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Being raw at the workplace

Hi everyone! =)

I am new this this website and I am so happy I have found it! Reading all of your posts have really helped me out! But I have some new issues! I have been a vegetarian my whole life, and have been raw off and on for a few years, but this time I am planning on sticking to it! BUT it is really hard at this new job that I have! I have just recently gotten a job at a dental office and someone is ALWAYS bring in doughnuts, bagles, chocolate or something that just drives my sweet tooth insane! I have a MAJOR sweet tooth and it is SOOOOOOO hard for me to not give in at work. When I am at home I am better because I do not buy any of that stuff so it is not around me. Any suggestions?!? I need help! i really want to stick with this, because I love how it makes me feel but I keep "cheating" when I am at work!

-Jackie =)


  • Slosh-uhSlosh-uh Raw Newbie

    I feel your pain, my job has a candy dish full of chocolate, and clients are always bringing in treats for us. I used to cheat all the time, but one day I just stopped. I thought of how it would make me feel later, both physically and emotionally. Sometimes I still get the urge to have that one mini butterfinger, but I know that one will lead to like ten and I’ll beat myself up over it.

    Once you get into the habit of just saying “no thanks” or just not having any, it becomes natural.

    Also, maybe try bringing in raw foods that you enjoy into work?

  • steviostevio Raw Newbie

    I bring green smoothies to work. My co-workers range between jealous and impressed to my commitment to eating healthily. I also keep pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds at work for when I need a few extra calories to get through the day. The green smoothies help me curb my cravings, and the extra calories when needed keep me from bingeing on the unhealthy junk around the office that I might give into when I simply haven’t had enough food.

  • yeah, it is really hard. Because one does lead to another and then I feel like I already ruined me “raw” day so screw it. ugh its horrible. Im about to go shopping now so I can make a whole bunch or raw recipes to bring into work!

    Thank you! =)

  • Hi JackAttack! Do you have a dehydrator? I will be experimenting with raw vegan candies made of fruit and nuts in the following weeks, and will let you know how they turn out. You can always make fruit roll ups and I have found some great recipes for chocolate on THIS website. Just check out my recipe box (the one that’s full of other people’s recipes). Take these things to work, your co-workers will be asking YOU to start a candy jar!

  • See, I was just thinking the same thing. I don’t have a deydrator yet butI would totally bring some raw goodies to the office. Choco lara balls I bet would be a big hit too. I would even bet that some workmates might find themselves curious about the raw treats.

  • i’ve made some really awesome cocao/date/nut/coconut balls before, they’re super filling, very sweet and hit the spot when my bf tempts me with his doughnuts!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Don’t even think of that as food. Just see it as another object. Think of it like meat—off limits! Only let yourself have what you bring. If you do this for like a few weeks you might be out of the habit of nibbling.

  • Hi JackAttack, I’ve exactly the same problem. Daily before leaving to office, I wish nobody would bring doughnuts, cakes etc and ruin my day. Good thing is it’s really not a daily affair at our office. I only wish I’m determined enough to resist those.

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