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this should be illegal

I was very distraught a couple of nights ago(Reading an article on pesticides made me think about it again.) I heard a buzzing noise outside on the street. A noise that I’ve heard before, but never bothered to look out of my window. When I looked out to actually see, I saw a truck driving down our street, blowing out bursts of fog. I can only assume that it was insecticide/pesticides of some sort. The fogs were coming down on our yards and houses. I vaguely remember someone talking about how they had sprayed for mosquitos before we moved in a year ago.

It made me sick to my stomach that I was probably going to be breathing in air that was loaded with this junk for the next few hours against my will. And not just about me, we have a lady laden with cancer, and many children who live on this street. I was never notified about them(I’m guessing it was the township)going to do this. I really believe that this should be illegal. I am being forced to inhale substances that jeopardize my health against my will. It makes me really sad that people are so selfish as to not care about how it would affect other people.

I guess I’m mostly just venting. I know probably nobody else really cares about such things on my street. Even the lady with cancer puts chemicals on her yard to keep it green. But I guess I just feel its totally unfair that I had no choice about this. I guess I could write a letter to the township, but I’m guessing it really wouldn’t help. Argh!


  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Write the letter! I’m rather outraged by this myself and I think they should have at least notified you. It’s ridiculous that they can get away with that. At least find out what’s in the spray and see how bad it is.

    Seriously that’s horrible

  • KarmyngirlKarmyngirl Raw Newbie

    This is why the War On Drugs makes no sense. It’s illegal for people to choose (or not choose) the substances they want in their body yet when it comes to pesticides/herbicides/insecticides being sprayed on the street, the people living there have no choice.

  • i live in toronto canada and the use of pesticides is illegal. granted, it’s a bi-law so it’s not really enforced strongly but there’s definitely no trucks driving around spraying chemicals at the general public and their private property.. i’m sorry to hear you have to deal with that.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Dreadful! If you have a local new paper and there is a place where you can speak out, this would be ideal. You could also add what spraying does to a persons health. In our area, road side spraying goes on, but along our property line we can put up a, “no spray” sign.

  • Thanks for all of your responses! It’s nice to not feel that I’m not going off my rocker on this one. You have encouraged me to definitly do some investigating and make my voice heard.

  • Insecticides are also being sprayed out of planes. In the area of California where I live, they routinely spray for mosquitoes, because of West Nile Virus. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met anyone who got West Nile Virus.

    They also spray for the brown apple moth, and who knows what else..

    Here’s a website that’s trying to stop it: http://www.cassonline.org/

    I wouldn’t doubt that aerial spraying is going on everywhere else too. Do some checking to find the information for your state. Also, research chemtrails.

  • Kevlar,Thanks for the information! It’s scary to think that it’s happening everywhere. And yes, I do not now anyone with West Nile either. So do we put MANY people at risk for cancer and other complications for the very small chance of contracting a very uncommon virus? Again I say, Arghh!!!

    I will try to see if there is a simalar organization in my state and will definelty look up chemtrails. Thanks again!

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