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Raw Canadians?

JustineJustine Raw Newbie

My family is considering a move to Canada in the next two years(my husband is a citizen) and I’m curious about the raw vegan crowd up there. If you are a raw Canadian, please tell me where you live and what the scene is like there.



  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Luna blu used to be a member on here, she was really fun it’s too bad she left. She lived in Canada.

  • I live in Toronto. People are really open minded here because of the diversity in the city. However, there are only 2 raw vegan restaurants in the entire city (Toronto is fairly large). I suppose that’s better than none. The scene here isn’t very big, I don’t know any raw foodists but I haven’t exactly looked very hard or searched for any events. Where are you thinking of moving and where are you moving from?

  • JustineJustine Raw Newbie

    Well, my husband wants to move to either Victoria or Vancouver. I fell in love with Montreal last time I was there and prefer Eastern Canada in general. So we’ll see. It will probably depend on the job market at the time.

  • hey there, I’m raw in Victoria! There is a fully organic raw vegan cafe that just recently opened, and a gourmet restaurant with some raw meals and desserts on the menu – they’re side by side downtown. As for a raw community here, I know a few raw folks and there is a monthly raw potluck that attracts about fifty people each month (I haven’t been yet). All of Canada is beautiful though :)

  • Rosita-Khan I too am raw in Vic! It is such a lovely city, we are truly fortunate…Maybe I’ll bump into you at Bliss one day!

    ps I LOVE your helmet, too cute. what kind of bike do you ride?? I have a 73 Raleigh SuperBe3

  • oriori

    Hi there, I just moved to Canada too. I live in Edmonton, Alberta. Sunny Alberta…

  • I’m in Edmonton, alberta too. The raw vegan scene up here is pretty slim pickins methinks. But it’s a gorgeous place. Ive lived here my whole life and Im very attatched. Hey Ori I forgot you were moving here. How are you liking edmonton so far? I hope everythings going well!

  • melaverdemelaverde Raw Newbie

    I am in Montreal, as far as I know there is only one raw restaurant/cater (crudessence) but I never went. The city is very open minded as you probably know and welcomes cultural diversity. good luck and welcome!

  • I live in Vancouver, we have a really great raw vegan community. There is Raw BC that puts raw vegan events (raw speakers mostly) on mostly in Vancouver and also supports others in BC. There is also monthly raw vegan potlucks that happen, more info at: http://rawfood.meetup.com/372/ We also have gorilla foods, it’s 100 percent raw vegan resturant in downtown area,there is truffle cafe on commercial drive, that is about half raw and have cooked food restaurant and quite a few other restaurants that are raw-friendly.

  • beanbean Raw Newbie

    I’m in the Okanagan, right now. I’ve just recently moved here (for the university) so I don’t know much about raw activity in the area. I know there used to be a raw restaurant here, but it closed down and now there isn’t really any raw food places. If anyone knows of any raw foodists or activity here, let me know! It’d be great to meet up with someone here. On the other hand, this entire area is absolutely amazing for fresh produce- everything is either orchard or garden, and there are fruit stands lining the roads wherever you go- honestly, it’s crazy how much locally grown stuff there is available right now. Obviously it’ll slow down in the winter, but there are enough produce markets around that I don’t think the fresh stuff will disappear completely. But yeah- anyone around the Okanagan area?

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I’m a Torontonian, but I moved to Windsor several years ago to live with my BF, who works in Detroit. Windsor is pretty lame for restaurants, period. There is one restaurant here which does a mix of vegetarian and vegan food, plus one or two meat items (for non-veg family members and friends, presumably). Interestingly, I noticed that they feature a living foods raw chef one night a week, so maybe this little city is evolving, slowly. As for Toronto, the resources for organic and raw items are far better. There are raw classes and although there are only two raw restaurants right now, there are a handful more veg restaurants that do some raw stuff. I’m sure you’ll find that B.C. is more progressive with regards to the raw lifestyle, but don’t rule out any other part of the country. As long as you are in or near a decent-sized city, you can find plenty of great produce and organic stuff. Online shopping has made hard-to-find items a whole lot easier.

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