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Raw Diet and Prescription Drugs

I know that prescription drugs are not accepted in the raw world.

I have a non serious health condition that I am trying to manage right now. I’ve been vegan for a few years, vegetarian prior to that. I gradually became raw over the past year, I was trying to take it slow and steady. I have now been 95% raw for over 3 months (other 5% is pretty much items from the dead food list, some nuts, dried fruit, bee pollen and agave nectar/raw honey). I went raw in an effort to overcome a health condition. Strangely enough, my health condition has progressively worsened over the past three months. Also, another problem I have is severe acne that has worsened considerably as well since going raw.

My doctor has advised me that I need to seek treatment which will mainly consist of an intense prescription drug. I will begin treatment soon. I’m disappointed because I thought raw could really help me. It has in many ways, I feel more energized, I love nurturing my body and my body loves the food I am eating.

My main questions are:

Is it wise to continue my raw diet, despite the fact that I will be putting a toxic prescription drug in my system?

I am not sure if I should continue my raw diet, considering my condition has worsened since commencing it three months ago. Maybe my body is just getting used to the diet and I am dispelling toxins gradually (even though I did not have a SAD diet prior to becoming raw). Possibly I have an allergic reaction to certain foods? Has anyone ever experienced this? Symptoms of a current condition worsened by turning raw? I am not seeking medical advice at all, just curious of other people’s experiences.

Sorry for the long winded post everyone. Thanks in advance for any advice from all you beautiful people.


  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    There is nothing in the raw diet world that says that prescription drugs aren’t accepted. Folks just prefer to heal their bodies as much as possible through healthy diet.

    You haven’t said what you’re going to be taking or why. I hope that no one here tries to play healer with you. This is worrisome.

  • hi tomsmom, thank you kindly for your response.

    the reason why i haven’t said what i’m going to be taking and why is because i don’t want anyone to play healer with me, that is not what i am seeking. i appreciate your answer because i genuinely thought that prescription drugs were frowned upon in the raw diet. i’d prefer not to take heavy prescription drugs, that’s why i tried a natural method for a few months. i just want to know if anyone else has experienced health conditions worsening when going raw. i edited my post a little, it may have came across wrong.

  • I think prescription drugs should only be used as a last resort. The question you have to ask yourself is, have you identified all the possible causes of your condition and tried to correct them naturally? I had severe eye irritation, and my doctor assumed it was an infection, so she immediately prescribed me antibiotics. Well, it turns out that it was just an allergic reaction, and as soon as I stopped using shampoo with perfumes in it, the problem went away.

    Also, in the case of acne, a few months after I stopped using soap on my face (just rinsing with water) that problem went away too.

  • Bless you Bronwyn! I am glad that you are taking charge of your health and privacy in the decisions you are making for yourself. The only thing I’ve heard about raw and medications is that the side effects of prescription drugs may be more intense when eating super clean (it’s an absorption thing). Your liver and kidneys will be trying to cleanse the medication from your system as the medication also helps you in whatever you are taking it for. Of course you have to find what is right for your body.

    If it were me, I would continue to eat as you are and also include sprouted grain breads, organic free range eggs from a reliable source, healthy fats (avo’s), plenty of various greens and green smoothies, hemp, etc. I know the eggs are frowned upon in the vegan community – but they will give you calories and B vit. to help slow the absorption issue as your body tries to detox the medicine.

    Have you been tested for food and med allergies? I’m wondering about the acne and other symptoms. It is good and wise you are being thorough with your health. It could be process and detox oriented but our bodies also are complex and could be numerous things in combination. Best to you – my concerns and prayers are with you.

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