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  • bananaboybananaboy Raw Superstar

    I’ll say it one last time because people are just not getting it. The body needs organic sodium found in raw fruit and veggies not salt. Human beings are not bags of salt and water as achin70 says. And the other statements she makes are even more laughable. “make sure your salt is from the veins of the mines. It vibrates at a higher frequncy” Unbelievable!

    The body is made up of; Oxygen (65.0%) Carbon (18.5%) Hydogen (9.5%) Nitrogen (3.2%) Calcium (1.5%) Phosphorus (1.0%) Potassium (0.4%) Sulfur (0.3%) Sodium (0.2% Chlorine (0.2%) Magnesium (0.1%) Iodine (0.1%) Iron (0.1%) I don’t see salt anywhere in that list. Sodium…yes.

    Dr. Vivian Vetrano in the Health Seekers’ Yearbook says… “Although all chemical additives are totally toxic and unnecessary, by far the most dangerous and insidious preservative used in the SAD Diet is sodium chloride, otherwise known as “ordinary table salt” It is dangerous because its use precipitates and/or aggravates a number of Salt Pathologies…and insidious because we have been conditioned to confuse the sodium chloride known as “salt” with the naturally occuring sodium in foods, and thus misunderstand salt to be a “mineral essential to our health,” as well as a condiment that “greatly enhances” our food. The sad truth is that salt is a protoplasmic poison just as surely as cyanide or arsenic. If we only needed one good reason to stay off the Standard American Diet, “The Sinister Salt Story” alone would be enough!

    For persons just receiving their first and basic and detailed salt education, the following statement will seem incredible: 1 ounce of ingested salt holds 3 quarts of water – or 6 pounds of excess bodily water and fluids – in suspension. Consider…an ounce of salt in the body will “seize and hold” 3 quarts of water. This means that…salt holds 70 times its weight in water!!! It is this “water-retaining” characteristic of salt in solution and its accompanying pressure on the delicate tissues of the human body that are the culprits in the “Salt Pathologies.” For the “salt-sensitive” victim hooked on the salty, SAD food, thereforeit is not so very far from wrong to say that… “The Water-Logged Sufferer is drowning in his own saline bodily fluids” – “pickled in brine”, it could be said.” (pg 146, 147…The Health Seekers Yearbook)

    I could continue but if you don’t understand by now that salt (Celtic, Himalayan or otherwise) is an inorganic mineral totally unusable by the body as opposed to organic sodium provided to us by nature in fruits and vegetable…why bother?

    It is amazing how vehemently addicts will defend their poisons…cocaine, sugar, caffeine, tobacco, chocolate, marijuana, and…..SALT!!!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    jgfergus – thank you for the information. I found that as my diet got cleaner, salt became less desirable for me.

    What are the vegetables/fruits with the most sodium? So far I only now of celery and tomatoes. Anything else?

  • You’re out there, dude. In all the scientific literature out there, nowhere do I see that salt is a “poison” or “addicting”. Nice try. I looked up Vivian Vetrano and while she looks to be a bigwig in the “naturoscience” field, her position makes her completely unable to objectively look at the available info. I suggest you do a literature search from a peer-reviewed journal and lay off the kool-aid for a bit. ;)


  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    This discussion has made me retreat to my modest library to reacquaint myself with information on salt. Well, it does look like our bodies are primarily salt and water. According to Gabriel Cousens, our blood is the composition of the ocean. By salt, once again, I do not mean sodium chloride, which just does not work right in our bodies and can raise blood pressure in sensitive individuals.

    All the minerals mentioned in jgfergus’ response are found in Himalayan Crystal salt, including hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sodium, etc.

    There are people who avoid salt, and eventually become deficient in sodium. They may avoid salt for the most part, but perhaps snack on potato chips to obtain their sodium. However, when they go completely off processed foods, eventually they become deficient.

    Here are a few more things to consider about “live” salts: 1) 30% of the body’s salt is stored in the bone structure, and low salt reserves are associated with osteoporosis; 2) salt helps to maintain adrenal function; and 3) hypoglycemia is associated with the loss on minerals (including the important blood sugar-balancing mineral chromium) and dehydration, both of which might be prevented by adequate salt intake.

    Blessings, Andrew

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    ACHIN 70 Thanks for posting that. I know I have been having problems with adrenal fatigue and have been using maca lately and taking adaptogen supplements. The last two time I had my bloodwork done, I came in right below the lowest amount for sodium. I have sea salt in my house but hardly ever use it. I think I will read up on adrenals and salt given your post.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Meditating: Glad to be of assistance! If you’re on maca and the adaptogen supps, you’re definitely on the right path for balancing your adrenals. :)

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Salt is often classified by how it’s gathered. For example Himalayan is considered a rock salt because it isn’t gathered the sea, it’s mined from rocks, just like a mineral quarry. Rock salt (Halite is the proper term) is formed by ancient sea or lake beds that have evaporated. That’s why it often has a more delicate flavor than salt that’s gathered from the sea.

    Anyway, I see some Trolls on the loose.

  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    I think salt is important especially on a raw food diet. If you just eat fruit and low salt foods you will go low on essential mineral salts.

    Our ancestors also made their way to the oceans to replenish their salt, even it was only swimming in the sea!

  • Thanks for all of the info everyone. Peace, Karuna

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