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A great radio show i listen to 3 days of the week. Today Sept. 11th the show they talk about fluoride and mass poisoning of society for population reduction. This is the information that is true. These are the people who said the freddie mac banking situation would happen 9 years prior. These are the people pushing for 9/11 truth and have plenty of dvd documentaries.

Check it out. let me know what you think.


  • I remember when I first came across the Infowars site. I was so dumbfounded by some of the topics. Disgusted by what I was hearing and reading.

    It tends to make me so ill with society, the system, economic slavery, people believing everything they watch on television as truth, etc…I guess this is why “Into the Wild” was so appealing to me. (Not about the urge to go tramping, but getting away from the control of the system. Finding some sense of freedom.) What I can’t seem to get out of my head, is the fact, that people created what is now. So we (people) have it within us to change things. If I had a solution I would share. Still working on that. But it is also a question of how much will people continue to take. But then, I remember the general public buys into most of the information they are fed by television. Such a powerful method of mind control/brainwashing.

    Currently, I try not to let it consume me so much. Not that I do not appreciate the information and site. But lately, I have come to the conclusion for me… if I see the world as an awful place, then it will be an awful place. Do you know what I mean? So, I appreciate the information they put out there, I listen, and take what I need from it. But then I try to focus on a brighter path. And focus on the beauty the world does have to offer.

    All and in All, though….

    Thanks for Sharing – Worleyhimself2!! It is a real interesting and informative site.

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    I can’t expose myself much to Alex Jones anymore, although he was the man who reached me and “woke me up” about what was happening in the world, and within the US. I am thankful for his endless quest to inform, however, it is just too much for me. I am too sensitive to that type of information…don’t know how to handle it. I get sooo angry.

    So I am focusing on brighter news; of raising consciousness instead of listening to everything that it is wrong with it.

  • Here is a site that some of you might be interested in

    “Planting Peace”…

    or you can just go to

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    I understand and agree with your opinions. It is all on how you take it in.

  • Thank God for Alex Jones and is indeed hard to swallow, but I believe it presents a needed counter to all of the misinformation, propaganda and downright lying going on disseminated by the media, goverment and academia.

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