Voting on recipes

I’m still new to this ‘raw thing’ and I’m not really able to decide from looking at a recipe if it’ll work or not… so the stars are really helpful to me.

My question is, when voting on recipes, do you wait until you have made it before voting on it?

Quite often I’ve looked at a recipe and it’s got 5 stars…. but all the comments are ‘This looks great’ or ‘I’m going to make this for dinner’ rather than from people who have actually made it already.

It’s really nice the site is so lovely and supportive of people… but I find myself thinking that the voting system is trying to serve two purposes at the same time. To both guide people on the quality of recipes, and to give people encouragement and support. Both of these are admirable purposes. Is there are way we could do both, split the vote out into Clarity or Instructions, Originality, Appearance, and Taste. Perhaps the last one appearing as an option after you have clicked a ‘I’ve made this’ button. If I had posted a recipe I’d get a real kick if I saw that people had actually taken the time to make it :)

I guess it's all subjective, but if a cracker recipe won't dry to a cracker, that's a fact. I've not got the knowledge yet to look at a recipe and think 'That's too much flax' or 'That's never going to mix smooth in a normal blender'

Anyway, all waffling suggestions :) As always, love the site, couldn’t be on my path without it.


  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    MsDerious, Yes, I wish people would comment and rate recipes only AFTER they’ve tried them, unless they need to ask questions or need clarification.

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