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  • Yeah…some of those weren’t threads I usually go to either. Just obvious ones I noticed missing, after I saw the mangers thread was missing.

    Although Queenfluff...it did seem pretty ironic that I left that note for you on “Into the Wild” a couple a days ago. Like I knew you would be back. It must have been the psychic abilites in me comin’ out. Hehe!!!:)

  • Hello, I am new and this site is wonderful thus far; thank-you!!

    I also wanted to let you know that my new recipe will not post, it just erases all of my preparation directions and brings me back to the page with only the ingredients listed.

    I am also losing the goneraw site when I click on certain forum threads, the new page says there was an error . . .

    Thanks again!!

  • Hey Ray! I was told to contact you in this thread regarding my profile. When I try to update my personal website, although it tells me that my changes were saved- they don’t save. I no longer have the blog that I listed and I was looking to put the URL of my new blog. Thanks for your help.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Thanks everyone for posting all of these – do keep them coming as you notice them. While the structure of Gone Raw is much improved and more stable than ever now, we obviously have a few visual and backend tweaks to do to get everything looking good and working correctly again. We’ll address these over the next few days – hang in there!

    queenfluff, thanks for finding all of those links! I started a list of them in the blog may help until we get everything back to normal.

    EDIT: It appears that, when we updated the site, posts got listed by when they were originally posted. However, any post that you engage in now will be bumped back up to the top, just like before. Do let us know if you have a terribly difficult time finding an old beloved post and we’ll do our best to find it and post the link for you in the blog.

    We’ve taken note of the issues coming up with the forums and will definitely get to these, as the forum was our big update.

    Has anyone tried adding a their own photo to any recipes? Is this working out for everyone?

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    KANDACE – I am sure we will all enjoy the new updates.

    Just wanted to let you know I miss being able to see the entire, initial forum table on my laptop. I could see all the categories at a glance. The new spacing has taken away that feature. Now I can’t determine what forums I need to visit (based on the green tags) without scrolling down. It was a nice feature to see that all at once.

  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Kandace~ I tried this afternoon around 3pm Sat EST and was still unable to add a photo… Thanks for asking!!!

    If I can, will try again a little later… Am sitting with my extremely ill Dad, he had another stroke today…

    I just tried again 2 recipes and neither posted at 0445 hours….

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Hey… just wanted to add that there is some trouble with recipes not posting.
    sweetpea was unable to post her Crunchy Oat Cereal recipe and there is one that I’ve been trying to post, but when I hit ‘save’ it keeps bringing me back to the editing page (and I do have the ‘publish this recipe’ box checked).....
    I know it’s Sunday…. don’t expect you all to work ‘round the clock… just wanted to bring it up in case it still needs to be tinkered with.
    Your help is always appreciated! Cheers

    PS: Waterbaby I’m terribly sorry about your Dad being ill!
    Peace & Well Wishes to him and to you & your family.

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    Waterbaby so sorry about your dads illness. It is hard to watch your parents go thru this. Remember to tell him you love him everyday I belive that is something we can never hear enough of My thoughts are with you.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    We’ll get this fixed, but there is currently a bug in the site that only allows recipes to be posted if they have an image attached. We’ll let you know when that is fixed. Until then, please just post recipes with images.

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie

    Woo Hoo, we’re back to ‘xx minutes ago’ on the forums! Soo much easier on my tiny brain!


    I cant get into ‘Talk it up’ though :o(

    Waterbaby, sorry to hear your news, have left you a msg in ‘other stuff’. Lots of love

  • Hey, I just noticed that the forum entries are back to how long ago they are posted, rather than the time that they were posted. Thanks so much for fixing that Kandace and Ray. It’s the little things in life that can feel soooooooooo good. Thanks again!

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    cir-1976, Thank you for starting the Waterbaby thread. She’s such a dear.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Kandace, it looks like every forum I ever monitored is now showing up on my profile. I was going to start culling the list, but then realized the “watch topic” box is not back yet.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    No “watch topic” box at the top of the articles I’m reading also…

    Quick question on “Printing Recipes WITH Comments”...

    In one of the past changes, you had changed the format that when we printed, we no longer would be able to print out the comments people had left. But I love the comments, they have some great suggestions! Will the new changes allow us to have a choice on whether we print comments or not? I would love to have that as an option, and if I didn’t want to print the comments, I’d just print 1 page instead of print “all” pages.

