citrusgirl!

  • When your mind, body, and soul become one you will achieve the power of the glow.You are The Last Dragon, you have achieved the power of the glow.

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  • good one bronwyn seriously you look grate and so does citrusgril

    but if your doing somethin that makes it worse then it would probaby make sense not to do it right

    but wwhat would i now im new to gettin raw lol

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