Michigan newb.

Hi everybody, I’m Zae! I’m going indefinitely raw, starting October 6th. I’m giving myself a week to prepare for this.

I’m not too bright, so expect some random stupid questions when I can get on to get information. Mostly about the “im new to raw, what do i eat” n00b stuff I’m sure you get all the time.

So off I go, to explore your recipes!


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i don’t think anyone ever gets sick of answering questions here. ask away!

  • well, i did ask this over in the “new to raw” forum, cuz i believe in topics stay in the suggested thread.

    basically, i’m broke. and poor. and all i have as far as needs, to go raw, is a food processor. i have no idea what i’m doing and i want to have a handle on it before i kinda plunge first, get overwhelmed, and give up.

  • ungratefulungrateful Raw Newbie

    The best way to start is just by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Logically, the more raw food you eat, the less cooked you are eating.

    I am new too, I just have a blender that I got yesterday. Tonight I am going to make my first smoothie and I have been high raw for a couple of months now.

    Welcome and have fun!!

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    Hi neighbour! I live in Windsor, just across the border from Detroit. Ungrateful has sage advice for you. Simply by eating more raw whole fruit and vegetables, you’ll feel great, look better and you’ll need very little equipment to keep up your new lifestyle. Sure, a blender is handy. Funky gadgets and slicers are fun, but not necessary. If you want to invest in anything, it should be a good quality paring knife, a larger, more versatile knife and a peeler. Beyond that, a blender will offer you the ability to make soups and sauces that aren’t as smooth if made in a food processor. As far as I’m concerned, a juicer is not a necessity. You’re best off eating the whole fruit or vegetable, if possible, than extracting only the liquid and nutrients from them. Dehydrators are lots of fun, but also not at all necessary. Enjoy getting back to basics with whole foods. Your body and mind will thank you! You might want to investigate this site: http://www.michiganrawfood.com/

  • okraokra Raw Newbie

    hi veganissexy! i live in michgan too, enjoying beautiful color of leaves, lovely!

    zerbo’s health food store in livonia is good place to buy raw stuff, many people work there are raw, you can ask a lots of questions! also there in northville, 90% raw vegan deli opened like a month ago, it is so nice to have place like that i actually wanna go.

    happy gone raw!

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