    Thanks for the long hours you are spending in updating everything and working out these bugs :)

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie

    You may well know this but just to let you know..

    The forums have gone a bit crazy from where I am.. There is no formatting, all in times new roman and without the usual ‘gone raw’ surround. Just words and hyperlinks on a page…

    I dont know if that’s the correct description as am not very techy, but hopefully that describes it a bit…

  • drgonflydrgonfly Raw Newbie

    Yes, my forum page is wacky too. There is no search & it is all spread out. I would guess it’s being worked on?

  • Slowly but surely, we’re getting the problems fixed…

    clr-1976 and drgonfly, that’s a weird problem. What web browser software are you using?

  • drgonflydrgonfly Raw Newbie

    Oh boy Ray, you are talking to a totaly non computer person. I use yahoo as my search & home, is that what you mean?

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    My Forums page is also a little wacky. The background is white, with no tabs in the upper right, and is not in a table type format as before. There is also no way to search, and the link to view recent posts is in the bottom left corner. I use Internet Explorer, and have the same display on my desk top at work and my laptop. I currently have GoneRaw up on both computers and the display is the same. I also don’t have the “Watch Topic” check box.

  • drgonflydrgonfly Raw Newbie

    Yes, that’s exactly how mine is too. Thanks for explaining it more fully emtpdmom! Every other page is fine. And I use internet explorer too at work & home & they are both that way & different internet explorer versions. Both windows xp if that makes a difference.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    I forgot to mention that my laptop is Vista and my work computer is an XP. Thanks for the reminder drgonfly.

    Hope all this is helpful, Ray. I could email you a “print screen” of what it looks like if that will be of any use.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I think that is the way it is supposed to look for now? Yes, I have no tabs at my main forum page or the sub forum page. So, for example, if I wanted to get to the recipes page from there. I have to go and manually change my web address or go back in my history to the main page.

    I figured it was supposed to be like that until they fixed all the kinks – that is was temporary? Is that not true?

    The rest of my pages (main page, recipes) are like the old style with the nice green border and tabs.

    I haven’t changed my browser or anything. I use IE.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    My Mac works so well with Gone Raw, much better than the Dell Vista. I am using Safari and it wrks great. I LOVE the feature that we can add photos to recipes now. Great!

  • MODERATORS I hate to be a pest, but I know that a few of us have been having difficulty with our profiles. When I try to make changes, they never save (despite the “Changes saved” message).

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I you edit a post that is on the last page of a thread, when your edits are saved you will be returned to the first page instead of the last page.

    Also, I have experienced several instances of slow response times on the site.

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie

    Hey – When it was going wacky it was at work on a pc with internet explorer. Now I’m home on my Mac with Safari its all cool :o)

    That was yesterday though as I didnt get time to log in today.

    I have noticed the same as Meditating though, if you add a post on a thread on page 6 for example, you get taken back to page 1 after ‘save reply’.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    After reading cir-1976 post, I decided to check goneraw.com on Firefox which is only other browser I have besides IE right now. And the forums section looks fine on there – almost like it did before with showing people online, the tabs at the tops and the nice green colors.

    Why it is not showing up like that in IE? Was it tested on all browsers? My guess is that it wasn’t and that IE is not used by whom ever is testing this. It should be since IE is such a popular browser.

    I am guessing too that no changes were made to some of the other pages like main page or recipe main page because those look fine in IE (with all the green borders etc like before).

    Is a fix for IE browser still in the works? I realize lots of people don’t like IE but I don’t like using Firefox because I already have all my toolbars etc set up in IE and don’t want to change over.I have Windows PC and no MAC and don’t plan on ever getting one.

    But I hate the fact that the forum section in IE shows up so horribly. It looks like a skeleton in a database program.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Not meaning to go off topic but

    “It looks like a skeleton in a database program.”

    Haha made me laugh. :)

    I agree that IE needs to be fixed. I think K and R use Macs so they don’t use IE but it should be tested.

  • Is it just me or are the forums looking weird for everyone??

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I use Internet Explorer, and I see no way to “watch topic” any more. Also, every time I come here, I have to log in again. The topics I was watching now come as a list of the topic titles, and I don’t see the most recent replies to that post. I liked the old way of seeing recent responses to monitored posts, but I always wanted a way to stop watching a post, too. I do like that now I can go to posts I monitored a few months ago, instead of just the most recently responded-to ones.

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