Queenfluff, Zoe, Kandace, or anyone with the knowledge!!!

Ok, who among us has used the thick gell substance that develops while soaking cashews??? We use the gell that is made from soaking flax or chia seed to thicken our recipes… What about cashews, do you use it???

Today when I went to drain my cashews to make cheeze, I noticed the gell was bubbling and thicker than I had ever had in the past… I wanted to put it all in the fp and have fermented cheeze… But knowing we throw away the soak water from almonds, I was hesitant…

Please advise!!!


  • Hey Waterbaby12347!

    I am no expert on cashews, but found these two links. I thought they might help give you some idea of why the gel was bubbling. I don’t think Chris and Zoe use cashews, because they are not truly raw. I could be wrong though. Even so, they might have and know more information.

    I hope these two links help….



    It probably was best that you did not use it. I would have been hesitant, too.

  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Thanks simplyraw!!!

    Look what I just found contributed by Humanimal…

    Cashew Yogurt Makes 2 cups or more

    This a tart and tasty yogurt. It kind of tatse like a greek yogurt that I use to eat when I was little. But the good part about this one is that it does not make you bloated looking :)

    Ingredients 1 cup water, make sure it is filtered 1 cup cashews Preparation 1) There is really no need to soak cashews because they loose a lot of their flavor if you do. Place cashews in a coffe ginder and process them into a powder.

    2)Pour the cup of water into a blender and add the cashew powder. Blend until creamy.

    3)Place cashew mixture into a glass jar, and cover mouth of jar with a towel of napkin.

    4)Place the jar in a warm area or fill a large bowl with warm water and place it in there.

    5) Check yogurt after 5 hrs. If a thick layer of curd has formed on top and a layer of whey at the bottom, then transfer it to the fridge. You may eat eat after it has been in the fridge for at least an hour. To eat just simply stir until the whey and curd have mixed.

  • I hope I didn’t offend.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I haven’t had any gel form on my soaked cashews. Although, I don’t think cashews have any thickening power. For the yoghurt recipe. you could use a bit of irish moss to get it thicker. Or just hardly add any water. The irish moss makes it gel-like.

    Let us know how the youghurt turns out.

  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Simplyraw~ You did wonderfully and I again Thank You for taking the time and posting… I was the same as you very hesitant to use and didn’t… I went to the sites you posted and agreed that I should not use that bubbling gel…

    But next time I will if Humanimal lived maybe I will too!!! LOL
  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Queenfluff~ Yes, the cashews make the soak water get extremely thick and if left out on the counter, it ferments… I was afraid there might be toxins present that we shouldn’t be ingesting…

    So save your Irish Moss for other recipes as no extra ingredient is needed…

  • Waterbaby12347 – Thanks for the heads up! With all the craziness lately, I wasn’t sure what to think.

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