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I’ve been trying to find a third-party source that lists the health benefits and “perceived” benefits of the Raw Lifestyle. This article is pretty interesting. It takes a look at some major arguments for the raw lifestyle and attempts to use the available literature to either affirm them as true or debunk them as bogus science.


It is a tad bit long, but its broken down into sections. And even though it discusses some science, it is also broken down into an easy to read format. Neat-O!


  • That’s way too much to read!

  • Its got to be long in order to address the points passed around about raw propaganda.

  • I found that it got me even more confused. I’ve decided to take this slowly and not try and understand it all at once.

  • SueSue Raw Newbie

    Rawry, I’ve read (extensively) this website, and a lot of it makes sense. What it boils (no-cooking reference intended..) down to, is how it makes you feel. If you’re really serious about exploring this way of eating, I think you’ll find that it really does make you feel great. It is not for everyone. I still eat cooked, drink, occasionally smoke, and do other “bad” things because that’s who I am. BUT, I have dramatically improved my health by taking small steps, for example, adding green smoothies and juicing. I also make alot of raw food recipes which are awesome. My advice is, do your research and do what works for you.

  • That makes a lot of sense, and as they say, moderation is key. I doubt I’d ever go raw, though health is something I think more people should be concerned with when it comes to food. My wife and I recently started buying our meats and veggies from the local farmers market. The meats are hormone free, all that usual propaganda you hear about, and though I don’t feel any different, we’ve noticed a huge difference in the quality, smell, and taste of the food. I’m not convinced yet that a 100% raw lifestyle is exceptionally healthy (even when compared to your standard diet), but mixing it up can certainly seem to make people feel good about themselves, and that can go a long way in terms of health and sociological well-being.

  • SueSue Raw Newbie

    Well said rawry. it’s never “all or nothing,” it’s what works for you.

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