Ethical food choices

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I’ve learned most of what I know about ethical food choices online, but I’d like to be able to recommend to people an excellent book on ethical food choices. Can you recommend some really great ones?


  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    any book by John Robbins would be a good start.
    Although he doesn’t claim to be a raw foodist, he is definitely vegan.
    His books are thoroughly researched and well-written.

    I recommend “The Food Revolution: How your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and the World”
    It can get quite graphic in parts, but the truth of Factory Farming is grim.
    His earlier book printed in 1992 “May All be Fed: Diet for a New World” was also very well done.…
    Best of luck in your quest!

  • Definitely John Robbins! My favorite is “Diet For A New America.” I’ve shared it with friends and they’ve really enjoyed it. My 87 year-old Grandmother is vegan after having read it!

    It’s really an amazing book and I reread parts of it often. I discovered it after I had been vegan for over a year, but it’s great inspiration for me and never fails to reenforce in me why I make the food and life choices that I do.

    Thanks, greenhost, I am looking forward to checking out some more of his titles:D

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